2023 05 01 14.52.13

We sailed north to the small island of Pserimos and sailing around Kalymnos


On the 1th of May is a holiday but for us every day is a holday 🙂 Today we are anchored in Vathy bay on the small island of Pserimos, between Kos and Kalymnos. We tried to hide from the northwestern wind, and this is a beautiful bay on the eastern side of the island.

It was so nice to finally use our amazing cusions we bought in Marmaris.

2023 05 01 11.40.27

A nice quiet bay, mostly by ourselves. The beach is not that nice, but if the water was warmer I definately would have a swim here!

2023 05 01 14.17.24

We took a hike to the other side of the island. It is uphill on the eastern side, and of course downhill on the western side. It is easy to see the path, but be careful, it is a lot of loose stones.

2023 05 01 14.25.36

The view from the top. The village is in the bay in the middle of this photo.

2023 05 01 14.28.23

Some nice buildings, but this is a really quiet place.

2023 05 01 14.51.02

But it is a amazing beach on this side of the island!

2023 05 01 14.52.13

A supermarket and some small shops, and a couple of restaurants.

2023 05 01 15.06.53

Nice paintings on the houses!

2023 05 01 15.10.05

We made a loop and walked up the hill behind the village on the way back.

2023 05 01 15.29.55

A small church on our way. It was not much to see, but a nice walk!

2023 05 01 15.34.08

A sign for Vathy

2023 05 01 15.48.32

The view from the top, we are still the only boat in the bay.

2023 05 01 15.57.04

A video from todays hike!


We sailed further on to Kalymnos, the next island west of Pserimos. It was a beautiful sail where we could relaxe on deck the whole day.

2023 05 02 11.00.03

We sailed to the northwestern side, to Emporios. We came late so we stayed in the boat and had a plan to go ashore the next day.

2023 05 03 08.52.16

But it is not always we can keep the plan. We went to bed a bit late last night (2.30 AM) and before Astor came to bed he realize we were dragging, even if we had line ashore. It was wind coming over the mountains. It is a big bay and we tried to find shelter somewhere else, but that was hard because of the mountains around the bay, but finally we find a nice spot on the outside of the island of Telendos. It was so quiet.. for a couple of hours… then the swell came in, on the beam of the boat… so we woke up early the next morning and went back to Emporios where we tied up to a bouy for a couple of hours before we sailed north around the island to the eastern side. Am I tired?? Jup!

2023 05 03 09.04.54

We had a visit of some dolphins in this bay, amazing to watch!

We anchored in Sikati bay and had a spectacular view to all the climbers. Kalymnos is one of the most popular climbing destination in the world and we saw a lot of them all over the island.

2023 05 03 16.37.24

It was a nice anchorage…

2023 05 04 09.53.29

… but a huge amount of garbage on the beach…

2023 05 04 09.54.31

We had a short walk to the other side, where all the climbers were the day before.

2023 05 04 10.32.59

Not old ruins, I guess this is a shelter for all the goats.

2023 05 04 10.37.01

The goat were not afraid

2023 05 04 10.38.51

Do you see the face?

2023 05 04 10.41.01

A nice place for climbing, but climbing is not for me!

2023 05 04 10.42.11

A bit curious??

2023 05 04 10.47.20


2023 05 04 10.49.42

Before we left the bay we wanted to check out a cave we saw on the way into the bay, so we sailed to that bay (short distance) and anchored to do this small hike. You can see the cave up in the hill!

2023 05 04 11.23.27

It was easy to see the path up there from the beach. But a lot of spiders, and Astor also saw a snake…

2023 05 04 11.25.12

A nice small bay, not much space. We came from the bay on the right side.

2023 05 04 11.25.33

I thought it would be a big cave to walk into, but when we came up there it was huge and open, and you had to climb to get inside. Not for me…

2023 05 04 11.36.13

It looks huge from the sea, just a short walk up in the hill.

2023 05 04 11.58.34

After sailing around the whole island of Kalymnos it was time to enter the main town. Follow us in the next post when we explore the island by car and foot!

2023 05 04 15.44.55


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