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Samos part 2 – Hiking to Seitani Beach and Kakoperato Cave!

We left the small island in the morning and sailed to Ormos Marathokampou. If you want to visit Pythagoras Cave it is possible to do it from here. It was on my list, but we choosed two other trails instead.

When you are “in the middle of nowhere” we are sometimes empthy of bread. Then a porridge of outmeal with apple, sugar and cinnemon is perfect. This is soooo good!!

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Ormos Marathokampou

Ormos has a marina, but also a city port, which is a cheaper alternative. It was perfect for us!

2023 06 09 11.22.20

It was not many other boats there.

2023 06 09 11.24.51

Ormos is a small village, not much to do other than relax, have a swim, and sunbath. Or you can rent a car like we did.

2023 06 09 11.27.45

We should have had more time to explore all the paintings in this village, but unfortunately there were no time for that. We think it is a history behind this.

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Seitani Beach route 1

The first hike we had on our list was to Seitani Beach. This trail is on the westcoast of Samos and we hoped for a nice sunset. You have to drive to Potami as long as you can. At this point (on the photo) you have to park your car and start walking. There will be gravel road and no parking, and if you have a rental car it is not allowed to drive on bad roads.

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We found this trail on alltrails (link further down) and it was sign everywhere.

2023 06 09 15.12.01

We walked through the forrest along the coastline, it was so beautiful!

2023 06 09 15.12.49
2023 06 09 15.22.54
2023 06 09 15.23.36

An ornament with no explanation…

2023 06 09 15.31.30

It was steep outside the path.

2023 06 09 15.31.56b

It is a little bit up and down the hill, and here we are walking down to the first beach, Mikro Seitani Beach. In the afternoon on a beach where you have to walk some distance you will not expect to find many people.

20230609 153812


2023 06 09 15.39.26

SAMOS!! It is not made by us, someone else has done the job!

2023 06 09 15.41.25

Also this, not done by us!

2023 06 09 15.41.59

Okay, we left Mikro Seitani Beach and walked further on the trail. Now it was uphill for a while.

2023 06 09 15.54.58

And then we arrived at the Seitani Beach and now it was downhill to the beach.

2023 06 09 16.15.19

A beautiful and long beach. So much space if you like to be alone!

2023 06 09 16.15.23

Still a nice path to walk on!

2023 06 09 16.16.19

From the beach you can see to a huge gorge. The next day we will walk to a cave up there, but from another direction.

2023 06 09 16.24.14

We went close to the sea to sunbath and have a swim. Unfortunately we were not aware of the big ferry passing by. Vel, we saw it, but we didn`t thought it could make any damage. But after a while a huge wave came to the beach and everything we had got wet! Luckily we manage to grab everything and we had some dry clothes in our backpacks so it was okay. But it should be filmed….

2023 06 09 17.50.00

After a couple of hours on the beach it was time to go back to the car. This is an amazing trail and I will really recommend you to try it! At once you came down to the beach you will find freshwater. You can drink it but it is too hot. But it is perfect to clean your feet before putting the shoes on!

2023 06 09 18.16.30

Back on the beach where we parked the car we god a beautiful sunset.

2023 06 09 20.21.31

A video from todays hike!

We found this trail on alltrails:


Kakoperato Cave route 11

The next day we wanted to walk to Kakoperato Cave. We had seen photos from there and it looks stunning! It was hard to find any description for this hike, only a few reviews that you have to be climbers or in a very good condition to hike there… Well… I am not a climber, and I am not in a very good condition…. But I took it as a challenge.

You have to drive to the small village Kosmadhei. And even driving in places like this is a challenge… (harder than walking to the cave)… It is small, curvy roads, somewhere in a very bad condition.

From the village it was good sign! (the woman at the car rental almost advised against going there, it was so hard to find bla bla bla…it is not)

2023 06 10 10.24.33

Walking up the hill from the village.

2023 06 10 10.31.54

Okay, somewhere it was a bit hard to see the trail, but you will see signs or cairns so just have a look around!

2023 06 10 10.35.24

We went through agricultural landscape.

2023 06 10 10.37.05

It is possible to walk along the road (gravel) around the hill instead of walking over the hill, but walking along a road is not fun! (we took that way back from the cave)

2023 06 10 10.38.41

Somewhere it was easy to see the path

2023 06 10 10.41.49

It was mostly in the forrest so you could find some shadows.

2023 06 10 10.54.11

An old tree!

2023 06 10 11.26.25

You will reach the Monastery of Zoohodos Pigi (but it was not nice so I didn`t took any photo of it) and there is a new sign to the cave. You will also here find water to fill up your bottle! (but in the summer you have to bring a lot of water)

2023 06 10 11.37.27

And when you think you are there, there is more uphill!

2023 06 10 11.44.53

It is steep somewhere, but there is a good guard rail to hold to.

2023 06 10 11.50.55

You can see the path with the blue rail in the middle of the photo.

2023 06 10 11.52.12

It is a bit up and down, and it is steep outside the path, but it is not a problem to go there.

2023 06 10 11.59.57

It is not possible to see the cave until you are there.

2023 06 10 12.01.24

Is it steep?? Yes it is!

2023 06 10 12.03.04

Finally inside the cave! Even if we had headlights it was hard to get some good photos.

2023 06 10 12.07.58

This church is actually inside the cave!

2023 06 10 12.10.11

Inside the church, also very dark.

2023 06 10 12.09.07

And then you have to walk down again… I had to turn around and walk backwards!

2023 06 10 12.11.29

From the stair you have this amazing view!

2023 06 10 12.11.55

And then it was time to walk back!

2023 06 10 12.19.26

This was a really amazing hike!

2023 06 10 12.24.11

Astor and me at the beginning of the last part of the trail. And was it only for climbers?? NO NO NO!! Of course it is best if you are use to do hikings in rough terrain and you need good shoes and a lot of water.

2023 06 10 12.30.49

When we came back to the monastery we decided to walk the road back to the village. It was quiet and we saw only one guy on the way. This is the view to Karlovasi. You have to drive to Karlovasi to get to Sentani Beach.

2023 06 10 13.39.14

Here is a video from todays trail!

Here are some extra material from the last part of the cave tour :

It was hard to find this trail on any website, even on the map for trails on Samos we bought.

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After the hike we went back to the boat to have a shower and lunch before we drove to Vathy on the north side of Samos.

2023 06 10 18.09.58

It is a big town and we didn`t had time to explore that much. We decided to have a light dinner here, and we met to Norwegian guys on the pizzarestaurant behind me with red sign). So we had pizza for dinner!

20230610 181017

I guess it is mostly northerly winds here, so the marina is not good for sailboats. It is better to be on the south side and rather rent a car.

2023 06 10 19.35.03

After Vathi we drove along the northcoast to Kokkari. Kokkari is a beautiful charter-destination with mostly tourists, restaurants and shops.

2023 06 10 20.25.43

If I could change my mind I would rather have dinner here, it was so much nicer than Vathi.

2023 06 10 20.25.59

Along the whole bay you could find restaurants.

2023 06 10 20.26.53


2023 06 10 20.28.26

Really nice waterfront.

2023 06 10 20.30.00


2023 06 10 20.31.02

At the end of the bay.

2023 06 10 20.31.46

Next morning we drove up the hill before deliver the car back to the car rental.

2023 06 11 09.50.08

After that we left Samos to sail to Chios.

2023 06 11 15.24.28

Thanks for following us! See you on Chios!

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