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Norway part 2

After four days in Florø it was time to go to Molde. We travelled with Hurtigruten, this is a small cruiseship going from Bergen to Kirkenes every day (almost). Since I have been working in a travel agency I know this boats very well and it is an amazing way to travel along the coastline of Norway.

The biggest problem about travelling with Hurtigruten from Florø, going north, is that they are leaving Florø in the middle of the night. Luckily Ingrid wanted to wake up and drive us to the harbour.

The weather was beautiful and as calm as it can be in Norway. From the saloon we had a stunning view to fjords and mountains. We were alone so we could find a sofa to relax on. (most of the travellers have a cabin, and most of them are travelling all the way to Kirkenes and back to Bergen.

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After 6 hours we arrived in Ålesund. The boat is staying there for many hours so we choosed to take the bus for the rest of our trip to Molde instead. Ålesund is a town worth visiting and I have been here many times since it is close to my hometown Molde.

2024 05 01 10.10.25

Here is the guestharbour of Ålesund. We haven`t been there because it is pritty expensive. After sailing in the Med we think it is not expensive to sail around in Norway anymore!

2024 05 01 10.10.30

We had a nice walk with heavy bags/suitcases, from the boat to the bus station. This was a Wednesday, but it was 1th of May so no shops was open. But it was a beautiful day so many people were walking around.

2024 05 01 10.12.03

From Ålesund it is about one hour to Vestnes ferry quay with the bus wich take us to Molde on the other side of the Romsdalsfjord. It is still snow in the mountains.

2024 05 01 12.18.40

The ferry is coming!

2024 05 01 12.19.45

In Molde we waited for my parents to pick us up.

2024 05 01 13.09.50

And finally we arrived in Hoem, where I grew up. This is the house my parents build 52 years ago and they are still living there.

2024 05 01 20.48.43

After some days with no activities we took the opportunity to have a walk around the trail in Hoem. The people in the village made this trail some years ago, but it has been a trail there for hundred years. The kids used this to walk to school between the two villages Ytre (Outer) and Indre (Inner) Hoem.

An old womas was living in this house when I was a kid. She had too many cats in the house.

2024 05 01 20.59.59

This is a nice trail and the roundtrip from my parents house (including walking along the road) is 2,5 km. Not long, but it is nice if you don`t have time for a longer hike.

2024 05 01 21.00.12

Further up in the village.

2024 05 01 21.15.46


2024 05 01 21.17.02

Jendemsfjellet (Jendem mountain) in beautiful colours before sunset.

2024 05 01 21.23.21

Still a little bit of sun left!

2024 05 01 21.32.21

The next day we went to Molde with my mother to do some shopping and I had to take a photo of this amazing view of the fjord and the mountains on the other side.

2024 05 02 11.17.56

Hotel Seilet in Molde

2024 05 02 11.18.00

May in Norway is beautiful with green forrest, blue water and white snow in the mountains. This is the view from my parents house.

2024 05 02 14.06.28

We went to the church to take some drone shoots. I visited the grave for my grandparents.

2024 05 02 20.25.29

Vågøy Church

2024 05 02 20.32.52

The view from the church towards Elnesvågen, the main village in our municipality where I went to school.

2024 05 02 20.32.42





Jendemsfjellet (Jendem mountain)

2024 05 02 20.36.52

A beautiful evening!

2024 05 02 20.51.20

The next day we did the hike to Jendemsfjellet. The peak is at 634 masl. It says on this sign it takes 1 hour to the top. Do that and let me know!!

2024 05 03 09.51.36

We started the hike from the new parking place on Jendem. It has been there for some years but I have never started there before. It makes the hike much longer. The trail starts steep and we walked through forrest but after a while we got the view!

2024 05 03 10.10.56

The ferry from Hollingsholm to Gossen.

2024 05 03 10.37.28

Here you can see Jendem. The island behind is Oterøya.

2024 05 03 10.54.43

In the distance we could see the snowy mountains on the other side of Romsdalsfjord.

2024 05 03 10.54.53

Jendemsfjellet has always been a steep hike, like today. It is never time to relax, only if you sit down.

2024 05 03 11.03.13

The island of Gossen.

2024 05 03 11.09.58b

On the peak there is a sign with information about what you can see from here.

2024 05 03 12.01.27

Here is Frænafjorden where I grow up. This is a beuatiful place! And the view from the top is stunning!

2024 05 03 12.09.24b

The view to Hustadvika, one of the hardest part along the Norwegian coastline.

2024 05 03 12.25.17

We had a long break on the top. This was early May but it felt like it was mid summer!

2024 05 03 12.54.13

Astor on the top. I have been on Jentemsfjellet several times, but it was the first time for Astor.

2024 05 03 12.54.39

When this flower (anemone nemorosa in latin) arrives it is spring! My absolutely favourite!

2024 05 03 13.35.38

Here is a video from this amazing hike:

In the evening we could sit outside with my mum and dad having coffee and snacks (and pepsi max for Astor and me, we don`t drink coffee)

2024 05 03 19.54.10

Indre Hoem. From left, the community house, my aunt`s house, my parents house, the yellow one is not family, and the red and white to the right is my aunt and uncle`s house. The red one inn front is my cousin Arild`s house. My grand parents lived there until 1998 when my grandmother died.


The place where I grew up!


Do you want to see more from the place where I grew up? Here it is!

Then it was time for my niece Ailin`s confirmation. We helped them decorating the place.

2024 05 03 18.48.36


2024 05 04 14.30.59

Ailin together with her parents, Runar and Silje, and her brother Sander.

2024 05 04 15.23.09

This was a big day for Ailin.

2024 05 04 15.27.07

After dinner it was coffee and cakes. A lot of cakes!

2024 05 04 16.51.21

My family: Tommy Roar (my eldest brother), Kim Atle (my youngest brother), my parents, Jon and Lillian, me, and my sister Silje Cathrin. My mother has made these national costumes (bunad in Norwegian) (and many more!)

2024 05 04 17.45.24

Here is a video from this day:

My mother and I outside their house.

2024 05 04 18.39.18

And the next day it was Sigurd`s day, and what a day! What a morning!

2024 05 05 11.07.27

From the church, Vågøy Church.

2024 05 05 11.55.30

Sigurd and his parents, Tommy Roar and Ida.

2024 05 05 14.16.52

The cousins together, Sigurd, Sander, Leah, Elias, Ailin, Filip and Lucas.

2024 05 05 14.43.12

My mother together with Silje Cathrin, Leah, Ailin and me.

2024 05 05 14.46.11

And here is a video from Sigurd`s confirmation:

In my next post we continue our holiday in Norway!


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    My husband helped you this morning in Cabo de Palos with your rope. We took a picture of you out on the water if you’d like us to send it to you. I can’t find an email address on here for you. So just email me and let me know if you’d like it and I’ll email it back! Safe travels!

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