2024 01 18 10.17.14

It was time to sail south and Crete will be our next destination!

Finally it was northerly winds and we could sail south. We had no plan where to go, but had a thought about Schinoussa or Ios, depending on the weather. We ended up on the south side of Ios, in a bay we thought would be less rolly. It was not…. so it was a long night… We stayed there another night because of the weather and disaded to sail further south the next day. The next morning we got a message from our friends on Naxos that the weatherforcast stops the boat traffic and we should not go out sailing. But we ignored that because we had the wind behind us, and not too much wind.


From Ios it is only one possibility and that is Santorini. On Santorini there are no good anchorages or marinas, so were not sure what to do when we arrived there. The weather was not sunny and it was a lot of waves, so we sailed between the islands, also to see more of Santorini.

2024 01 11 12.24.50

We have been on Santorini for holiday before so we didn`t had a wish to visit the island now. If you like to read more about that trip you can read my other blog:


2024 01 11 12.42.45

We anchored outside the marina on the south side of Santorini. A lot of swell there so we started early next morning to sail to Crete.

2024 01 11 16.02.53

The first part of the sailing from Santorini to Crete was lovely, quiet, and we also need to use the engine. But it went from 0 to 30 knots of wind when we were almost half way. The sea built up and it was not nice to be out there. We had a plan to sail into Elounda bay, but it was dark when we arrived and because of the wind and waves (and it is very shallow along Spinalonga island) we decided to go south of Elounda instead, just to hide from the weather. We tried the next day to sail around the Spinalonga peninsula to Elounda, but the waves was huge, and then I mean HUGE!!! Just against us! So we turned around and went back to the anchorage we came from.

That day I made one of my favourites for dinner, pasta/chicken salad. First I made tzatziki:

2024 01 13 17.12.13

And then I cutted all the vegetables I wanted:

2024 01 13 18.11.39

Then I boiled pasta and I fried the chicken in small pieces. I made a sauce to put on the pasta, and it is soooo delicious, if I could say so my self 🙂

2024 01 13 19.35.27

And I made foccacia in my omnia oven.

2024 01 13 19.40.29

And then at least but not last, feta cheese and olives on top. OMG!!

2024 01 13 19.45.52

Finally the next day it was calm and we could sail around the Spinalonga peninsula. Here you can see Spinalonga island. In the beginning it was a fortress, but it is most know for a treatment center for lepers from 1904 to 1957. I have been here once on a studytrip many years ago, but Astor haven`t, unfortunately it is closed during the winter.


2024 01 14 11.58.41

A photo from the boat.

2024 01 14 11.58.59

Many people lived on this island, many was born here, and many died. It has a lot of history.

2024 01 14 11.59.09

Maybe you have read the book “The island” (Øya in Norwegian) from Victoria Hislop? Here it happend!

2024 01 14 12.04.37


Finally anchored in Elounda. This is a really nice bay to anchor and we were alone for many days.

2024 01 14 13.52.15

As in many other places in the Med, it is quiet at this time of the year. It is a nice temperature and the sun is shining!

2024 01 14 13.57.13

After four days on the boat we needed a walk. We walked over to Spinalonga peninsula. Here are the bay we anchored first.

2024 01 14 14.26.10

We had a walk to Chapel of Saint Luke, before we walked back.

2024 01 14 14.42.17

The view from Spinalonga peninsula to Elounda.

2024 01 14 14.55.48

There is a canal through here but it is not possible to go here with a sailboat. On the south side there is a Minoan sunken city, it is around 5000 years old. We had a plan to go here with a drone to take a photo from above, but didn`t manage to do it.

2024 01 14 14.56.28

It is mid January and the Christmas decoration is still there! From here the bus goes to Agios Nikolaos.

2024 01 14 15.12.33

You can also do some gym before going back to the boat!

2024 01 14 15.35.44

Agios Nikolaos

The next day we took the bus to Agios Nikolaos to meet our friends from S/Y Relax, Tuula and Pekka. Agios Nikolaos is much bigger than Elounda and here you can find everything you need.

2024 01 15 14.27.26

We had a walk around town, had lunch together and visit them in the boat before we took the bus back to Elounda.

2024 01 15 14.28.52

The Christmas decorations with lights.

2024 01 15 17.27.25

I guess they will take it away within a few days.

2024 01 15 17.28.05

And we are baking bread. It is with a lot of different seeds, walnuts, oliveoil, honey, and of course flour, water, salt and yeast. It is soooo good!!

2024 01 15 22.17.57

The next day we had a longer hike around the Spinalonga peninsula.

2024 01 16 11.16.54

I am not sure what this is…

2024 01 16 11.20.49

Almost the whole way it was easy to follow the trail, just had to look for marks.

2024 01 16 11.42.55

We walked over the hill and down on the other side.

2024 01 16 12.05.27

We had a pitstop at Ekklisia Agios Fokas were we met a French couple.

2024 01 16 12.25.46

Ekklisia Agios Fokas

2024 01 16 12.26.15

Nice trail and easy to see!

2024 01 16 12.46.10

Cloudy, but nice temperature!

2024 01 16 12.57.40

In Elounda there is a promenade in northerly direction for 1,5 km, perfect for a short run or walk. I had a walk while Astor went to the hardware shop…

2024 01 17 11.36.06

And as you can see, it was a lovely nice and warm day.

2024 01 17 11.45.22

On the way back I walk up the hill instead and got a nice view of the boat.

2024 01 17 12.05.37

Kritsa Gorge

We met a couple from UK, Sarah and David, having a catamaran in the marina here, they are renting a small apartment for a while through winter. David should pick up his mother in Heraklion airport the same day as we had rented a car, so we could go with David instead of taking the bus. It is more than an hour to drive to Heraklion, but the car rental prices is so much cheaper than other places. We paid 70 EUR for 3 weeks!!

And now we could drive around and explore the eastern part of Crete. The first thing on our list was Kritsa Gorge. Crete has over 100 gorges so it is many to choose from! Kritsa itself is a nice village worth a visit.

And as you can see it is an amazing day!

2024 01 18 10.17.14

Here it is the beginning of the gorge. This was our first gorge and I am glad for that, it was a really huge WOW!!

2024 01 18 11.19.57

We are walking in there, look at theese amazing walls!

2024 01 18 11.28.34

It was a little bit of climbing but all in all an amazing trail!

2024 01 18 11.32.12

It was so exciting walking around there.

2024 01 18 11.35.33

Astor is pritty small there!

2024 01 18 11.35.45

I could do this trail over and over again!

2024 01 18 11.36.42

Sometimes we wonder were the trail was going, but it was good marked, you just had to have a look for the marks.

2024 01 18 11.37.34

Not much sun in the bottom of the gorge. I guess it is a lot warmer here in the summertime.

2024 01 18 11.38.42

A lot of stones in different sizes so you had to watch were you put your feet!

2024 01 18 11.41.14

Many types of rock formations!

2024 01 18 11.43.57

Not much space when you can touch both sides of the gorge!

2024 01 18 11.44.36

A little bit of climbing.

2024 01 18 11.48.57

Do you see the cat up there?

2024 01 18 12.15.15

Further up the gorge it opens up and it was more sunny.

2024 01 18 12.35.01

The map on alltrail showed a longer hike, but we met a fence which was so difficult to open that we decided to cut the trail there and we walked up the hill and back to the parking. We saw a beautiful mountain, and I wished I could be up there….

2024 01 18 12.53.47

Here is a video from Kritsa Gorge:

Kritsa village.

2024 01 18 13.45.22

We had a short walk through the village, it was not much to see and very quiet.

2024 01 18 13.52.39

Well, we found this guy!

2024 01 18 13.59.22

And theese couple had been sitting there for a while…

2024 01 18 13.59.31

I guess an artist is living here!

2024 01 18 13.59.38

When we came back to the boat I received this photo from Sarah, you can see our boat over there. Amazing colours!

2024 01 18 22.18.54

With a car we can now continue exploring the east side of Crete!