20220913 103105

Paxos, more days than we expected!

From Lakka we sailed to Gaios. It was forcasted much wind from north and for that Gaios is perfect. The marina is inside a canal with an island outside. It is also possible to anchor south of this island and many boats did that. It was cheap to stay in the marina so we decided to stay safe there.

20220912 101605

It`s perfect coming there either in the morning (between 10 and 12) or after 17. If you are leaving Gaios most boats leave in the morning, and between 10 and 17 much space in the marina is occupied by touristboats. There are yellow lines where you can`t stay. Many boats are waiting for this touristboats to leave.

20220912 125700

The day was warm and no wind inside here, so we stay most of the day in the boat, just walking around to see the town.

20220912 125727
20220912 130121

Some narrow shopping streets

20220912 130602
20220912 131140
20220912 131609
20220912 131820

Gaios is a very popular place to stay so it is not space for everyone who wants to come there

20220912 132501
20220912 132938

The statue of Georgios Anemogiannis. He was born in Paxos in 1798. In the Greek revolution in 1821 he was a sailor on a merchant ship which took part in one of the first naval attacks against an Ottoman target. He was arrested and executed by the authorities and then his dead body was hang for several days as an example for other rebels.

20220912 133046

At the end of the promenade you can find a small beach. Astor checked it out later.

20220912 133150
20220912 172106
20220912 172659

When it started to cool down in the afternoon we wanted to walk up to a viewpoint to sea the harbour.

20220912 174515

You can also anchor with line ashore on the small island

20220912 175141

Do you remember Phil who we met in Erikoussa a few weeks ago. He lives in Paxos and tuesday he picked us up for an aroundtrip on the island. First we stopped where we could see the oldest olive tree on the island. They think it`s over 1000 years old. And it had still olives on the tree!

20220913 100504

After the olive tree he took us to the Tripitos Arch. We parked on a parking spot and walked along a nice trail, less than a kilometer. You go down first and then it is a bit steep to go up again.

20220913 101926
20220913 102027

What a view!

20220913 103105
20220913 103345
20220913 105342

It looks like it is quite narrow on the top there, but it was not any problem to walk there. Even for me, afraid of highs

DJI 0316

Seen from the outside.

DJI 0321

A lot of small taxi/touristboats are coming there. But I think the best view are from the point I took this photo (we also saw it from the sea later)

20220913 110033

Up again

20220913 105659
20220913 111542b

After that we went to an old windmill (from the same parkingspot)

20220913 111937
20220913 111948
20220913 112448

Nice view from the windmill

20220913 112530

The windmill was not in a good condition, but it was nice to see it

20220913 112743
20220913 112754

When we started the car from there, we got some company – a grass hopper or a cricket, we don`t know. Anyone knows?? But it was pritty spooky…

20220913 114008

Church of the Hypapanti

20220913 122203
20220913 122408

It was possible to walk up in the clock tower

20220913 122500

Phil and Astor

20220913 122514

At the top of the stairs you have to be aware the roof

20220913 122654

Then we went to Phil`s house, an amazing house and that view!!

20220913 125459
20220913 125905

He lives in Laggos and we walked from his house down to the town

20220913 131352
20220913 131437

We went to Roxy bar to have something to drink

20220913 131948
20220913 132129
20220913 142502
20220913 142632

Wednesday morning we left Gaios (after waiting a while for other boats fixing their anchor spagetti)

20220914 085033
20220914 085124
20220914 085239

We sailed north to Loggos to pick up Phil for a sailingtrip around the island

20220914 104853

On the westcoast it is huge rocks

20220914 105529

Maybe it`s not easy to sea how huge they are, but maybe you can see the sailboat? It is quite small…

20220914 110424
20220914 110852
20220914 111510
20220914 112603

We had a stop in the Blue Cave. Lucally we find a place to anchor so we could use the dinghy to go inside

20220914 113041
20220914 121425

The roof has collapsed in one of the caves and let the sunshine in

20220914 121715
20220914 121721
20220914 121942

You feel quite small when big touristboats are coming inside the cave!

20220914 122254
20220914 122534
20220914 123241
20220914 123537

After the blue cave, which was amazing, we sailed around rock of Ortholithos

20220914 131106

And here you can see the Tripitos Arch from the outside. Not as spetacular as from the hill

20220914 145840

Mongonissi beach at the south of Paxos. A popular place for sailors

20220914 152930
20220914 152946

When we came back to Loggos we berth at the jetty, (it is free to stay there). and went to Roxy bar for a drink together with Ray and Karen (and of course Phil). It was almost full moon!

20220914 222803

It was a busy evening for us because a cat was visiting us. The problem was that he was so afraid. I am not sure what he wanted inside the boat… We closed everything (we thought) but when we come back he was inside again. He had felt through the moskitonet on the hatch to our main cabin. All the doors was closed so of course he was afraid in there. We found pee and poo in our bed… But finally we managed to get the cat out and we didn`t see him again….

20220914 234212

Roxy bar in the morning sun

20220915 090500
20220915 090507

Thursday we took Phil and his friend Ray over to Antipaxos to hike over the island. We anchored in Paralia Voutoumi, the most amazing beach! We actually anchored here the first night after we had checked in to Greece in the beginning of our journey

20220915 111812

There was a lot of boats but we managed to find a nice place to anchor

20220915 111816

That beach!!!

20220915 113321

We walked up the stairs to the restaurant Bella Vista. They where still closed but we walked through the restaurant to start our hike. And what a view from the restaurant!

20220915 114125

Antipaxos is a small island, only 5 square kilometres.

20220915 114647
20220915 114826

Saint Emilianos Church

20220915 115450
20220915 115721
20220915 120156

Been there for a while??

20220915 120518
20220915 120700
20220915 120604

Akra Ovoros lighthouse at the south end of the island. The trail around the lighthouse was pritty owergrown, it is not every day people are walking around there.

20220915 124111
20220915 124242b
20220915 130343

From the lighthouse we walked down to a small bay

20220915 130658
20220915 131204
20220915 132851

On the way back we went down to another bay where Astor and Phil had a swim. A beautiful hike on a beautiful island. Together with amazing company!

20220915 133616

That evening Astor and me went to a restaurant in Loggos to eat dinner.

20220915 203031

Friday morning we had a nice sunrise

20220916 073719

After doing some boatjobs we walked to the nearest beach to have a swim

20220916 115508

Paralia Levrechio

20220916 115717

So, what was the reason we stayed in Paxos for so many days? It was Phil`s birthday on friday and we were invited!! Of course we had to go there. It is stories like this who makes our journey!

20220916 161026

Phil had an amazing outdoor kitchen wit a pizzaoven, so he made pizza for all of us.

20220916 162052
20220916 162110

Yes, it is Phil!

20220916 164031
20220916 164051
20220916 164345

And a banana pizza for dessert!

20220916 181953

After dinner it was music. It was ukulele, trumpet, didjeridu, harmonica

20220916 183114

It was so nice to meet all this amazing people and got new friends! (everyone was from UK) Ray, Karen and Andy, Victoria and Jeremy, Pam and Les, Gill and Neil, and Phil! It was very nice to meet you all!

20220916 183132
20220916 183225

And a lot of fun

20220916 183812

Astor tried as best he could to play with the didjeridu! It was a really nice evening. And a huge thanks to Phil who did our laundry on his birthday!

20220916 212351

Saturday we left Paxos after almost a week. We had a strong wind right on the nose so the boat was healing over for the whole sail. The problem came when Astor started the motor before the canal of Lefkada. It was now debris in the fuel filter so Astor had to fix that before entering the canal. The canal opens every hour so lucally he fixed the problem before the next opening.

20220917 181112

We have been in Lefkada before, by car, so we decided to go to Nidri

20220917 181648

Nidri bay in the morning. There are so many boats, but you will find a place to anchor anyway.

20220918 095914
20220918 095925

We feel so lucky that we met Phil at Erikoussa! He made this week perfect for us. Thank you so much for everything Phil! Hope to see you again, somewhere! You are always welcome to visit us in the boat!

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