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Continue exploring Naxos from north to south and celebrating New Years Eve!

Panagia Argokiliotissa

This day we had a plan to hike to the second highest mountain on Naxos, but when we came closer we could see the fog covered the top. So we decided to drive to the Monastery of Argokiliotissa which we planned to visit the first day we were driving around. It was also fog here and it was so much colder than in the marina in town.

2023 12 28 11.25.34

When the pilegrims comes they need a place to stay…

2023 12 28 11.51.34

Inside the small church. It is hard to find something about this place, the only thing is that they found an icon here many years ago, and thats why they build the church,

2023 12 28 11.39.46

Many pilegrims is coming here to see the icon.

2023 12 28 11.36.51

The small church from the outside.

2023 12 28 11.40.59

It is many buildings here, and also behind me there is a church.

2023 12 28 11.45.12

Because of the fog it was no place to be so we decided to drive to the south side of the island, on the eastcoast. On the photo below you can see the fog on the mountain we wanted to hike to.

2023 12 28 12.06.09


We drove to Panormos at the end of the road.

2023 12 28 13.07.05

A short walk from the parking you can see Panormos Acropolis were an old town was build 2500 BC. On the hill behind the Acropolis there is a castle.

2023 12 28 13.14.47

We had a short lunch break at the beach. We thought it would be nice to anchor here in the right wind direction.

2023 12 28 13.26.41

Panormos is a small place and not much to see, even in the summer.

2023 12 28 14.04.00

Monastery of Kaloritsa

The next day we went first to Monastery Kaloritsa, which is build into the mountain. It is an easy walk from the parking, a little bit steep at the end.

The natural cave, which measures approximately 30m in length and 10m in width, was likely converted into a church in the 4th century because, according to tradition, an icon of the Nativity of Christ was found by a shepherd inside it.

2023 12 29 11.12.02

Ruins from the monastery.

2023 12 29 11.16.44

Outside the cave are found the remains of monastic cells, a bakery and an atrium with suspended arches which date to the post-Byzantine era.

2023 12 29 11.17.03


20231229 111802

The entrance of the church in the cave.

2023 12 29 11.17.34

We walked back to the car and drove further south. Look at this amazing colour!

2023 12 29 12.25.31

Apaliros Castle

We saw a Norwegian tv-program some weeks ago about Apaliros Castle and wanted to check that out. On alltrails they write it is a difficult hike and it is some places hard to find the trail. But that doesn`t stop us! We park close to the main road and walked first 1,5 km on a gravel road.

Here you can see the Profiti Ilias mountain were we visited the Monastery Kaloritsa. We wanted to hike to the top of that mountain as well, but it was a little bit cloudy and the trail was hard to find and really steep. (and I was already sweat and cold…)

2023 12 29 12.32.41

At the end of the gravel road you have to watch up. Look at the map and for marks. Because we walked to far and had to walk right up the hill, and then we went the wrong way and it took a while to find back to the trail.

When we came up the first hill we had more view and it was easier to see where to walk. I wanted to foollow the alltrails track, but Astor saw some red dots right up the hill and wanted to try that trail instead. It was STEEP!!

20231229 131705

But we came up to the castle and took a lunch break were we found the first ruins.

2023 12 29 13.31.27

Not a bad place for lunch!

2023 12 29 13.31.39

The view over to Profiti Ilias.

20231229 133317

According to recent research, Apaliros castle was not only a defensive bastion against pirate raids but also, especially during several centuries during the Byzantine empire, the center of a lively city with a relatively large population.

2023 12 29 14.16.54

The castle was the acropolis of the capital of the island in the Byzantine period which was located at the foot of the hill of Apaliros.

2023 12 29 14.30.51

Though no record detailing the city’s founding exists, abundant ceramic remains and coins found here suggest it was established before the 7th century. It is certain, however, that Apaliros was abandoned in the 13th century when Naxos island was invaded by the Venetians of Marco Sanudo, in the years following the Fourth Crusade.


Apaliros stands as an excellent example of early Byzantine town planning. The remains of fortification walls, water tanks, storage facilities, ovens, churches, roads, an olive press and scattered evidence of some 250 homes are seen in and around the castle today.




Astor was filming with the drone, it was better to have the view from above!


I was tired after this hike, but it was so satisfying that I have been there.


I was really thinking about how they could build 250 houses here in this steep hill. There are no roads or even good trails. It is just rocks everywhere.


We went the other way down. We walked up on the left side of the wall and came down on the right side. It was no marks on that side but we tried to follow alltrails tracks.

2023 12 29 15.06.17

A video from this hike!

On the way back to the marina a old Greek guy was hitchhiking and we gave him a ride. He gave us two eggs for that!

2023 12 29 16.11.51

Kourounochori – Ano Potamia

Then it was time for a hike together with Jo-Anne and Adam and the girls. We parked one car in Ano Potamia and drove the other one up to Kourounochori. I didn`t take that many photos or making a video here because Astor and I did this hike earlier. When we came to the restaurants with all the cats we needed a stop, also because of the girls, they loved the cats.

2023 12 30 11.08.42b

It is hard to leave the cats when they are so cuddly.

2023 12 30 11.09.13

We walked further on to the Kouros and the kids was not that interested in old stuff, they would rather play! Unfortunately Isabelle one more time hurt her leg and Adam decided to stay with the girls while Jo-Anne, Astor and I went to the car.

2023 12 30 11.50.06

Happy New Year!!

Next day it was New Years Eve and we invited our friends for dinner – taco.

2024 01 01 10.02.50

Astor and me! (and Olivia outside :-))

2024 01 01 10.02.52

Jo-Anne, Adam, me and Astor celebrating New Years Eve!

2024 01 01 10.02.53

After dinner, a bit later, we had dessert and hot chocolate! A little bit strange, but no firework here!

2024 01 01 10.02.54

We started 2024 having a walk along the beach south of the town. We met a woman from Bulgaria and she wanted to take a photo of us (she asked us first if we could take a photo of her)

2024 01 01 15.45.07

Koronos – Lionas

So it was time to take a longer hike together, now without the kids. We started in Koronos at 600 masl and walked down to Lionas at the beach. The trail was easy to follow, the hardest part was actually through Koronos!

2024 01 03 19.41.44

Adam and Jo-Anne

20240103 112227

Me and Astor

2024 01 03 19.41.45

We walked down a valley, it was beautiful landscape!

20240103 112526

It was a nice trail, a bit slippery in the beginning because the stones were wet, so we had to be careful.

2024 01 03 11.45.40

Different terrain towards Lionas.

20240103 115955


2024 01 03 19.41.41

If we turn around we can see Koronos up in the hill.

20240103 120819


20240103 124333

The last part we followed a gravel road, but at the end we walked on an overgrown trail.

2024 01 03 19.41.39 1

A small village but they had a couple of restaurants open.

20240103 125009

We had a plan to take a swim when we came down to the beach, but only Adam and Astor was brave enough!

2024 01 03 13.04.31

We had a delicious lunch together at one of the restaurants.

2024 01 03 19.48.16

Here is a video from this hike:

Our stay on Naxos is almost coming to an end, just a couple of days of exploring before heading south.

What will 2024 give us??

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