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We are back on track in Italy, and in this post we are exploring the island of Giglio and Elba

After 3 amazing weeks in Norway we are finally back “home” in our boat. We stayed one extra night in the marina in Rome before we sailed over to the island of Giglio.


17. of May is Norway`s National Day, so Astor had to celebrate with a swim! Giglio is a small island and we anchored in a lovely bay at the westcoast of the island.

2024 05 17 17.08.14

I made some bread, in Norway we always eat good food on this big celebration.

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2024 05 17 19.43.21

And when we are anchoring on the west side of an island, Giglio Campese, we almost always have the sunset.

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It was many boats anchoring in the bay of Giglio Campese. We took the dinghy ashore and parked it next to the small castle.

20240518 095401

I guess this is a busier place in the high season.

20240518 095441

Beautiful beach, but not crowdy in May.

20240518 095616

We walked to the end of the beach (along the road) to find the bus-station. That was easy, and we found a small shop where we could buy tickets. The busride from Campese to Porto (main town) is worth the money, it is steep uphill to the castello and then downhill on the other side of the island.

20240518 101009

In Porto we had a walk around the town.

20240518 104947

A cozy town with shops and restaurants.

20240518 104953

The town seen from the seaside.

20240518 105248

A ferry is going to the mainland. There is a small marina, but in Italy it is very expencive to stay in a marina, so we are mostly anchoring.

20240518 105308

In 2012 it was tragedy right outside the harbour here in Giglio Porto. Costa Concardia had 4200 people onboard, including the crew. The ship was on its way from Civitavechia, north of Rome for a week of sailing in the Med. Everyone could see that the ship was too close to shore, it was all over the news for many days. 32 people died in this accident, and the captain was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 16 years in prison. I remember this accident very well so it was a bit special to be there.

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20240518 110254


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We found a touristinformation and asked there where it was best to do the hike back to Campese. It is many trails all over the island, but some are better than others. We also asked specifically about restaurants in Castello, because we wanted to have lunch there. And yes, she said, they should be open. Luckily we bought some snacks from Porto.

We walked along the road in south of Porto and followed the route 306 and 303 up to Castello.

20240518 110944b

Right after this beach we walked up the hill.

20240518 120108

Someone was following us….

20240518 130219

This hike is not very steep, but some days is not yours. And this day was not mine. I needed many breaks on the way.

20240518 132422

I thought we would have more view on this hike, but it was too much forrest. Well marked all the way!

20240518 134636

When we came up on the top of the hill it was a bike trail to the Castello.

20240518 140430

In the distance we could see Castello.

20240518 140752

Castello – a beautiful old town, laying on the top of the hill.

20240518 143724

And the reason I asked about the restaurants at the touristinformation was that we have been to so many old towns and there are no open restaurants… like it was here. We came to Castello ten minutes before three and one restaurant gave us a tomato/mozzarello salat with bread. Their chef had gone home. They closed at 15.00 and opened again later.

20240518 151203

Small tiny streets inside the castle.

20240518 151411

The view from the castle.

20240518 152228

The square where you can find a couple of restaurants and if you take the bus from Porto or Campese, the bus stops here.

20240518 152945

Then it was time to start downhill back to the bay.

20240518 153746

It was a beautiful view all the way down to the bay, and a lot of flowers around the trail.

20240518 154051

This was a really nice trail, and I will recommend you to try it. But bring water and something to eat! And of course; don`t do it in July/August, it will be too warm.

20240518 160927

Campese is a nice village, and you can find a small supermarket and some touristshops. It is a really good sheltered bay if the wind is coming from all other directions than north.

20240518 160937

The view from the boat towards the village.

20240518 183535

Campese; you can see Castello on the top of the hill.

20240518 183541

2024 07 03 15.31.48b

Here is a video from todays track:


After Giglio we sailed north to Elba. Elba is a much bigger island than Giglio. Because of the wind coming from the south, we sailed to the northern part of the island, where you can also find the main town, Portoferraio.

We anchored in the huge bay of Portoferraio and took the dinghy into town.

2024 05 21 10.51.56

Portoferraio is a place many cruiseships are coming to and you also have ferries to the mainland.

2024 05 21 11.28.45

We had a stroll along the marina, also looking for a Swedish boat, but there were no one onboard.

2024 05 21 11.30.41

On the other side of the marina.

2024 05 21 11.38.17

Behind these houses you will find the oldtown.

2024 05 21 11.38.45

Narrow streets, but not much to see.

2024 05 21 11.57.46

Napoleon Bonaparte was the leader of the French Republic as first consul from 1799 to 1804, then of the  French Empire as Emperor of the French from 1804 to 1814, and briefly again in 1815. In summer 1812, Napoleon launched an invasion of Russia, which ended in the catastrophic retreat of his army that winter. In 1813, Prussia and Austria joined Russia in the War of the Sixth Coalition, in which Napoleon was decisively defeated at the Battle of Leipzig. The coalition invaded France and captured Paris, forcing Napoleon to abdicate in April 1814. They exiled him to the Mediterranean island of Elba, and this is the house he lived in.

2024 05 21 12.01.05

A street in the old town close to Napoleons house.

2024 05 21 12.01.23

From the top of the hill/old town you will have a great view to the other side of the town.

2024 05 21 12.04.49

Some places it was steep hills.

2024 05 21 12.07.37

And many nice cozy streets with a lot of flowers.

2024 05 21 12.09.26

Many restaurants to choose from.

2024 05 21 12.13.33

We tried twice to leave the bay but it was too much waves and swell on the outside, and all of it came from north and since this is the northern part of Elba we didn`t had any place to escape.

2024 05 21 19.21.50

But the second time we sailed to the next bay, Golfo de Vitticio. It was a bit of a swell, but we put out a stern anchor and had a good night with a beautiful sunset.

2024 05 22 20.32.20

Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago Toscano

We saw on the map it was a trail up in the hill from this bay and we wanted to check it out. We took the dinghy ashore, there are some restaurants in front of the hill, and tied it up to a small dock there.

2024 05 23 10.14.06

It is many turns up the hill, not very steep. But a nice view all the way!

2024 05 23 10.25.48

On the top there is many tunnels from WW2.

2024 05 23 10.27.54

The whole trail is 5 km and most of it is on a good gravel road.

2024 05 23 10.31.05

This was early in the morning and we thought we should be alone here. But no!! So many people walking here, and we also met a couple of school classes with teachers.

2024 05 23 10.35.53 1

It was so beautiful to walk here.

2024 05 23 10.36.56

At the end of the trail you have Capo D´Enfola. There is steep hill down to the cape, and of course it will be steep hill up again.

2024 05 23 10.45.22

Nice yellow flowers!

2024 05 23 10.46.33


2024 05 23 10.50.47

Here is the bay where we put the dinghy ashore and started the hike up the hill. It is 100 masl, but since you walk down to the cape and up again, it will be the double. If you are in the area I will really recommend this hike!

2024 05 23 11.26.41

Here is the track:

2024 07 08 23.39.10b

These two islands is really worth a visit. I wish we could have had more time on Elba, but we had to follow the wind. Our next stop will be Corsica and Sardinia, more about that in our next post!

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