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The beauty of the coast of Amalfi, and what is not beauty about it….

On the way from Vulcano Island we had a short stop at Stromboli to see the vulcano. It was activ, but it was totally dark outside so it was hard to take a photo. We continue sailing through the night and had a short stop in Baya Del Buon Dormire, before we continued to Salerno.

It was only us anchoring there. We had a plan to hike around the Amalfi coast for a couple of days. It was possible to take a bus from Salerno to Minori for the hike to Amalfi, so we did that the first day.

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Hiking Minori – Amalfi

The buses in Amalfi is a story itself… They are full, the roads are small, and it is a lot of traffic. And it is still not high season. We stopped in Minori. The first stop is down at the beach, but we decided to follow the bus to the end of Minori, it is a little bit up the hill, before we started the hike.

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And if you thought we had been walking in steps earlier… that was easy!! Here it is almost 400 high meters with steps!

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On the way up the hill we passed by a cementary, unfortunately it was closed.

2024 04 12 15.14.50

We quickly got a nice view back to Minori.

2024 04 12 15.15.53

And the view towards the valley.

2024 04 12 15.16.23

Some strange decorations on a house.

2024 04 12 15.20.57

Step by step…

2024 04 12 15.28.40

Still a bit uphill left!

2024 04 12 15.40.01

The view of the coastline.

2024 04 12 15.52.07

Most of the trail was at up in the hill with an amazing view!

2024 04 12 15.59.42

Maiori is a small village before Minori (from Salerno)

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This is a really beautiful coastline along Italy!

2024 04 12 16.09.33

Minori, where we started todays hike.

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And all houses had beautiful signs with number. Or is it a house??

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Italy`s smallest town, Atrani. If you are lucky you will find the way through this town 🙂

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The streets are narrow, and the town is like a labyrint.

2024 04 12 16.36.50

Collegiate Santa Maria Maddalena

2024 04 12 16.37.39

The village is right in front of the beach and the road goes on a bridge. Very special place to be.

2024 04 12 16.41.34

Amazing flowers on a cactus!

2024 04 12 16.42.09


2024 04 12 16.55.13

From Atrani it is a short distance to Amalfi.

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Many people were relaxing on the beach.

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We had a plan to walk around here for a bit, but it was to crowdy. It was also hard to find where to get bustickets. In Salerno there was a kiosk which was selling ticket so it was easy to find. But here in Amalfi it was one (1) guy walking around in a yellow vest selling tickets. And with hundreds of people travelling by bus it was hopeless. The bus was also ful so you were lucky if you got a place to sit.

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Here is a video from this hike:

Here is our track:

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The next day we decided to sail to Amalfi to anchor there, so we said goodbye to Salerno. We didn`t explore Salerno, just went to a supermarket. But it was a nice place to anchor for a couple of days.

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I am sure it could be many things to see here, for example the castle on top of the hill.

2024 04 13 08.22.54

We took some photos on the way to Amalfi, it is hard to remember what village we saw…

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2024 04 13 09.59.53


2024 04 13 10.00.19


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2024 04 13 10.35.52


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We anchored west of the village. It was some boats there when we arrived but through the night we were alone. A little bit swell from passing boats.

2024 04 13 11.43.22

We put the dinghy here, it was no people here so it was no problem.

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It was Saturday and it was a million of people in Amalfi. It felt so…. It was a lot of policemen and guardians /military so it was something happening. But our plan was to go for a hike, so we didn`t ask.

2024 04 13 12.14.04

Almost like the Spanish step in Rome..

2024 04 13 12.14.35

The Path of God

We took the bus to Bomerano, which should be a easy and short ride. But with all the people, the bus was packed, and we also saw a car accident so it was totally kaos. The roads are not made for much traffic… But finally we arrive in Bomerano and we were ready to do the Path of the God.

2024 04 13 13.39.25

We tried to follow the sign from where the bus stopped, but I am not sure if the beginning was correct. But we came here and when we came up the stairs after this bridge we were on the right track.

2024 04 13 13.45.47

The trail started at around 500 masl and had a spectacular view all the way.

2024 04 13 13.50.37

Houses were build at the top of the cliffs..

2024 04 13 13.50.52

You needed to stop many times to watch the view and details in the nature.

2024 04 13 13.54.49

Like here, you can see almost the start of the trail (the parking place is behind there. But if you check the photo you can also see a small house, shelter or maybe a church?

2024 04 13 14.02.42

Also here, if you turn around you will see this. I guess they down have much rain there…

2024 04 13 14.03.16

A beautiful trail, but it is very steep some places so watch your steps!

2024 04 13 14.15.51

Some places it is hard to see the trail.

2024 04 13 14.18.59

A special rock along the trail.

2024 04 13 14.24.03

In the end you can see Capri!

2024 04 13 14.30.26

Looks like a mess but it is a restaurant. We didn`t check if it was open.

2024 04 13 14.33.34

It is steep down there…

2024 04 13 14.36.05

View towards Positano where the trail ends.

2024 04 13 15.02.38

This is one of the most beautiful trails we have been walking on this journey!

2024 04 13 15.51.01

You had some shade some places but mostly it was sun. So bring a hat and a lot of water if you are hiking here in summer.

2024 04 13 16.07.57

Looking back, it is not possible to see the trail.

2024 04 13 16.11.20

The trail stops actually in Nocelle. And from there it was around 1700 steps to walk down to the main road. It was a bus stop and other people were waiting for the bus. It was 1,6 km to walk to Positano and we had a plan to take the bus back to Amalfi where we were anchoring. The bus came, but unfortunately it was full and advised us to walk to Positano to take the bus from the main bus stop. When we came there it was many people waiting, and we had to wait for one hour until it was our turn. Theese two hikings we did here was amazing, but I can think how this is in the high season. Not for us! So I will say as another person on a website for cruisers said; take your photos and leave this place. I haven`t seen any more caotic place ever!

2024 04 13 16.15.18

Here is the video from this hike:

Here is our track:

2024 05 26 23.30.34b

We had a quiet night at anchor and left Amalfi the next morning. I took a lot of photos along the coastline on our way to Capri.








If you like to stay in a place without sun…









From the mainland it is a short sail over to Capri.

20240414 121935

Capri is a busy island, specially in weekend and as this was Sunday we decided to just have a lunch stop there.

20240414 123220

Many daytrip boats in this bay on the south side.


I am not sure if you can see it but it is a church inside there..


Spectacular rocks.


It was nice to have lunch here (in the boat). Hopefully we will visit Capri later.

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Now it was time to sail further north and we visited some small islands before we arrived in Rome. See you in our next post!

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