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Exploring the Aeolian Islands north of Sicily


Before we left Sicily we anchored in Milazzo, on the north side of Sicily. We had a stop there to avoid the wind before heading over to the Aeolian islands.

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We wanted to do a hike up to the peninsula north of the town and took the dinghy ashore. We found a place to leave the dinghy, but it is not easy to get over the stone fence.

2024 04 02 11.01.57

A long promenade along the seaside.

2024 04 02 11.02.25


2024 04 02 11.11.17

A lot of steps up to the castle.

2024 04 02 11.13.03

Nice decorated.

2024 04 02 11.15.11

A small village on the west side of the peninsula.

2024 04 02 11.22.49

Castillo de Milazzo. They say it is a beautiful castle, but we didn`t get inside.

2024 04 02 11.23.09


2024 04 02 11.24.45

A green field on the western side of the peninsula. You can see the end of the peninsula.

2024 04 02 12.15.21

A playground in front of the lighthouse.

2024 04 02 12.31.42

A beautiful coastline with many cliffs.

2024 04 02 12.36.52

And steps down to the northern tip.

2024 04 02 12.37.58

The Venus pool where you can have a swim. Up to the right on the photo you can see a face. We didn`t knew about that before I was writing this post…

2024 04 02 12.44.13

Beautiful nature! I guess it can be a bit crowdy here in the season. We went back to the gate to this park and took a bus back to town. It was a bit to walk and most of it along the road.

2024 04 02 12.49.41

Here is our hike:

2024 05 13 11.00.57b

Here is a video from this hike:

Vulcano island

It was time to leave Sicily and we sailed up to Vulcano island. Vulcano island is one of the Aeolian islands and is known for its vulcanic activity.

2024 04 03 15.22.01

Sometimes you are lucky, like I was this day. I was washing some clothes in the boat, and after I finished I throw the water into the sea. A little bit later I notised that my ring was gone!! I realized it felt into the water when I was washing and then into the sea… Luckily we had stern anchor so the boat was lying at the same position the whole time. Astor was diving and after the second attempt he found the ring!!

2024 04 03 16.46.20

A beautiful place to anchor, with a nice view towards the vulcano. In the morning you could see the smoke.

2024 04 04 08.16.04

We had a short walk to the village.

2024 04 04 10.51.40

The harbour, where the ferries arrives many times per day.

2024 04 04 11.02.40

You can also have a bath in a mud bath. The pools of hot mud, the evocative fumaroles and the warm waters on the cliff are a natural hydromassage with a unique view over a crystal-clear sea. You really feel you’re in a magical place: with hell on one side and heaven on the other.

2024 04 04 11.06.14


2024 04 04 11.06.51


2024 04 04 11.11.48

After a while we got company of Kristy and Steven from DASH, and Mirelle and Gary from LOKI and we hiked toegether up to the vulcano crater. In the summer time you need to follow the lights here. If it is red, you can`t go and you can get a fine if you get caught.

2024 04 04 16.25.15

Up in the hill. It is pritty hard in the beginning because you are walking in sand.

2024 04 04 16.34.44

Up the hill we are going!

2024 04 04 16.55.49

As you can see here, we are walking in sand.

2024 04 04 16.55.56

After a while we came to a firmer ground.

2024 04 04 16.57.04

The view towards the village and the bay where we all were anchoring.

2024 04 04 17.02.12

A small break to enjoy the view!

2024 04 04 17.05.33

Almost on the top of the crater.

2024 04 04 17.19.00

The highest peak is on the other side of the crater, at 481 masl. The last part to this peak is pritty easy.

2024 04 04 17.20.55

The crater.

2024 04 04 17.28.41

The view to the southern part of the island, and Etna culcano in the distance.

2024 04 04 17.44.08

From the peak. You can see four other islands from here.

2024 04 04 17.44.30

A stone has exploded once…

2024 04 04 17.47.22b

The last eruption was between 1888 to 1890 so we felt safe. In 2021 150 people were evacuated due to increased vulcanic activity and gases.

2024 04 04 17.47.51

On the peak!

2024 04 04 17.51.54

On the way down we could see the smoke. It is not allowed to walk close to the smoke, and it is not a good idea either.

2024 04 04 18.15.41

Here is the track of this hike.

2024 05 13 11.02.13b

And here is a video from this hike:

We sailed further on to the next island, Lipari, and had one night in an anchorage on the west side. Had a beautiful sunset there.

2024 04 05 19.19.46

In the morning we took a dinghy ride around and through all the rocks there.

2024 04 06 09.48.03

Through this arch/rock you can see Vulcano island.

2024 04 06 09.51.36


2024 04 06 09.52.22

The smoke in the crater.

2024 04 06 09.55.19

Lipari island

We sailed to the other side of Lipari to explore the town of Lipari. We anchored to left of the town and took the dinghy into the harbour.

2024 04 06 12.45.18

We walked up to the castle and got the view towards the harbour.

2024 04 06 13.03.52

One of the buildings in the castle.

2024 04 06 13.08.26

The roof in the church. It was so beautiful!!

2024 04 06 13.13.03


2024 04 06 13.13.37

On the other side of the castle you will find the harbour where the ferries arrive.

2024 04 06 13.22.31

A video from Lipari:

We sailed further on to the next island Salina and anchored outside the village of Rinella.

2024 04 07 09.41.21

It is a nice trail from the bay were we anchored to the village of Rinella. Our plan for the day was to hike to an old vulcano, Monte Fossa delle Felci at 964 masl. That is much higher than I have been hiking before so I was afraid I shouldn`t make it.

2024 04 07 10.05.32

From Rinella to Leni it is 300 highmeter with almost only stairs, before you are entering the village and there is roads between the houses. On the top of the village of Leni you will see the Valdichiesa Church, build ca year 1630. At this point we hiked 300 high meter, only 664 left. The trail to the vulcano starts from this church. We had 1/3 of a chocolate here.

2024 04 07 10.59.52

It was stairs much of the way, but with many turns and paths somewhere it was an easy hike (but still many high meters…)

2024 04 07 11.08.28

There is two craters on Salina and here we have the view to the other one. If you click on the photo you will see the path up to the summit. In the bottom of the valley you can see the church where the trail starts.

2024 04 07 11.15.05

I needed many stops on the way up!

2024 04 07 11.17.06

To the left you can see Rinella and almost the bay where we anchored.

2024 04 07 11.17.43

2/3 part of the trail is finished and we had the next third part of the chocolate.

2024 04 07 11.47.51

After a while we reach a gravel road, but it almost just crossed the road to continue the trail.

2024 04 07 12.20.49

A grasshopper we met on the last part. I thougth the last part would be almost flat, but it was more steep than the rest!

2024 04 07 13.03.15

But finally on the top and we were awarded with this view!

2024 04 07 13.05.43

It was also a playground on the top!

2024 04 07 13.28.57

We didn`t meet any on our way up, but at the summit we met a German couple, and they took a photo of us.

2024 04 07 13.32.30bb

It was a beautiful view at the top, but it is hard to see the crater, it is overgrown now. You can see the vulcano Etna in the distance.

2024 04 07 13.52.18

At the summit there were tables where you could have your lunch and enjoy the view.

2024 04 07 13.52.28

On the way to the peak, or on the way down again, you have this place made from the municipality to have a break.

2024 04 07 14.09.56

Back to the church! Here we had the last part of the chocolate. We had lunch at the peak and didn`t need the chocolate. Our legs was tired going downhill.

2024 04 07 15.13.25

On the way down to Rinella we saw the smoke from Etna.

2024 04 07 15.22.50

Here is the track. Totally 13,8 km, so it is a long hike.

2024 05 13 11.04.44b

Here is a video from this hike:

The next day we sailed back to Vulcano island to meet the family in AMICA, and DASH also manage to come back to the bay so we had a nice evening at the beach together.

2024 04 08 18.28.09

In our next post we will visit the Amalfi coast!

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