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Arrived in Italy and we have some exciting news for our followers in Norway!!


Our sail from Lefkada, Greece was okay. We used about 30 hours and we arrived in Gallipoli on the heel of Italy. We drove through Italy when we went to Greece to fill up our boat, and both of us has been in Italy seperately once each. We are looking forward to spend more time in Italy this time.

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We arrived after sunset and that is always exciting if we can see where to go. But after some help from a Italian boat and a French boat we were moored at the town quay. None of them spoke English so it was an interesting conversation. It is possible to stay at the town quay for 5 days without paying.

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The next day it was Wednesday and I read that every Wednesday it is a farmers market in town. I love farmers market! It was exciting walking around in a new town in a new country. We had to walk through town for 2,7 km but it was easy to find the market.

2024 02 28 11.15.28

A nice decoration on a wall.

2024 02 28 11.17.44

And you can see of the buildings that we are in Italy!

2024 02 28 11.20.58

Many nice buildings.

2024 02 28 11.21.44

At the market! It was so many nice fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, cheese, and many other things.

2024 02 28 11.44.49

And the smell when you are walking around the market… hmmm.. specially where you find olives.

2024 02 28 11.46.20

We bought different things from the market, and we got some extra cheese we didn`t knew what it was..

2024 02 28 11.49.06

On the way back to the boat we stopped for lunch. I love Italian food and all the colours they have!

2024 02 28 13.08.58

Felizia at Gallipoli town quay.

2024 02 28 16.21.06

Later that day we decided to walk around the old town. The entrance is close to the town quay.

2024 02 28 16.25.45

On the other side of the town quay there is a small marina for smaller boats. But it would be fantastic to stay there for a night!

2024 02 28 16.29.29

On the “sunset side” of the old town. It was beautiful walking around there!

2024 02 28 16.31.28

We went into Santa Maria Degli Angeli Church. It was beautiful.

2024 02 28 16.41.33

Beautiful paintings!

2024 02 28 16.41.48

We walked around the old town first because it was nice in the sunset.

2024 02 28 16.45.02

Astor had more open eyes than I so he saw all theese black cats between the promenade and the sea. Actually it was good I didn`t saw them, it would have been a problem to leave them there.

2024 02 28 16.47.55

Some of them tried to climb up to Astor.

2024 02 28 16.49.22

Old town lies on a island outside main town.

2024 02 28 16.54.06

The view towards the new town with the castle on the left side.

2024 02 28 16.55.46

On the east side of old town there is a harbour for fishingboats.

2024 02 28 16.58.47

As normal at this time of the year, it is quiet in old towns.

2024 02 28 16.59.52

But many beautiful buildings..

2024 02 28 17.00.37

Basilica Cattedrale di Sant’Agata

2024 02 28 17.02.46

Inside the church.

2024 02 28 17.05.06

Christmas all year around!

2024 02 28 17.09.16

A restaurant waiting for the season!

2024 02 28 17.13.47

Many beautiful details!

2024 02 28 17.13.53

Many narrow streets in old town!

2024 02 28 17.14.58

The town quay! In almost every kind of wind directions it is nice to stay here.

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If you like you can read about our journey through Italy back in April 2022 her:


BIG NEWS!! (this last part is only for our followers in Norway and will be written in Norwegian)

Spennende nyheter!!

Etter nesten 2 år på “rømmen” kommer vi en snartur til Norge!! På reisen vil vi ha foredrag på tre steder, så her har du mulighet til å treffe oss og høre mer om turen vår hittil. Kanskje blir nettopp du inspirert til å gjøre det samme?

Den første kvelden blir hos Florø Seilforening i Furuholmen, Mandag 29. April kl. 19.00

Kveld nr 2 blir på Hoem Grendahus, Tirsdag 7.Mai kl. 19.00

Vi avslutter runden i Fjærestua hos Molde Seilforening, Mandag 13.Mai kl. 19.00

Gratis inngang!

Vi håper alle dere som har fulgt med oss på reisen vil stikke innom for å treffe oss!! Vi gleder oss! Send oss gjerne en melding om du lurer på noe i forbindelse med dette.

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Vårt tidsskjema for Norgesbesøket er som følger:

Ankomst Bergen 25.April – 1 overnatting i Bergen
Ankomst Florø 26.April – avreise 30.April til Molde
Avreise fra Molde 14.Mai

I Florø bor vi hos venner og i Molde (Hustadvika) bor vi hos familien. Vi trenger en overnatting i Bergen, så bor du i Bergen og har en seng ledig så gi oss gjerne et vink!

Vi skal i ikke mindre enn 4 konfirmasjoner på disse tre ukene, så vi har en stramt tidsskjema, men om du har lyst til å treffe oss utenom disse tre kveldene er det bare å gi en lyd, så ser vi om vi får det til!

Vi sees!!

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