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Crete has over 100 gorges, we want to hike as many as we can!

Richtis Gorge

Yes, Crete has over 100 gorges, some are more famous than other, like the Samaria Gorge. Unfortunately Samaria Gorge is closed during winter, so we had to find other interesting ones. Richtis gorge is about one hour drive from Elounda, on the north side. We parked along the main road.

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The first part was along a small road. We saw one car driving there, but I guess that was a local farmer, we didn`t see him later on the road.

2024 01 19 11.16.03

It was downhill from the car, so I was thinking about returning… that would be uphill…

2024 01 19 11.17.09

Here is the beginning of the trail. It looked like we could have parked here, but it also says “Rescue”, so I will recommend you to park at parking along the main road.

2024 01 19 11.19.25

An old idyllic bridge.

2024 01 19 11.23.09

This is another type of gorge compare to the one we hiked the day before. This is more open, lush and green.

2024 01 19 11.47.23

Were it was too much water they have made bridges.

2024 01 19 11.52.52

Some places we had to jump a little bit but no problem to get through!

2024 01 19 11.53.44 1

And some places it was stairs.

2024 01 19 12.09.13

Magic world!

2024 01 19 12.21.50

At the waterfall it was many steps to go down, and some places it was old and bad constructions, but I came down, and up again. The trail/gorge continues down to the beach but we decided to turn here.

2024 01 19 12.30.31

Not a very big waterfall, but a nice place to have a rest.

2024 01 19 12.36.04

Or a shower…. Luckily he had clothes on when a group of people arrived!

2024 01 19 12.37.07


2024 01 19 13.05.30

An admiral was following us on the way back to the car. Nice trail and not too long!

2024 01 19 14.21.43

Here you can see the trail:

2024 02 14 21.35.13b

Here is a video from this hike:

Sarakina Gorge

The next day we went to Sarakina Gorge. This is so far my favourite. In the description it says it is climbing and it is difficult. So we had to try!

We drove up in the mountains, through many small villages, like here, Kalamafka village. We had a plan to go back here to walk up to the church in the hill. (but we didn`t)

2024 01 20 11.07.42

The view along the roads are stunning!

2024 01 20 11.21.49

We needed a photostop.

2024 01 20 11.22.30

We found easily where to park and started the hike. From the start it was amazing, but this is not for everyone!

2024 01 20 11.53.26

It was a river inside the gorge and no bridge so we had to cross it. I had extra sandals with me so I could cross the river easily. I couldn`t use my sandals when I was climbing so I had to change my shoes underway.

2024 01 20 11.58.01

Some places it was a lot of water.

2024 01 20 12.04.55

Well… I think you are strong Astor, but…. Here it was not easy to see where to go, but we walked through the small hole to the left of Astor (not the biggest hole) So we had to watch out all the time to see where to go!

2024 01 20 12.13.57

It is not easy to see where to climb here…

2024 01 20 12.17.44

Not much space between the walls in the gorge.

2024 01 20 12.17.46

I have never liked climbing. NEVER!! And I am afraid of heigts… I had to climb this ladder and in the next part we had to use a rope. It was fun challenging myself!

2024 01 20 12.18.40

Looks like it is cut by a razor blade.

2024 01 20 12.22.12

And a new rope, we hade to climb. Maybe I need to start climbing when I am back in Norway… not…

2024 01 20 12.23.07

This gorge is not a easy trail, if you are used to walk in the city and not doing real hikes, this is not for you. But I loved every second of it!

2024 01 20 12.27.27

I am not sure if we could drink this water. We brought enough water anyway.

2024 01 20 12.28.37

Steep walls in the gorge.

2024 01 20 12.52.39

More steep walls.

2024 01 20 12.56.23

Some places it was a lot of water we had to cross, but then we had dry land for a long time.

2024 01 20 12.57.36

He is waiting while I am changing my shoes!

2024 01 20 12.58.52

It was not easy to see where to go, but it is actually made steps into the big rock in the middle.

2024 01 20 12.59.49

You had to climb up here!

2024 01 20 13.00.47

It was so amazing hiking here, we should have used more time in this one!

2024 01 20 13.04.18

It starts to open up.

2024 01 20 13.23.31

Right after this we came to a road, and then we followed that road steep uphill. You can see on our tracks we took a shortcut instead of walking along the road.

2024 01 20 13.30.03

Spring is coming, a lot of beautiful flowers around!

2024 01 20 13.48.56b

Here is a map for this trail:

2024 02 14 21.37.19b

Here is a video from Sarakina Gorge, check it out!

We had a stop in Ierapetra on the way back and had a pizza on a restaurant there.

2024 01 20 14.47.45

I think Ierapetra is a nice place to stay in summer. Nice beaches, and a lot of shops and restaurants.

2024 01 20 14.47.53

We had pizza on this square.

2024 01 20 15.35.23

We had a couple of days in the boat, waiting for the weather to calm down. But the third day we decided to have a walk up in the valley above Elounda. It was a gravel road almost the whole way.

2024 01 23 15.54.48

A nice evening walk.

2024 01 23 16.09.27

And some exercise before heading back to the boat.

2024 01 23 16.34.08

I did some shopping at Lidl this week 🙂

2024 01 23 18.07.32

And we continue exploring the eastern part of Crete and meeting new friends in our next post!

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