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Two days of hiking in beautiful weather

I said the first day here on Naxos that we should walk over to the temple of Poseidon every day to take a photo. We walked there twice in a month…. In sommerseason you can`t take any photo here without people… and are you lucky you will have the sunset in the temple.

2023 12 16 15.37.11

The rain was coming in from west and we had to fine shelter for a while.

2023 12 18 18.54.01

Apeiranthos – Panagia Fanariotissa Church

After a couple of very windy days the wind calmed down and it was time to do a hike again. Since it was still some wind from west we decided to drive to Apeiranthos on the eastcoast of the island.

We had a quick stop on the way to take a few photos of the view.

2023 12 19 12.05.26

Stunning views in all directions!

2023 12 19 12.05.29b

Apeiranthos is Naxos` third largest town.

2023 12 19 12.08.53

We parked just outside the village and walked through town. There was some marks but we followed alltrails.com. When we came outside the village it was easier to follow the trail. After the village it was stright up the hill!

2023 12 19 12.26.46

And only after 10 minutes you will have a nice view towards Apeiranthos.

2023 12 19 12.33.35b

It was easy to follow the trail here.

2023 12 19 12.37.17

After the first steep hill it was better, but not flat!

20231219 124720

Because it was still much wind in Naxos town I brought extra clothes to this hike. That was not necessary, here it was no wind!

20231219 124942

On top of the hill and we can see towards Moni on the east side of the hill.

2023 12 19 12.54.37

Up the next hill to the church, the first part was like an old road. The church is on top of the “white” hill.

20231219 125446

The last part is steep again and at the end it was stairs.

20231219 125918

And what a place! It is like a platou on the top of the hill and there you will find this small church.

2023 12 19 13.22.44

And the view is amazing!

20231219 132221

Here we had a rest with lunch, and still it was no wind!!

20231219 133424

After a good break at the peak it was time to walk back to Apeiranthos,

2023 12 19 13.57.49

The town in front.

2023 12 19 14.13.57

Here is our track from this hike:

2024 01 21 12.45.45n

A video from this hike:

Chalki – Moni aroundtrip

Then it was time to walk from Chalki to Moni. This is not uphill, most of it, just at the end close to Moni it is more steep.

2023 12 22 10.44.26

It was hard to find the beginning of this trail. Don`t follow alltrails.com in the beginning. Park the car at the parking lot and walk down the main street, after 100 meters you will see the sign and the correct place to start this hike. In the beginning you will see many churches and also ruins from abandoned houses.

2023 12 22 11.00.53

Up there is Moni. When you first find the trail it is well marked.

2023 12 22 11.02.46

You walk through forrest and agricultural land.

2023 12 22 11.09.30

And yes, it is well marked!

20231222 111056

I didn`t pick this mushroom to eat!

2023 12 22 11.18.07

After the steep hill up to Moni you arrive at this church. Unfortunately it was closed.

20231222 113429

Up the hill!

20231222 113731

We walked through Moni but only after 50 meters the trail started south to Chalki, so we didn`t see much of the village. But pritty quiet and not much people to see around.

2023 12 22 12.01.06

The mountain we hiked the day before. The church is on the top to the right. In the middle of this mountain there are stairs to walk up, and we will go there later!

2023 12 22 12.09.47

On the way down to Chalki.

2023 12 22 12.15.19

Some old trees!

2023 12 22 12.16.15

If you see me you can see how huge the tree is!

20231222 121848

Right before we came back to Chalki we walked through the village of Drymalia and there we met theese cute dogs.

20231222 123242

Some nice paintings on the doors in this village.

2023 12 22 12.34.42

A nice small village.

2023 12 22 12.35.01

The church in Drymalia

20231222 123732

We walked back to the parking lot, but before leaving back to town we walked down the street to check out where the trail started. Here is the sign you shall follow!!

2023 12 22 12.51.56

Here is the track from this hike. I have marked on the map where to start.

2024 01 21 12.43.06n

Here is a video from this hike:

When we came back to the marina it was more quiet. The geese couple was living in the marina.

2023 12 22 16.27.06

In the next post we are celebrating Christmas and meeting new friends!

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