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Naxos – my favourite island!

My Christmas wish for this year was to celebrate Christmas on Naxos. It is a big island, lot to do, many people around even if it is winter, and shops are open.

The marina is in town so everything is in short distance. It was only a couple of hours to sail from Paros and I took this photo when we arrived in the marina.

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The harbourmaster Grigorio met us in the harbour and helped us to moor. We got a great deal for a month here, it is sometimes nice to just relaxe in a marina, specially through Christmas and New Year.

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Two days later they had the Christmas Tree Lightning with music and choir. A lot of people joined!

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They also had fireworks!

2023 12 09 20.21.19

A nice Christmas Tree at the square.

2023 12 09 20.48.20

A video from the Christmas Tree Lightning:

Some nice decorations in the streets.

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We hired a car for the whole months to explore the island. I bought a map and marked all places I wanted to go. The first day we took the northern part of the island, and our first stop was at the Tower of Ayia. There are many towers on Naxos but most of them you can only see from the outside. It was a nice trail down to this tower, not far from the road.

The exact year of construction is unknown; however, it is estimated that the imposing tower was built during the 17th century

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The village of Apollonas, on the northeast coast of Naxos.

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Kouros of Apollonas

In the hill behind Apollonas you can find the Kouros of Apollonas. This is a 10,7 meters tall statue made of light grey Naxian marble with the weight of around 80 tonn. It is dated  around the turn of the seventh and sixth centuries BC.

2023 12 10 11.40.14

I am getting very small together with the Kouros!

20231210 113549

After visiting the Kouros we drove down to Aollonas. It is a quiet place on this time of the year,

2023 12 10 11.46.56

But I guess it is a beautiful place to stay in the summer.

2023 12 10 11.47.03

Restaurants along the beach, only one open today.

2023 12 10 11.48.19

After Apollonas we drove up the hill, and it was really up hill! From zero to 600 masl!

2023 12 10 12.11.46


The village of Koronos.

2023 12 10 12.13.46

We had a short stop here, here I am sitting at the square outside the church.

20231210 122659

Koronos is a really beautiful village with small, narrow streets.

2023 12 10 12.30.46

With a lot of nice details, and of cours, MANY steps!

2023 12 10 12.32.20

Narrow stairs!

2023 12 10 12.32.43

Stairs in all directions! Nice place to excercise!

2023 12 10 12.33.15

More stairs!

2023 12 10 12.33.55


2023 12 10 12.37.58

We walked down the village, and we wanted to walk over to the other side, but we realized we didn`t had time if we should reach the waterfall, that was on the top of our list for today.

20231210 123822

We had a plan to see more in this area but we realized that the time was running and the day is short at this time of the year. So we left Koronos and drove further up the hill. The view when you are driving in this area is amazing.

2023 12 10 12.43.58

One of the many churches on the island!

2023 12 10 12.49.16b

Routsouna Waterfall

Our next stop is Routsouna Waterfall and the trail starts from the village Keramoti. Here is the serpentine road down to Keramoti.

2023 12 10 12.56.05

My biggest problem when we arrived in Keramoti was empty phone battery!!! Is it possible?? Luckily Astor had enough battery and we could make a video from this hike.

20231210 133911

It was easy to find the trail, just walk through the village and you will find it at the end. You will see a lot of goats along the trail.

20231210 133950

We were walking to the west and all the way it was amazing views.

20231210 134036

Taking some photos of flower!

20231210 135247

Beautiful flower!

2023 12 10 13.53.39

Finally at the waterfall.

20231210 140907

It was also a bench and table for our lunchbreak!

20231210 142325

We were so surprised when we came here, it was so beautiful, like paradise!

2023 12 10 15.01.14

We tried to take some nice photos!

2023 12 10 15.05.21

Like art?

2023 12 10 15.08.32 1

Astor was climbing a little bit to take some photos closer to the waterfall.

20231210 150626

I could have been here for hours, but we had to walk back before sunset.

20231210 152032

Here is the video from todays exploring:

On the way back to the boat we had a beautiful sunset in the mountains.

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