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Hiking to the highest mountain on Naxos, and walking trail nr 7

Mt. Zas/Zeus 1004 masl, trail 2

Last time we were on Naxos, in october 2022, we hiked to Mt.Zas/Zeus. That time we hiked the “hard” route, and now we wanted to hike the other trail which should be easier.

Drive to Saint Marina Holy Chapel and park the car there. It is not space for many cars, but I guess it is not a problem any day.

2023 12 12 12.11.00

The trail is good marked all the way and it starts very slow up the hill.

2023 12 12 12.23.19

Along the trail you can see remains from our ancestors.

2023 12 12 12.43.01

And the view is amazing on all side of the mountain.

2023 12 12 12.43.06

I think this is the biggest cairn I have seen!

2023 12 12 12.44.03

The view to the east. Ano Koufonisi and Kato Koufonisi, next Keros, and then Amorgos in the distance.

20231212 125613

View to the village Apeiranthos where we did the hike up to Panagia Fanariotisa Church some days later. Keep following!

20231212 142540b

The trail is well marked and it is easy to follow all the way.

2023 12 12 12.52.54

Finally up on the ridge and we got the view to the west.

2023 12 12 13.06.39


2023 12 12 22.31.18

The ridge of the mountain

2023 12 12 13.30.35

We found a nice place with stunning views to have our lunchbreak! (and yes, as always I had extra clothes to change on the top!)

20231212 142655

Many griffon vultures were flying around us.

2023 12 12 14.02.15

When you are on the top of the highest mountain the fog can arrive suddenly, so it did that day.

2023 12 12 14.02.17

Astor used the drone, can you see us?


On the south side of the mountain, amazing green fields!

2023 12 12 14.02.24

The fog became stronger and stronger and we decided to walk back to the car.

2023 12 12 14.43.41

On the mountains in Norway you can find a book to write your name, but here it was shoes! (next time we went there they were gone)

2023 12 12 14.44.58

And when the fog arrives it is also colder.

2023 12 12 14.52.45

Just look for number 2 and for cairns, but it is mostly very easy to see the trail.

2023 12 12 14.53.02

On the way back down the hill.

2023 12 12 15.04.23

You need some breaks to watch this amazing view.

2023 12 12 15.08.45

Astor back at this huge cairn.

2023 12 12 15.13.56

At alltrail.com, as we use, this trail is marked as “difficult”, and also the sign in the beginning of the trail says so. But it is not. Yes it is up hill and you can be tired, but the trail is not difficult.

2023 12 12 15.19.35

And there is places to sit down for a break.

20231212 152334

This hike is one of my favourite in the Med. It is 390 height meters and 5,8 kilometers return. Here is a video from the trail:

One year ago we hiked the other route to Mt. Zas and here you can read about that hike:

On the way back the sun started to set so we decided to stop at Prophet Elias Church which is just along the road, only 50 high meters from the car. Not easy to see the trail first, but we found it.

2023 12 12 16.06.39

From the church we could see the fog on the top of Mt.Zas.

2023 12 12 16.21.19

Prophet Elias Church (there are at least one more on this island) with Mt Zas behind.

2023 12 12 16.40.35

A video timelaps from the sunset that evening:

For dinner that evening we had pasta salad with chicken, tzatziki, feta, and foccacia bread. This is one of my favourite!

2023 12 12 18.38.35

Next day and the nice weather continues. It is no problem staying in a marina in this weather!

2023 12 13 08.47.27

When we needed bread we walked to Naxos Bakery in the morning, it is right on the end of the harbour. Their sourdoughbread with seeds is amazing!

2023 12 13 08.47.32

Ano Sagri to the Temple of Demeter, trail 7

That day we had trail nr 7 on our plan, from Ano Sagri to the Temple of Demeter. (on the shop Zoom in town, they have a good map with all the trails on the island)

You need to drive to Ano Sagri, park the car and then it is easy to find the beginning of the trail. We used alltrail.com as usual.

2023 12 13 10.48.20

This trail is mostly flat and it is easy to follow the trail, unless one place were alltrails wants you to walk left right after a gate. But we didn`t follow that because it was overgrown. We continue on the trail and found then marking there. (check the map in the bottom of this post)

2023 12 13 11.01.18

Open landscape

2023 12 13 11.04.18

Temple of Demeter

Unfortunately we didn`t film at the Temple of Demeter, but here is some photos. The ticket was 4 eur for the two of us. It is not open every day, so check it out before going there. The aroundtrip is nice anyway though!

2023 12 13 11.25.32

This magnificent temple has been made exclusively of the finest quality Naxos marble and dates back to the 6th century BC.

20231213 112636

It was worth to see it, but we didn`t spend much time there.

2023 12 13 11.28.37

Nice view from the temple

2023 12 13 11.29.19

There is also an old church. If you are interested there is a museum, but that was closed for the season.

2023 12 13 11.31.37

After visiting the temple we continue our hike. We met this guy on the way.

2023 12 13 11.47.40

View to Mt. Zas were we hiked the day before. You can see Mt.Zas from almost the whole island.

2023 12 13 11.52.45b

Beautiful green fields.

2023 12 13 12.16.37

This aroundtrip is 6,5 km and it is almost completely flat, so this is a hike for everyone.

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Here is a video from this hike:

After the hike we went to Agia Anna to have lunch on the beach. Astor also had a short swim.

2023 12 13 13.57.46

It is a lot of Christmas decorations in town.

2023 12 13 18.51.01

That`s for now! Next time we continue exploring the island!

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