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The hidden gem of Donoussa and one of the most famous islands, Mykonos


We have heard a lot about the island of Donoussa, which is east of Naxos. It is a small island and if you haven`t been sailing around in the Med I believe you haven`t heard about it. We sailed from Patmos in the morning and had a plan to go to Mykonos or Naxos, but the wind was not that good so we ended up on Donoussa. We anchored in this beautiful bay on the east coast. The wind was from north/northwest but here in the bay it was almost quiet.

We came late in the evening, and after a good night sleep we woke up early in the morning to hike to the highest mountain on the island, Peak of Papa. It`s not that warm now, but it was nice to start the hike before sunrise.

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We took the dinghy into the beach. It was a small dock there to put the dinghy, but since I had a plan to have a swim after the hike it was better to put the dinghy on the beach.

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This place, Kalotaritissa, is not a big place. The main village is on the other side of the island. There is a trail all the way to this village, and our first plan was to go there. We walked half way this trail and took off to the highest mountain instead. There is only a couple of people living in this bay.


The trail starts on the top of the village and it is easy to find it. It is steep, but it is a very good trail to walk.

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We met a lot of goats, and the smallest of them had to be almost newborn. But it is hard to get a nice photo of them… running away…

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The goat stood on the trail, waiting for us. In behind you see the mountain where we are going.

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A beautiful view over the bay when the sun started to rise.

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I guess this was the way they had to walk between the two villages before the road came around the southern part of the island.

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The morning sun over Naxos.

20231115 072006

Even if it was steep it was an easy walk.

20231115 072048

Yep, I needed a rest for two seconds!

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It is easy to see the trail in the hill.

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When you are on the top of the ridge and you can see down to the main village, it is time to jump of the trail. It is two different paths from here to the top. The path to the right is easier than the on to the left. Just have a look for signs and marks. Here you are at 250 masl.

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Astor did the path on the left side and came up before me, but he said it was steeper there.

20231115 075144

On the top at 394 masl before 8 in the morning!

20231115 075701

And it was time for breakfast! Bread with homemade raspberry jam!

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It was very windy on the top, so I was glad I brought extra clothes! It would be possible to walk to the next peak, almost the same high, but it was too windy and we wanted to sail further on.

2023 11 15 08.05.59

Our sailboat down there, view from the top.

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We couldn`t stay on the top for long, because it was cold, but as soon we head down the hill it was warmer and I had to take off my jacket again.

20231115 090510

Some nice chickens in the village.

2023 11 15 09.18.01

And some curious goats.

2023 11 15 09.18.20

Here is the trail:

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The small village of Kalotaritissa. If you zoom in you will see the trail up in the hill.

2023 11 15 09.58.16

It was a nice beach there, and yes, I had a swim when we came back from the hike. It is so nice when you are warm and sweat to just jump into the water. Astor told me after it was 19 degrees….

2023 11 15 09.58.20

The view from the boat up to Peak of Papa.

2023 11 15 09.58.32


We sailed then further on to Mykonos. We have been in Mykonos once before on theese charter sailingtrips we have been to, so it was not that nessesary to go there, but it was nice to find a spot to hide from the weather. The wind was from the south but during the night the wind should shift to northerly, and it is hard to find a good spot for both. So we planned to moor on the town quay. But before going inside the bay I had to take some photos outside the town. First of theese amazing windmills. Theese are so popular, but most of the people are taking photos of them from shore.

2023 11 15 16.20.47

This is the best spot for a glas of wine in the sunset, if you are on shore, but at this time of the year everything was closed, so you need to bring your own bottle!

2023 11 15 16.21.37

All of theese houses will be wet if the weather is bad and coming from west/northwest.

2023 11 15 16.21.49

The most popular spot on Mykonos.

2023 11 15 16.23.13

The bay where we moored. I had a plan to walk up the hill to get a nice photo of town, but it was getting late, and early night the wind shifted and we had to leave too early next morning.

2023 11 15 16.24.52

We moored here. We were not sure if we could stay here (also one reason to stay in the boat), but no one came to tell us to leave.

2023 11 15 21.11.50

Our next destination is Syros, one of the islands we haven`t been to yet. Well, we have been in Finikas, on the southwest coast, on our charter sailing trips, but actually…. I can`t remember it…

Check us out next week!

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