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Syros – part one!

Syros is a new island for us. Well, we were in Finikas on the southwest side of the island some years ago while sailing in the group I have told you about before. But actually, I can`t remmember we were there…

Many people have told us we need to go to Syros, so now before Christmas we wanted to check it out. We sailed over from Mykonos early in the morning after the wind turned and increased. That was not a comfortable sailing, luckily it was a short distance, just 18 nm. But the weather was terrible, the wind was up to 35 knots and the waves was huge so it was like to be inside a washing mashine…. I was so happy when we came into the bay in front of the main town Ermoupolis.

Ermpoupolis is a really nice town with two hills, one on Chora, old town, with the Catholic Cathedral of Saint George. Check my next photos to see the other hill. Behind the mast on the highest mountain you can see, you will find the highest mountain on the island, of course that will be on our todolist!

2023 11 16 11.06.41

We moored at the town quay, but after a while we realized it was not a place to be. It is a lot of swell there, even if the wind came from north, and the public boats is also making some waves. So the harbour master recommended us to go to the marina instead. As we did. But before we threw the lines an octopus visited us, behind the boat. Luckily he didn`t climb on the boat!!

2023 11 16 13.03.39

Here you can see both hills, Chora to left with the catholic church on the top, and Church of the Resurrection of the Lord to the right. It is 50 high meter between theese two churches but it is hard to see from the sea.

2023 11 16 14.16.59

So we sailed over to the abandoned marina instead and found a spot for us. It was much wind in the wrong direction so it was hard to put the lines ashore. As you can see the view to town is not that nice from here, with the shipyard in front.

2023 11 17 09.12.17

Ermoupoli is a town for you who likes walking in stairs, because you will find them everywhere! So we took a walk to town in the morning (before we found out that there is free buses almost from the marina to town). But it was a nice walk, then you see more than if you are on a bus.

2023 11 17 10.05.41b

The city center of Ermoupoli where we moored first.

2023 11 17 10.10.32

Sun and okay temperature in the end of November, but not many tourists in Greece now. It should be possible to go here later than early October. It is amazing here, specially if you like to explore and hike!

2023 11 17 10.14.03

National Resistance Momument

2023 11 17 10.14.23b

The town hall and main square.

2023 11 17 10.18.50

Church of Agios Nikolaos

2023 11 17 10.24.59b

Inside the church.

2023 11 17 10.29.49

Colourful church

20231117 102838


20231117 103002


20231117 103036

The northern part of town

2023 11 17 10.37.18

There is a place you can sit in the sun and have a swim. It was too cold for us.

20231117 103520

We wanted this first day to walk up to the Church of the Resurrection of the Lord.

2023 11 17 10.50.04

I don`t know how many steps it was from the bottom to the top, but it is MANY!!

2023 11 17 10.54.28

Outside the church, the view to the other hill.

2023 11 17 11.10.34

It doesn`t seems that steep from here, but you can try to start at the bottom…..it is steep!

20231117 111111

Church of the Resurrection of the Lord

20231117 111039 01

The view from the top is amazing!

2023 11 17 11.14.12

And now it is time to walk all the steps down again.

20231117 111810

It is still some beautiful bouganvillas around.

2023 11 17 11.21.29

When we came down to the city center it was a lot of kids playing on the square.

2023 11 17 11.30.43

Ups, all the pigeons flew!

2023 11 17 11.30.44

Back in the boat Astor took a walk around the marina. Here you see Felizia between the two other sailboats.

20231118 153359

Look at this old fuel pump. I guess it has been a while since it has been in use!

20231118 154551

Some old buildings around the marina.

20231118 154745

After a couple of days with bad weather with rain and wind it was sunny again and we were ready for a hike! We took the bus to the square were we started our hike to Chora and the hill behind.

2023 11 20 14.27.54

We had the direction to Chora and all the steps up to the church.

20231120 143557

I am sad it is hard to see the end of this stair! It was so long…

20231120 144201

Not half way up….

2023 12 11 22.16.08

Many and long stairs, it was nice to have pitstop and nice company. Not all the cats are cozy here in Greece, a lot of them are afraid people. But not this one, it was hard to leave!

20231120 144957

Do you feel welcome here? I wouldn`t have used this stair!

20231120 145610

It is so beautiful to walk around!

2023 11 20 14.57.25

I want a bouganvilla when we are back home! (but then we need to paint the house, because the house is red)

2023 11 20 14.58.48

We thought we were on the top… ah… laughing high….

20231120 150124

Nice detail!

20231120 150341

The view from Chora is better than from the other hill!

2023 11 20 14.59.34

Many sign where to go, but most of theese are closed for the winter.

2023 11 20 15.00.28

Our plan was to hike up this hill, maybe to the monastery almost on the top. First we had to walk down from Chora before going up again…

2023 11 20 15.12.05

The church on the top of Chora was open so we could go inside. It was a large church with many details.

20231120 151409

This was so beautiful.

2023 11 20 15.14.33


2023 11 20 15.15.36

It is a viewpoint outside the church, I guess it would have been an amazing view there, but it was closed. So then it was time to walk down again.

2023 11 20 15.25.10

This is on the back side of Chora.

20231120 152853

Here is the trail we wanted to follow.

20231120 152916

First over a bridge.

2023 11 20 15.34.48

The sun started to go down behind the hill.

2023 11 20 23.01.09

Behind the shipyard you can see the marina where we are staying.

20231120 154003

The view from the hill over to Chora and the other hill in town.

2023 11 20 15.47.27

The trail was nice with a beautiful view!

2023 11 20 16.12.07

We are trying to get some nice shots as close as possible, but when they are moving it is not easy!

2023 11 20 16.14.47

The view from the hill is amazing and it`s worth all the steps! We walked only up the first part to a small church. Had a pitstop there with an orange. I was sweat and it started to get cold when the sun got away, so we realized we had to walk down again.

2023 11 20 16.15.19


2023 11 21 10.46.27

We walked through a part of Chora on the way down to town.

2023 11 20 16.33.39

And of course, a lot of steps down also.

2023 11 20 16.35.18

We came down to town and found this guy, E.T.? It was cold, and most of the shops was closed, so we took the bus back to the boat and made dinner.

20231121 165837

Here is a video from our exploring:

Next time we will climb to the highest mountain on the island, and we will join the Christmas Tree Lightning!


  • Karina Rook

    One of my favorite towns, except for the town quay which was very unsettled, as you said. I loved walking the cobbled streets and climbing up to see the wonderful views. I bet it is beautiful with the Christmas lights.

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