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Syros – part 2

We are still on Syros in this post and we continue exploring the island. The Christmas decoration starts to come up and we took the bus to town one evening to have a look. It was beautiful sky over town that evening.

2023 11 21 16.58.36

The square

2023 11 21 17.21.42

It was bad weather for some days, thats why we stayed on Syros that long, but finally the weather became better. After staying in the boat for a couple of days we took a hike from the boat, up in the hill. You can find the trail opposite the gas station close to the marina. It is first a gravel road, and you can meet a car, but after a while it is a overgrown trail.

2023 11 23 15.40.41

We walked first right south before heading around the hill. Not much to see, just some farmers land.

2023 11 23 15.54.12

Higher up we got the view for the marina and all the way to town. We tried to reach a hill with a mast, but the last part was closed with a gate. So we walk over to the next hill. No good trail but it was easy to walk.

2023 11 23 22.51.50

Here is the trail we walked, 8 km, so not that short… :

2023 12 16 17.00.06

The town quay in Syros.

2023 11 24 10.29.29

It was time to do some laundry. It is nice to find a self service, that is much cheaper than a place someone else is working for you.

2023 11 24 12.11.45

Warning from the goverment about bad weather!

2023 11 25 15.21.46

Finally, after two days of too much wind it was lovely weather again and we could do the hike we were planning for some days. We took the bus to town, and started our hike from the shipyard. We walk the wrong direction first, but we were soon back on track and went up in the hill.

2023 11 27 10.37.30

One alternative was to walk the same trail as we did a week before, but on google maps it looks like it was a shortcut so we wanted to try that. The first part was actually a trail, but after a farmers land it turned into a pipe trail were we walked on the top of the pipe. It was okay the first part….

2023 11 27 10.55.43

At the end it was like this… not easy…

2023 11 27 11.03.48

We are used to walk in rugged terrain so it went well, but I will not recommend you to go there. Take the other trail I showed you in the last post.

2023 11 27 11.04.47

But finally we came up to the small village in the hill and we could walk a bit on a road before heading up the hill on the trail.

2023 11 27 11.15.31

Nearby the trail it is two churches and we had to see them and the view. We checked if there was a trail from this church to the monastery, but we couldn`t find any.

2023 11 27 11.18.40

At the Agia Paraskevi Monastery.

2023 11 27 11.39.45

Nice view from the monastery.

2023 11 27 11.41.11

We could hear someone was talking but we couldn`t see any so we ate an orange before we headed up the hill.

2023 11 27 11.42.43

We couldn`t find this trail on alltrails, but I don`t know why it isn`t there because it is beautiful!

2023 11 27 12.08.51

From the monastery it was a good trail (you can see it clearly on google.maps, or you can buy a hiking map for Syros and you will see the trail there)

2023 11 27 12.10.15

We can`t see the highest peak from the boat, but here it is, just behind the masts.

2023 11 27 12.12.50

A perfect trail!

2023 11 27 15.24.51

The view to the west. It was so clear that day so we could see all the islands around.

2023 11 27 12.16.03

Peak of Pyrgos 420 masl.

2023 11 27 12.22.05

For the last part just walk along the fence. It was easy to walk even if the trail was hard to see here.

2023 11 27 12.24.01

View from the top to east, you can see Tinos.

2023 11 27 12.32.35

And the vies to west.

2023 11 27 12.32.43

Me on the top

2023 11 27 15.24.48

The view to the masts, we can`t see the town from here.

2023 11 27 12.32.48

Our favourite lunch; hot chocolate, wraps and grapes. It was cold wind at the top so hot chocolate was perfect!

2023 11 27 12.42.01

And extra clothes is always good when you are hiking this time of the year!

2023 11 27 12.57.39

On the way back. Here we are just under the masts.

2023 11 27 15.24.39

The trail from the monastery. This means “Smile”.

2023 11 27 15.24.54

Here is a video from the hike:

Here is the trail to Peak of Pyrgos:

2023 12 16 16.59.44

Later that afternoon we took the bus to town together with our new friends Melissa and Pete from an Australian boat staying in the marina. It was full moon that evening, beautiful!

2023 11 27 17.11.21

It was Christmas tree lightning on the main square.

2023 11 27 18.15.44

Kids were singing christmas songs.

2023 11 27 18.42.44

A video from the Christmas tree lightning:

When the wind picked up earlier we moved the boat more inside the marina were we stayed the last week.

2023 11 29 10.08.04

Now it was time to leave Syros and say goodbye to our new friends, maybe we meet later, you never know. Next post will be from Paros and there will be more exploring, hiking and Christmas tree lightning!

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