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We had a nice sail south from Syros to Paros. We had a plan to stop in Naoussa, because there you can stay for free in the marina and it is quiet from almost every wind directions (not from north)

We found out pritty soon that Naoussa is quiet also in another way in the winter. You will find a supermarket, bakery and a couple of restaurants, but nothing more. But you will find a bus to Parikia twice pr hour.

2023 12 01 09.36.11

Naoussa is a charming small village and I can imagine it will be really cosy there through the season.

2023 12 01 09.37.07

We had a short walk through the village, but at this moment it was not much to see.

2023 12 01 09.37.59

The northern part of the village.

2023 12 01 09.40.06

Small, narrow streets. It is like a labourinth, so be aware where you are going. ๐Ÿ™‚

2023 12 01 09.44.07b

I have many ideas for my own house!

2023 12 01 09.45.51


2023 12 01 09.46.11

Blue is the colour!

2023 12 01 09.48.00

On the inside of the harbour we could stay safe for days.

2023 12 01 10.31.40

We did a walk to one of the most popular beaches, Kolympethres Beach, and found theese flowers on the way. It was so beautiful!! A Hawaiian lily.

2023 12 01 12.08.17

It was a really nice beach and Astor had a short swim, but I think it is too cold now…

2023 12 01 12.35.43b

We sat here for a while and had an orange, before we walked back to the village.

20231201 131312

The view to the village on the way back from the beach. You can see the harbour on the left side.

2023 12 01 14.37.45

After a short break in the boat we took the bus to Parikia to pick up a rental car. Theese geese was also waiting for the bus ๐Ÿ™‚

2023 12 01 16.22.49

The bus stopped at the port in Parikia right before sunset.

2023 12 01 16.56.45

While waiting for the car rental to open we wandered around in the old town. Found this “station” for cats, I guess they were waiting for food.

2023 12 01 17.09.58b

We were on Paros in October 2022 and here you can read about that:

The next day we drove to Lefkes to walk the 1000 year old Byzantine road. The village was cute, and I would love to have a longer stop here.

2023 12 02 09.45.09

The view from the square, close to the parking.

2023 12 02 09.45.47

And then we found a lot of cats again.

2023 12 02 09.57.05

And most of them wanted some treat.

20231202 095545 1

Small, narrow streets also here. Beautiful!

2023 12 02 10.02.42

We had to walk through the village to start on the trail.

2023 12 02 10.04.22

Unfortunately here we found a kitten who wanted to join us….

2023 12 02 10.06.27

It was so cozy and started to follow us.

2023 12 17 08.32.36

Down the hill we walked, and the kitten followed us…

2023 12 02 10.12.50

How can you get a kitten to turn around??

2023 12 02 10.16.03

We realised that we had to take him with us. We would also go the same way back. Some places he got a ride.

2023 12 02 10.21.40

This is a really beautiful hike. Here is the view back to Lefkes, and the highest mountain on the island behind the village.

2023 12 02 10.24.47

The trail is 3,5 km long and most of it is Parian Marble.

2023 12 02 10.33.20

It was a little bit downhill and uphill but it was no hard hike.

2023 12 02 10.38.59

I had a small break with the kitten.

20231202 105423

On the top of the hill and we can see over to Naxos. Look at the kitten, following Astor.

2023 12 02 11.01.34

Closer to Prodromos. We were not sure what to to with the kitten, because we couldn`t lose him in that village…

2023 12 02 11.16.38

I think we need to paint our house white and blue when we are coming home to Norway…..

2023 12 02 11.27.28

The people in the village were repering some Christmas celebration, but because of the cat our stop was pritty short.

20231202 113252

A cosy small village.

2023 12 02 11.27.45

We took the kitten with us and started the walk back to Lefkes. The kitten found some other cats here and I was thinking this could be a great movie. I believe this kitten has not been anywhere else before.

2023 12 02 12.07.33

On the top of the hill on the way back.

2023 12 02 12.12.21

We carried the kitten sometimes, at the end he was tired and wanted to just lay down…

20231202 121607

This was a beautiful trail, I will really recommend you to walk here!

2023 12 02 12.17.36

I tried to take a nice photo of Astor and the kitten, and the flowers…..

2023 12 02 12.19.04

but then the kitten was more interested in me ๐Ÿ™‚

2023 12 02 22.50.02

Almost back to the village we started from.

2023 12 02 12.26.03

And the kitten still follow us.

2023 12 02 12.56.01

When we came back to the village and the kitten was back home, he just fall on the ground and fell asleep. Poor cat, he was tired. We said “goodbye” and started walking back to the car through the village. We found more cats and one of them was relaxing! (this is not the kitten) The kitten started to follow us, but I guess he realized it was enough for today.

2023 12 02 13.16.02

Here is a video from this hike:

And here is the map for this trail:

403617843 1504802380299594 151452128441883788 nb
403617843 1504802380299594 151452128441883788 nb

After Lefkes we drove to Marmara and Marpisa, two small villages close to Prodromos. We walked around, cozy villages but not much to see at this time of the year.

For us in Norway this is indoor plants…

2023 12 02 13.44.45

Not everything here is white and blue!

2023 12 02 13.45.18

Many nice details!

2023 12 02 13.47.15b

And many old houses, ruins, abandoned.

2023 12 02 13.48.14

At the square!

2023 12 02 13.52.57

We tried to find a place for lunch but that is really hard in wintertime.

2023 12 02 13.53.17

After lunch we drove to the St. Antonios Monastery which lies on a hill on the east coast of the island. Small roads so we were lucky not meet any other cars.

2023 12 02 15.54.26

From that hill it was a nice view. Here you can see Marmara to the left, Marpissa to the right and Prodromos behind that.

2023 12 02 15.56.22

The view to the north.

2023 12 02 15.56.49

It was quite windy up there!

20231202 155903

The view to Naxos, our next destination!

2023 12 02 16.01.24

The next day we found a hiking group. We drove to the meeting point and joined them. Luckily there were other people not from Greece so it was possible to talk with someone!

2023 12 03 11.16.33

It was a route we wouldn`t have found on our own… It is often me planning our hikes, so it was nice to just follow someone else!

2023 12 03 11.17.31

Many people joined the group so it was a long line walking!

2023 12 03 11.21.41

Some climbing here and there..

2023 12 03 11.21.45

And some narrow places…

2023 12 03 11.37.16

We went to an old school, abandoned, to have a snack break.

2023 12 03 11.42.43


2023 12 03 11.42.45

Maybe someone should have “cleaned” the trail before walking here..

2023 12 03 11.45.50


2023 12 03 11.47.50

On the way back. This was an aroundtrip, look at the map at the end!

2023 12 03 12.38.19

Better trail on the last part!

2023 12 03 12.38.50

The view to the highest mountain of the island.

2023 12 03 12.39.18

Walking in a row…

2023 12 03 12.41.04

Here is map for the last trail:

409297430 3570662219866869 4086516083664560493 nb
409297430 3570662219866869 4086516083664560493 nb

The next day was my birthday and Astor made breakfast with hot chocolate!

2023 12 04 08.41.34

In the evening we had shrimps for dinner. We love shrimps in Norway and we normally had it once a week. But the shrimps here is not good… .We should have choosen something else.

2023 12 04 19.00.12

We decided to leave Paros for now and had a small aroundtrip in Naoussa before heading over to Naxos.

2023 12 05 11.46.14

We walked to the bay north of Naoussa, beautiful place!

2023 12 05 11.48.41


2023 12 05 12.06.41


2023 12 05 12.18.53


2023 12 05 12.26.03


2023 12 05 12.27.47


2023 12 05 12.29.31

It was nice having some Christmas lights in the boat. We stayed in Naoussa for free, but no water or electrisity.

2023 12 06 19.27.51

Our last evening on Paros, we manage to join the Christmas Tree Lightning:

Now we will sail over to Naxos were we will stay for a month or so over Christmas/New Year. Wish everyone of you all the best for 2024!


  • David Daintree

    We have a home on Naxos and live there 4/6 months of the year and it’s just the best place in the world. Loving your blog it’s fantastic ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ท

    • laila.schonhardt

      Hi David! Thank you so much! We have been on Naxos for a month now, and we have been hiking and exploring, so many of my next post will be about Naxos. Today it is Epiphany so they had a ritiual in the harbour. We had a plan to do shopping, our last day with a car… everything except cafes and restaurants are closed.

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