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Greece,  Türkiye

Türkiye – part 3

It was time to leave Marmaris and sail towards Datca where our plan is to check out.

Our first stop was this beautiful bay Serce Limani South where we also stayed for some hours on the way to Marmaris. Now we wanted to stay here for a night before sailing around the peninsula to the northern side. This is a beautiful place and at this time of the year it is not many boats here.

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On the market in Marmaris before we left we bought fresh strawberries and raspberries and we made fresh jam. That is perfect for waffels!

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The day after we sailed around the peninsula and went to the small island Zeytin Adasi, outside Bozburun. We had this beautiful small bay to ourselves. The water was crystalclear and warm, beautiful to have a swim.

2023 10 24 17.30.17

It was not a place to go ashore to have a walk but we went ashore to have a look on the other side of the island.

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It was rocky on the other side and too much garbage.

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I didn`t put the shoe there, maybe another one has done it…

2023 10 24 17.37.59

We had a sundowner in the boat.

2023 10 24 17.50.38

We didn`t had the sunset, but we saw the colours.

2023 10 24 18.24.34

The day after we were padling in the bay over to the other side, and had a sundowner in our kayak.


Look at this water!!

2023 10 25 10.11.01

We had millions of fish around the boat.

2023 10 25 11.27.48

In this bay we realized that we had an animal onboard… it was a rat or a mouse… we had line ashore here, but it was under water so we think it swam onboard… So we had to go to Bozburun to see if we could find a mousetrap. Unfortunately we could not find a “normal” one, but a shop had a homemade one.

Bozburun was not a place to stay for us so we sailed around the next peninsula and anchored in Dirsuk Buku. This is a huge bay with place for many boats. There is also a restaurant with a small dock.

2023 10 27 10.23.32


The rat/mouse was still onboard and we sailed further on to Datca where we anchored outside town. It was a short and easy dinghy ride ashore.

2023 10 27 16.33.10

We had a walk around town and it was a lot of shops with amazing snacks, olive oil, jam, honey, nuts…

2023 10 27 17.03.32

In Datca you will find market every saturday, and of course we had to go there. We bought a lot of vegetables and fruits. I will really miss markets in Türkiye!

2023 10 28 11.32.06

Datca is a beautiful town and it was nice to have a walk around, and you can find almost everything you need.

2023 10 28 13.45.03

Many nice decorations!

2023 10 28 13.45.24

Instead of staying in town through the weekend with a lot of noise, we sailed south and anchored in the bay south of Datca. That was really lovely and quiet.

2023 10 29 09.07.58

The bay is in walking distance to town, so in the morning we had a walk. It was okay, but you are walking along the main road most of it and there is some traffic.

2023 10 29 09.32.12

And finally!! The rat was too hungry! I am so glad we got rid of it, not fun to have this one onboard.

2023 10 29 10.57.42

The sunrise over Symi!

20231031 065426

We had a walk in the bay. There are some restaurants there and a campground. We walked up the hill and got this view!

2023 10 30 17.23.39

After a quiet weekend in this bay we sailed around to Datca to check out of Türkiye. I found the restaurant named Alfheim, and that is a typically Norwegian name, so we had to try it (in they got a lot of good recommendations). We had first french fries with parmesan, it was really good. Also the rest of it was good!

2023 10 31 19.15.47

Alfheim – the name of the football stadium in Tromsø – Norway!

2023 10 31 19.38.56

That evening we had a cat visited, it was so cozy and of course he wouldn`t go ashore again…

2023 10 31 23.00.45

The next morning we did our last shopping in Türkiye and then checked out. In Türkiye you need an agent to check in and out.

2023 11 01 09.32.53

Here is a video from our stay in Datca:


We said goodbye to Türkiye and sailed the short distance over to stunning Symi to check in to Greece. In Greece you can check in by your own, but this was in the afternoon and the customs was closed so we had to try again next day.

2023 11 01 16.08.25

I hoped we had time to do a morning walk, but since we had to check in it was not time for it. The weather forcast was not good so we wanted to sailed as soon as possible to the next island.

2023 11 01 16.09.58

A short video from Symi:

If you like to read more about Symi you can check out our blog from last spring:

Now we continue to explore Greece and will stay around for the winter.

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