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Türkiye part 2


It is always nice to come to Marmaris. The wind is turning through the day, but it is most of the day very calm. Specially in the morning.

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The day after we arrived it was big things going on in city center. Tur Türkiye arrived in Marmaris. They closed the street and it was a lot of people there from the production.

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Unfortunately I had lunch at my favourite restaurant Sevgiyolu when they arrived. (We asked around but it was hard to get a correct time, and it was to warm to stand there just to wait)

2023 10 11 14.14.22

It was still summer in Marmaris and a lot of sea activities in the bay.

2023 10 11 14.17.20

It was hard to find a place to cross the street…

2023 10 11 14.19.04

The new boiler we bought in Marmaris last winther failed a month ago with an internal leak inside. Had to bring it to the shop so they could repair it. Since they should open it anywhy I asked them to make an extra coil for the webasto to make hot water with it.

20231010 144612

And I was here, at Sevgiyolu, having the ballonbread and my pepsi max, waiting for Astor. He was around on boat shops 🙂

2023 10 11 14.33.43

We also had dinner at Sevgiyolu later that evening. After dinner we walked around the town to have a look. It is totally different here from the winter we stayed here, it is still summer and a lot of tourists.

A guy stopped us in front of a restaurant and wanted us to come inside. He was speaking norwegian, and song one of the football-songs from a Norwegian team. Since we already have had eaten dinner he invited us for a irish coffee on the house! We had a plan to go back there another day for dinner, but we didn`t manage that.

2023 10 11 21.36.56

A beautiful morning!

2023 10 12 07.45.31

The next day thay had the startpoint for the race in Marmaris. Here is many of the production people before they start.

2023 10 12 10.55.05

The schools were engaged to fill up the roads with people.

2023 10 12 12.15.40

Here is a video from the race:

Another dinner at Sevgiyolu. Delicoius!

2023 10 23 23.30.52

One day Astor went to the boat shops, I had a 8 km walk along the beach.

2023 10 14 13.02.16

On the way back I found a sunbed at Tiffany waiting for Astor. It was free if you bought something to drink and eat.

2023 10 14 14.31.58

Then it was time for some bad weather. The lightning started a fire in the forrest, we could see it from the boat. But after many fires here they are professionals and stopped it pritty soon.

(watch the lightning in the video from the week in Marmaris)

2023 10 14 18.46.20

It was time for a new market and we found some delicious strawberries. They tasted almost like the norwegian strawberries!!. Here with icecream.

2023 10 15 17.00.01

Sunday and monday is days in Türkiye were many shops are closed. And because the water is not clean in the bay we decided to sail out of the bay for a couple of days. We anchored in the bay of Kumlubük.

2023 10 16 08.34.56

In the hill above us you will find Amos Antik Kenti and of course we needed to check it out. There should be a trail right from the beach were we anchored.

It was easy to find the beginning of the trail, but much of it is overgrown so you have to watch your steps!

2023 10 16 08.42.39

Some places it was easy to see the trail.

2023 10 16 08.48.09

We came up to the entrance to the ancient place and there it was a very nice trail.

2023 10 16 08.51.36

Stairs up to the ancient theater.

20231016 085528

The ancient theater. You can see Marmaris inside the bay. Amazing view from here!

2023 10 16 08.59.32

The view to the bay, you can see Felizia down there. There is a couple of restaurants in the bay but we didn`t go there.

2023 10 16 09.09.47

The view to the other side.

2023 10 16 09.15.04

Not many flowers at this time of the year.

2023 10 16 09.22.41

It is a nice trail to the end of the peninsula.

2023 10 16 20.06.57

Here is a video from this small hike:


Three years ago I bought this dress for a wedding and now it was too big for me, so I asked a tailor in Marmaris to fix it, and he did. I am just waiting for a place to dance!

1000011609 01

Meetingpoint! Right behind the dinghydock!

20231018 185618
20231018 185618

One day it was a dinghy regatta right in front of the boat.

2023 10 21 15.44.48

It was time to say goodbye to Marmaris and we decided to sail back to the bay outside Marmaris, together with Mike, who we met in Marmaris last winter.

2023 10 22 13.27.45

We invited him for dinner that evening and next morning he sailed back to Marmaris.

We saw a hotel from the boat we wanted to check out (because it looked very special from the sea) Up in the hill it was an amazing view to the bay.

2023 10 23 09.03.07

Normally we get company of dogs, but not here!

2023 10 23 09.03.18

You can see the hotel in the middle of the photo. It is a hotel only for adults. But it looked like an abandoned place from the boat.

2023 10 23 09.06.18

Unfortunately the hotel was closed with a gate, so we walked further up the hill instead.

2023 10 23 09.35.33

From above the hotel look’s a bit different from what we saw from the boat.

2023 10 23 09.37.10

It was a nice walk up the hill. The beach in the bay was really nice, but also very quiet at this time of the year. Some partyboats, but that was only for some hours for lunch.

2023 10 23 10.17.03

A video from Marmaris:

Next time we continue around the peninsula of Bozburun and sailed to Datca to check out from Türkiye,

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