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Leros, Arki and Patmos


From Kos we sailed to Leros, where we have been a couple of times before. Our swedish friends, Ingela and Lars, was having their last days there for the season so we had a plan to be together for some days before the head back to Sweden. We met them first time on Zakynthos in September 22, then on Kos in April and Leros in May this year. It is always nice to met people again when you are sailing around.

They had anchored outside the yacht club in Lakki and we did that as well. It was wind coming from west so maybe not the best anchorage, but it was okay for us for a couple of days.

2023 11 06 11.56.49

The weather forcast was a bit unsure, but we decided to have a walk together. Instead of walking around in the town and traffic we decided to walk south from Lakki to Cape Katsouni where you can see this place were a gun battery was located. Alistair MacLean was inspired about this large caliber naval guns and wrote the novel “Guns of Navarone”, which later become a movie. The movie was not filmed here, but mostly in Rhodes.

2023 11 06 13.02.30

You can see why they put this gun station here, with this amazing view over the inlet of the bay of Lakki. In the distance you can see Kalymnos.

IMG 20231106 130246

After two days on anchor in Lakki we went to the marina to fill water and do some grocery shopping. And we had a last gyros together with Ingela and Lars for lunch.

IMG 20231107 132258

We sailed to the north of Leros, as Ingela and Lars was going into the marina there. But first we decided to anchor in the bay of Archangelos, a small island on the north of Leros. There we invited Lars and Ingela for dinner and they brought this delicious dessert.

2023 11 06 20.55.57

It was time to say goodbye to Ingela and Lars as they went on the hard and we wanted to sail north. It was a pleasure to met them again. Hope to see you somewhere next year!

20231108 072804

The calendar said November but it was still nice and warm weather. I could relaxe on deck while Astor was sailing.

2023 11 08 12.45.20

On the way to the island of Arki we had a stop on a small island south of Lipsi. Incredable place for snorkling and padling.

Padling Lipsi 1.1.2 1

Here is a video from this bay on Lipsi and a litle bit from Arki where we saw a turtle while swimming.


On the south of the island of Arki there is a stunning bay, like a swimmingpool. When we arrived there were three boats here, Siffrein and Starlight III, and a Norwegian boat. We met Siffrein in Lavrion in September and Starlight III in Kos only a week ago. Unfortunately we didn`t see that the third boat was Norwegian before they left the next morning (we arrived late in the evening)

Siffrein and Starlight sailed south to Lipsi and we were completely alone. It was so amazing to stay here. The water is still warm enough to have a swim.

2023 11 09 12.19.32

When we stayed the night on the north of Leros, another sailor come by and asked if we wanted some fish he had cought the same afternoon. It was hard to say no and we gave him a bottle of wine for that.

2023 11 09 13.46.38

In the afternoon we did a hike to the small village on the island. Here is the huge bay where we are anchoring, you can see the boat. Absolutely stunning place!

2023 11 09 16.14.11

It is a nice trail all the way from the beach.

2023 11 09 16.17.05

We met some goats. Some of them were so small and cute!

2023 11 09 16.22.37

Who are you??

2023 11 09 16.23.01b

Not many people are living on Arki, I guess we met 3-4 people on our way to the village.

2023 11 09 16.29.47

The village. Her you can moor along the dock, plenty of space in November. But I am glad we choose to anchor.

2023 11 09 16.35.58

Not much activities here. It is not the place you go for shopping… There is a small supermarket, but only with dry food. There is a couple of restaurants, but I am not sure if it is open through all year.

2023 11 09 16.41.31

One of the restaurants, with no guests.

2023 11 09 16.42.18

White Bouganvilla

2023 11 09 16.42.27

We just walked around

20231109 164139

… and walked back to the boat.

20231109 164319

The next day it was time to sail further on to Patmos. We had a beautiful swim in the morning before we left. Most probably the last one this year?


The sail over to Patmos was not long so we arrived before lunch. After lunch we decided to hike up to Chora.

2023 11 10 12.53.04

On the way up to Chora we are passing buy the monastery with the Cave of the Apocalypse. This is the Holiest spot in Greece. It is said that St John while exiled on the island heard God speaking to him and he then wrote the Book of the Apocalypse. We came inside the cave but a munk said it was closed and it was not allowed to take any photo… It was not that much to see.

2023 11 10 13.07.04

From the monastery the trail continue up to Chora. It was a really nice walk!

2023 11 10 13.07.14

Chora on the top!

2023 11 10 13.15.08

The temperature is still nice so I got warm up the hill!

2023 11 10 13.18.57

Two cats relaxing!

2023 11 10 13.36.37

It was quiet around the streets, we only saw some people around the restaurants.

2023 11 10 13.45.27

We walked over to the windmills and got this amazing view!

2023 11 10 13.54.58

Beautiful windmills!

2023 11 10 13.55.24

We made it a roundtrip and started the trail right below the windmills. It was not easy to see it from the windmills, you have to go down to the main road and then you will see it. It was easy to follow the trail down to the town.

2023 11 10 14.05.21

Here is the track of our hike:

370063917 643642201309344 495276475194118034 n

The next day we decided to walk to the church on the hill above the marina. From the boat it was many steps until we came up to the trail. But it was worth the view!

2023 11 11 15.45.44

Further up the hill it was a nice trail. When we came to the farm below the trail it was not easy to see where to go, because it was three different gates. But a man came and showed us the right one.

2023 11 11 16.02.35

Up in the hill, before you arrive at the church, there are some ruins.

2023 11 11 16.05.58

So, this was our goal today, to take a photo including the cruiseship! Actually from our boat we could not see the cruiseship, because they anchored outside the inlet of the bay.

20231111 162305

The town to the left, then you see Chora on the top of the hill, and the bay on the right side is on the west side of the island.

2023 11 11 16.18.59

Many tenders bringing the passangers to the town.

2023 11 11 16.21.57

This was also an aroundtrip and we walked directly from the church down to town. It was sometimes hard to see the trail, but follow the map on alltrails and you will see it. It was some places a bit slippery because of may loose stones, so maybe it is easier to walk up here, instead of walking down. You can see our boat in the middle of the photo, together with Starlight III which we met at Arki.

2023 11 11 16.37.54

A lot of local fishermens used to fish from this quay, specially in the evening.

2023 11 12 13.11.39

Here is the track of our hike this day:

370220350 1355299378432740 1261637651879365333 n

The next day we wanted to walk up to Chora again, but walked opposite from the day before.

2023 11 12 13.31.00

It is a nice area to walk with the view to town and to Chora.

2023 11 12 13.36.53

From the windmills to Chora.

2023 11 12 13.53.55

It is November but still some flowers!

2023 11 29 22.03.00

Some leaves from the storm on the ground!

2023 11 12 14.19.38

Still some nice colours!

2023 11 12 14.20.06

On the way back to town from Chora we followed the old road. That was also nice.

20231112 144804

Here is the track from this hike:

377152192 6570441029749834 2100874741777346494 n

The day after it was finally less wind and it was time to say goodbye to Patmos and sail further west.

2023 11 14 08.19.01

A beautiful day for sailing!

2023 11 14 08.19.06

If you like to see more from Patmos, you can read our post from earlier this summer:

The next stop will be at Donoussa so please join us next week!

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