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Explored Amorgos with our German friends and sailed to Kalymnos to check out of Greece


From Koufonisi we sailed south to Amorgos together with Jürgen and Andrea in Be Happy. We both anchored in Nikouria Beach which is on the inside of an island and because of that this bay protect you from all wind directions.

Jürgen and Andrea asked us if we wanted to join them for a sundowner at the church up in the hill, and we said yes. I was walking on my walkingpad so I had to swim ashore because I was so warm. And the ocean was delicious!

2023 09 23 17.32.27

Panagia Church is a small church, as many other Greek churches and it was open. Jürgen and Andre brought some carrots and bread for the goats, unfortunately it was only “the boss” who got something.

2023 09 23 17.30.48

He was nice in the beginning, but started to be agressive when he didn`t get more food. We had to escape, but it was not easy, because he was climbing everywhere… After hiting us with his horn Astor showed who was the boss, took his horn and layed him to the ground. Then he followed the goat outside the fence. It was open so he came back a couple of times, and Astor did the same. The last time he came, went over to Astor and was so calm, like he knew who was the boss now….

2023 09 23 17.33.29

We don`t know the meaning of all the flags…

2023 09 23 17.37.45

The bay and the mainland.

2023 09 23 17.52.20

It takes you only 5 minutes to walk up here from the beach.

2023 09 23 17.52.33

They were curious what was going on I think…

2023 09 23 17.55.06b

Felizia and Be Happy, side by side.

2023 09 23 18.10.02

We had a nice sundowner with a glas of wine and some breadsticks and cheese.

2023 09 23 18.49.13

We tried our new kayak. And the water here is so amazing!

2023 09 24 08.31.58

The church seen from our boat.

2023 09 24 08.32.09

The next day we rented a car and we took the dinghy over to the mainland where the rental company picked us up.

2023 09 24 09.15.53

Up in the hill, the view down to the bay where we are anchoring.

2023 09 24 10.04.23b


2023 09 24 10.15.42b

We passed Chora and drove to Holy Monastery of the Virgin Mary Hozoviotissa. This is the main attraction on Amorgos. It is not space for many cars so you have to park along the road.

20230924 103022

Very special building! This monastery is the second oldest monastery in Greece, build in 1017. It is literally hanging on the cliff side, 300 masl.

2023 09 24 10.29.25

On the way up there was a small house/shelter and there this cat was resting in the shadow.

20230924 103550

Many steps to walk! Astor, Jürgen and Andrea.

2023 09 24 10.41.44

And Astor, me and Jürgen.

2023 09 24 10.42.30

Yes, we made it!

2023 09 24 10.46.18

You had to wear properly and if not you could borrow clothes outside the monastery. It was really nice inside, and well organized. Two young guys (guides?) were talking to us and we had a nice conversation before more people came inside the church.

20230924 104939

We didn`t count the steps, but it was many!

2023 09 24 10.56.14


2023 09 24 10.56.46

We drove to the southern part of the island and it was time for lunch. The car rental company gave us a tips to go to Ston Pyrgo restaurant. It is next to Tower of Agia Triada. On the gate it says it was closed, but we opened the gate and walked inside…

2023 09 24 13.33.39

Tower of Agia Triada was build during the 4th century BC.

20230924 134350

The tower was built to protect the area from raids.

2023 09 24 13.37.32

It is one of the largest and best preserved towers of the Cyclades.

2023 09 24 13.37.45

If you want to know more about this place you ca check out amorgos.blue:

As I wrote, it was closed at the moment and we don`t know when it is open. We just got inside.

20230924 134427

The restaurant. Delicious food and a nice place to have a stop away from touristic places.

2023 09 24 13.47.09

After lunch we wanted to have a walk to Ancient Arkesini. We found a place to park the car and found the sign for the trail.

2023 09 24 14.01.32

The trail to the ancient place is downwards and takes you 30-40 minuts to walk. The way back will take longer because it is steep hill.

2023 09 24 14.04.59b

The ancient city was founded in the 900th BC. It was now in the middle of the day and too hot to continue all the way down, so we decided to turn back.

2023 09 24 14.24.37b

We went to Katapola, one of two ports on the island where Jürgen and Andrea took a swim while Astor and I found a place to have a beer or an icecream.

20230924 154254

Some sailboats were anchoring in the bay. We didn`t spend much time here.

2023 09 24 15.42.04

In the middle of the day many places in Greece is very quiet, like it was here.

20230924 154308

A long beach but not very clean.

20230924 154335

At the end it was Chora. Of course we had to have a stop here. Chora is the main town in every island in Greece.

2023 09 24 17.07.26b

Small, narrow streets in the town.

2023 09 24 17.14.08

Or even more narrow….

2023 09 24 17.15.27

We checked out every corner!

20230924 171543

This is so beautiful architectur! I should have a house like this at home… Actually our house was white when I moved in, but after many years without painting it was not white anymore, it was dirty grey….

2023 09 24 17.17.02

Not much grape to see!

2023 09 24 17.17.12

We saw castle of Amorgos from the road and wanted to visit it. It is on the top of a rock, and there you will find Saint Constantine Church. But the church was closed and the steps stopped there.

2023 09 24 17.22.50

Steep stairs up to the church.

2023 09 24 17.23.12

The old windmills seen from the church

2023 09 24 17.24.17


2023 09 24 17.24.29


2023 09 24 17.38.49

Well…. he was alive!

2023 09 24 17.39.39

We walked through town and took the trail up to the windmills.

2023 09 24 18.00.09

There we had a nice view!

20230924 180236

View from the windmills to the town.

2023 09 24 18.13.34

A lot of restaurants was still open and it looks very cozy. Unfortunately we decided to go back to Ormos Egialis to have dinner there before deliver the car.

2023 09 24 18.21.02

Jürgen and Andrea didn`t only feed goats, they also had cat food. In the harbour we saw this mother and 3 kittens.

2023 09 24 19.04.08

A nice place to have dinner! We rented a car through FM Rent a car Amorgos.

2023 09 24 19.07.21

Here is a video from the aroundtrip on Amorgos:

The next day we said goodbye to Jürgen and Andrea and sailed in direction to Kalymnos. Our plan was Astypalaia, but the wind said no. Actually we didn`t made it to Kalymnos either, we ended up in Lakki, Leros, north of Kalymnos.

20230925 111225


We have been in Lakki before so I will not write much about that place. Always a safe place to anchor!

20230926 104525

Here you can read about last time we visit Leros:


From Lakki we sailed south to Kalymnos. Our plan was to check out from Greece within a couple of days.

20230927 103057

In Kalymnos we also have been earlier this year.

20230927 110102

We met Janita and Andreas in their nice wooden boat. Janita is from Norway and Andreas from Samos, Greece. We invited them over for tacos that evening.

20230928 100457

We checked out from Kalymnos and left the island. It is easy to check in/out on Kalymnos because all offices you need is in the same building. You have 24 hours to leave Greece after you have checked out.

20230928 105328

Here you can read about last time we visited Kalymnos:


20230928 105338


20230928 105342


We sailed over to Pserimos, the neighbour island and Janita and Andreas invited us for dinner. Amazing food!

20230928 184730

It was really beautiful next morning and after laying in a harbour for some days it was nice to have a swim again, after 1 hour walk on the walking pad.

20230929 115845

We were both sailing to Bodrum, Türkiye, so we decided to have a regatta over there.

20230929 120505

They were going to Bodrum to join the Bodrum Cup, so theese people are actually regatta sailors!

20230929 120604

We followed each other for a while, but at the end, who was the best?? It was Felizia! 🙂 (even if we sailed in wrong direction…)

20230929 120754

We checked in to Türkiye in Bodrum and were ready to explore more of Türkiye for a couple of weeks.

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