Sailing from Skiathos to Kavalliani, on the inside of Evia island, the second largest island in Greece.

When we left Skiathos we had two choises; we could sail on the outside of Evia, and on the inside, between Evia and the mainland. The weatherforcast said it would be windy so we made the choise to sail on the inside. We had good wind from Skiathos to Ormos Vathikelou, and we anchored there for the night. Watch the video to see how amazing the sail was!

Ormos Vathikelou

Ormos Vathikelou is a large bay with only some houses, maybe it is only holiday houses. We anchored in front of the beach and it was so quiet! It was nice to take the paddleboard ashore in the morning. We saw on google maps that maybe it was possible to do a hike along the shoreline so we wanted to try this in the morning while the temperature is okay.

20230818 075219

The beach was nice but it was weed couple of meters from shore.

20230818 083639

Not many people on the beach in the morning, only some locals.

20230818 083644

Two other sailboats further into the bay, and also a boat on the bottom…

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Someone is working hard…

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In the beginning it was a nice trail through an oliveground.

20230818 084640

With a nice view of the bay.

20230818 085117

But right after this we had to turn, because it was no trail anymore.

20230818 085731

Instead we walked through the oliveground up the hill, we saw it could be a possible trail…

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It was okay to walk there, but you never know if you have to turn. But finally we reached the main road, so even if it was on asfalt we took that road back to the beach. Then I could run for a while.

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We went back to the boat and sailed out of the bay to some small beautiful islands just some NM away. Unfortunately I don`t have any photos from there, but have a look at the video below to see us paddling around theese small island. I wanted to do more paddling in the morning so we could film with our drone, but 15 minuts after we woke up the wind picked up an it was too much waves..

20230818 201204


So we sailed further on to the next island, Atalontonisi. It is a bigger island and they said there are some deers there, but we couldn`t see any. We saw some pheasant though. It was nice to paddling between the main island and the small one, and around the small one.


It was quiet to stay here for a night.


And we could film with our drone. Here is a film from this island, and also from the other island I wrote about further up in this post. Don`t miss the huge jellyfish!


The next day it was another wind direction so we sailed to the other side of the island and anchored one night there, before we sailed further south against Chalkis. It was sad to see the wildfire just north of Chalkis. It was two wildfires at the same time, and it was also a big one close to Athens. We thought we maybe should have a stop to avoid the smoke.

20230821 124435

But we saw that the wind direction was good (for us) so we sailed to Chalkis.

20230821 145806

But… it was raining ash… On the top of our bimini it was a lot of ash…

20230821 172251

Astor went to the ticket office to pay for mooring and the bridge opening.

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When we arrived in Chalkis we first moored on the right side (from north) but after talking to the ticket office we had to move to the other side, because a big yacht was coming in.

371823507 252521807745595 5344008626012308118 n 2

But it was also okay to moor on the other side, and we went out for dinner. We had to be stand by on VHF after 21.00 in case of opening the bridge.

20230821 192008

It was also some other boats waiting.

20230821 192230

It is a lot of restaurants along the dock so it was easy to find somewhere to eat. Actually we went to the same restaurants as last time we were here, almost two years ago. You can see the brigde over there.

20230821 192243

I had a plan to go up to the hill on the other side the next day, but plans are to be change…

20230821 192653

The sun went down and we were still waiting for the bridge to be open. It`s hard when you don`t know when it will be opened, only that it will be between 22.00 and 04.00…

20230821 202344

You have to be waiting in the boat.

20230822 002256

But finally, right after midnight they called us on the VHF to tell us to be ready.

20230822 002722

Here is a video from the bridge opening:

I had a plan to stay in Chalkis for a couple of days to explore the town and maybe do some shopping. The next morning we took the dinghy ashore to go to the grocery store. We went to this beach were we asked if we could put our dinghy. It is also very convient to take the train from here to Athens, and we had to cross the railway to go to the grocery store.

371547810 6567118683380824 1158669252018155209 n 3

After shopping we sailed to the next bay, because our friend told us there would be a huge market that day, perfect! It was another bridge but this one is high enough for us to pass.

20230822 112511

Unfortunately we waited too long to go to the market, so when I came there it was finished.. It was not good holding in this bay so we decided to sail further south. So no exploring of Chalkis 🙁

20230822 112716


We had heard about Erethria and that was a perfect distance for the day. And the bay was beautiful and quiet.

20230822 191513

Many boats were anchoring already but it was still enough space for us.

20230822 191523

We anchored close to the beach, so we had a swim from the boat. It was so nice.

20230822 191539

Many restaurants along the beach, and a nice beach.

20230822 191900

In the evening we wanted to go ashore to explore a little bit.

20230822 191924

It was almost sunset but still many people along the beach.

20230822 192239

Maybe the nicest place so far on this journey? A lawn where you can relaxe or play ball!

20230822 193142

There is a small island at the end of the beach with a small harbour.

20230822 193518

We walked there to see this amazing sunset!

20230822 193526

We didn`t walk around the island this evening, because it became dark and we headed back to the boat. We are not sure if this is an old windmill, or if it is a house just build like this…

20230822 193739

Next morning we went out early to explore the island Pezonisi. Like many other places this is abandoned. Its called “the islands of dreams”, and the golden age was in the end of the 70`s.

A hotell with 52 rooms and 46 bungalows was build. It was also area with tennis, miniature golf, volleyball and table tennis, together with a restaurant, a beachbar and parking for 300 cars.

20230823 093412

Until 2008 it was nice, but then they found some economic crime from the owner and he left the place, and everything was abandoned.

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This could be an really amazing place, it is sad to see what they have done with the place.

20230823 093520

But it is a lot of nice paintings though!

20230823 093537


20230823 093634


20230823 093806


20230823 093829


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20230823 093841


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There is some nice beaches on the south side so it is a nice place to go for a picnique and a swim.

20230823 093854


20230823 093917


20230823 093934


20230823 093956


20230823 094017

And a small tiny church.

20230823 094115

A ferry sailed to the mainland two times pr hour, but it didn`t made any swell for us.

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After walking around the island we decided to sail further south. It was so nice and quiet inside the bay, but outside it was windy and waves!


Kavalliani was our next stop. This is another abandoned place. A strange place with a lot of roads with asphalt, and streetslights (with no electrisity…) They had a plan once to build up a resort here, but it stopped as many other places. But it is really nice to come to a place like this, you can walk 6 km around the island without seeing any other people. So we had a run/walk in the evening.

367841175 795385692057262 5453380931834057159 n

I thought it would be flat around the island, but it was uphill and downhill, some places pritty steep (to be a road).

368858956 287339007325527 1449347395254753395 n

At the southernmost part there was some houses, also abandoned, like this car…

367689010 1539906106845120 3299934658935246880 n

On the south side.

370294877 252900730991716 3030285868513296566 n

When we came back to the harbour it was almost sunset. This harbour is like a swimmingpool with a million of small fish. It was nice to have a swim here after the run/walk.

368564123 1372112400395350 8369649067625347186 n

It was many roads to explore!

372334466 988110475762698 30390108123923515 n

The next day we were ready for another hike. It was some windy days so we didn`t want to sail anywhere.

received 1285453855674466

Now we went to the other direction and up in the hill.

received 313085341116502

It was a couple of houses up in the hill, but also abandoned.

received 1219132082237033 1

It was not a road everywhere, but we found a place to walk through.


I had only sunglasses with me so we had to go back to the boat before sunset.


The island seen from the boat after we left.

2023 08 25 10.48.03

A strange tracking, but it was a nice walk!

372349821 1559700968182456 3499491944321704935 n

The next day it was time to leave this island and sail to Karystos. It was a lot of wind this day as well, so it was nice when we arrived in Karystos!

The conclusion of sailing between Evia and the mainland; it is not nice! Well, it is a lot of nice places, but the wind can go fro 0 to 40 knots in a second! Next time we ran into a winefestival in Karystos and sailed further south to Lavrion.

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