2023 08 31 18.03.51

Last week we ran into a wine festival in Karystos and visited a political prison camp on Makronissos.


From Kavialliani we sailed south and had a plan to have a stop on the island of Megalonisos. But even the wind came from north and the bay was on the southern side it was too bumpy and windy to stay there. We anchored for lunch and sailed further to Karystos, the southernmost town on Evia.

After a bumpy ride it was beautiful to moor in the harbour. The lady who took our ropes could tell us that the next day it was a wine festival here. That was perfect!

2023 08 26 11.48.52

It was a lot of rain through the night, but in the morning it stopped and we could have a walk around town after breakfast, though it was not much to see. Not much people around, maybe because of the weather, and because they were waiting for the festival…

2023 08 26 11.54.20

Agios Nicolaos church

2023 08 26 11.55.15b

Later that day, waiting for dinner, we had a walk along the sea.

2023 08 26 18.53.52

Karystos was an ok city for some days, but we didn`t explore that much because of the weather.

2023 08 26 18.57.04

We stayed for free at the city harbour, without water and electrisity.

2023 08 26 19.01.04

Two amazing kittens. It is nice to see people feed the cats.

2023 08 26 19.04.30

A long breakwater around the harbour, and a lot of people had a walk here.

2023 08 26 19.08.27

On the other side of the harbour you will find a castle. Unfortunately it was closed when we walked by.

2023 08 26 19.15.02

Can you see the cat?

2023 08 26 19.16.33

This one was easier to see!

2023 08 26 19.17.37

Beautiful sky in the sunset.

2023 08 26 19.19.57

An old steam road roller outside the museum. The museum was closed (I am not a fan of museums anyway)

2023 08 26 19.30.35

All the restaurants along the harbour was growing that evening. We could almost ask for the food to the boat. But we ordered a table so we could see the stage when the consert started.

2023 08 26 19.41.11

We couldn`t have any better place for dinner than this!

2023 08 26 20.47.58

A lot of people met up, both for having dinner, or just to see the consert. The musicians was some of the best in Greece so it was really top music. They didn`t finished until 04.00 in the morning so it was a short night…

2023 08 26 22.37.01

A video from the consert:

The next day we sailed to Lavrion on the mainland. We wanted to go there because we were waiting for new lithiumbatteries coming to our friends in Athens which is only 1 hour drive away.

In the evening I used my omnia-oven to make dinner. Salmon, poteto, carrots, red onion, tomato, green pepper….

2023 08 27 19.11.54

Cream, salt and pepper, and cheese on the top.

2023 08 27 19.15.10

Really good dinner, and we had dinner for two days!

2023 08 27 20.05.18


Lavrion is a typically place where people are coming to rent a sailboat for a week or two. So you can`t come here Friday/Saturday when the boats are changing the crew. But other than that, it is just to find a spot and stay. The harbour authorities came to see our papers and get paid.

2023 08 29 18.14.25

You can almost get everything you want here in Lavrion, and if not, Athens is just 1 hour drive away.

2023 08 29 18.15.48

We rented a car for a day to go to Athens to pick up the lithiumbatteries, which our friend Thomas had picked up for us. On the way to Athens we had some stop for shopping (Thomas was working so we couldn`t come there until late anyway), and I bought a inflateable kayak and a walkingpad. Both was hard to find, so I was really happy when we found it! We visited Thomas and Nantia and went to a mexican restaurant for dinner together.

Because we were driving, Athens city center was not on our list. It is not recommended to drive through the city center. But when we were in Greece to look for a boat we visited Athens for a weekend and we saw most of the things worth seeing, and you can read about it in our previous blog post:

Here is the marina where we stayed. It is many charter companies so you can choose were to stay.

2023 08 29 18.46.31

On Thursdays you will find a market here and that was amazing. I am not sure if I have been to a market since Türkiye??

2023 08 31 12.19.37

It was time to leave Lavrion!

2023 08 31 14.01.56


We didn`t sail that long, only to the next island, Makronisos. This is a small, long island right east of Lavrion, and we sailed to the eastern side of the island where we found a nice bay to anchor. Only a small motorboat was there and we had enough room to put two lines ashore. Then we were protected against swell, since the wind came from north and the swell from east.

2023 08 31 17.59.55

Mikronisos is an island with a sad history, and the Greek people just wants to forget what happened.

2023 08 31 18.01.11

Mikronisos was a site for a concentration camp from 1912 to 1952, then for a quarantine for refugees and then an exile islet for Greek political prisoners. One of the most known prisoners (for me) is Mikis Theodorakis. If you don`t know his music, pick it up on youtube and listen! I have been singing in a choir which have had several conserts with his amazing music, and through that we learned a lot about his life. So for me it was very special to came here.

Mikis Theodorakis died in 2021, 96 years old.

2023 08 31 18.03.51

When we finished anchoring we decided to have a walk. There is a gravel road from the beach to the other side of the island, so we wanted to follow this road to the top of the hill to see the sunset.

You can barely see our boat!

2023 08 31 18.13.29

At the top on the hill (at the road) we could see over to Lavrion, where we sailed from earlier that day.

2023 08 31 18.27.22

There were a trail going on top of the hill to the south so we wanted to explore that. You can find a lot of old ruins along the trail.

2023 08 31 18.30.35

What a view up here!

2023 08 31 18.32.15

Nice terrain to have a walk. But I guess not many people has been walking here the last 20 years.. (or more)

2023 08 31 18.45.25

Ruins from an old house, or maybe shelter for the animals.

2023 08 31 18.50.30

We walked to the end of the trail. We came to a huge area of ruins, but with no explanation I can`t tell you how old it is or what it is. But I guess at one point someone lived here, or at least had their animals here.

2023 08 31 18.54.59

Our plan next was to sail to Kea, the island in the background. Follow us next week to see where we sailed…

2023 08 31 18.55.48

On our way back to the road.

2023 08 31 19.06.46

Down on the west side of the island you can see a part of the prison. We will go there the next day.

2023 08 31 19.06.49

Nice temperature to have a walk in the evening. It is really perfect!

2023 08 31 19.09.18

We don`t know what this is, it was empty inside.

2023 08 31 19.09.47

Nice colours in the sunset.

2023 08 31 19.17.41

When we came back to the road we saw some other buildings on the north side of the road, and decided to check it out before walking back to the boat.

2023 08 31 19.22.14

Just some old ruins.

2023 08 31 19.30.15

We could see the motorboat, but our boat is hidden.

2023 08 31 19.31.08

The sunset was beautiful! Then it was time to walk back to the boat.

2023 08 31 19.36.11

Here is the trail:

373488031 272017285771251 1715688783034182868 n

A video from our evening hike:

Next morning we had a wake up call at 05.45. When it is hot it is perfect to wake up early to do a hike.

2023 09 01 06.44.46

It was also full moon, so it was a perfect morning! (I tried to take a photo in the evening from the boat, but you know, in a it is not possible to hold the camera still)

2023 09 01 06.46.12

We came up in the hill before sunrice. How stunning!!

2023 09 01 07.02.42

Almost on the top of the hill we could see some other ruins we had to check out.

2023 09 01 07.13.02

What view the inhabitants had here!

2023 09 01 07.15.46

It was two houses, this is a little bit higher up than the other. (maybe the other one was a barn.)

2023 09 01 07.17.55

This one was quite newer than the other houses on the island, we think.

2023 09 01 07.18.40

It looks like they left everything in a hurry. It was food here, expired in 1997..

2023 09 01 07.20.44

And a toilet!

2023 09 01 07.20.50

The day before we were on the top of this hill where you can see the ruins, so instead of walking back to the road the same way we tried to walk directly up the hill.

2023 09 01 07.27.18

That worked well. I am sure we could walk further on in the hill, but we had another plan for this day.

2023 09 01 07.27.21

The ruins in the morning sun.

2023 09 01 07.33.21

Long shadows this early in the morning.

2023 09 01 07.39.24

The way down the hill on the east side.

2023 09 01 07.41.31

This building we don`t know what it is, because here is no information. But it looks like a church. (more photos later in this post)

2023 09 01 07.41.41

We guess this was the prison.

2023 09 01 07.52.49

Inside the building.

2023 09 01 08.05.37

It should have been so interesting to know more about all this.

2023 09 01 08.05.42

2nd monument of Political Prisoners of Makronissos.

2023 09 01 08.00.55b

The building next to the prison.

2023 09 01 08.07.40

We don`t know what this is, but we know what it looks like…

2023 09 01 08.16.05

I guess, because the other monument is the “2nd”, this has to be the first.

2023 09 01 08.26.19

When we sailed from Lavrion to Makronissos, we saw a lot of ruins on the southwest side and we had to explore that. Google Maps said it would be approximately 7 km each way so we knew it would be a long walk. It was gravel road the whole way.

2023 09 01 08.43.04

And many ruins everywhere.

2023 09 01 08.49.32

This looks like it has been a huge farm…

2023 09 01 09.10.52

This has been some huge buildings.

2023 09 01 09.15.05

It was ruins everywhere.

2023 09 01 09.15.08

It is so sad that everything is destroid, it would be an amazing place to visit if they kept it like it was.

2023 09 01 09.16.28


2023 09 01 09.18.56

We had to have a stop for breakfast and found this small beach we could walk back to. We thought we were alone on the island, but there were a couple of guys around. It looked like they were feeding the animals.

2023 09 01 09.19.31

In the hill there was a church.

2023 09 01 09.29.09

Must have been a nice little church many years ago.

2023 09 01 09.29.37


2023 09 01 09.29.40


2023 09 01 09.30.15

I am sure why the writer Patricia Wilson came here to get some insperation for her writing. She has written many books about Greece, and I have been reading them all.

2023 09 01 09.31.11

Almost on the southernmost end.

2023 09 01 09.31.24

A lot of goats waiting for us, not scared.

2023 09 01 09.39.35

This must have been a monumental building once, looked amazing!

2023 09 01 09.41.08

The same building seen from the other side.

2023 09 01 09.47.34

At the southern part. A church in the middle of the photo. We didn`t walked there, our walk was long enough as it was.

2023 09 01 09.44.48

A nice beach, we didn`t check it out.

2023 09 01 09.44.51

We turned around and walked back to the small beach we saw earlier to have breakfast. The goats was waiting for us, curious about theese people walking around here…

2023 09 01 09.48.11

And also some sheeps.

2023 09 01 09.49.04

This stair was from the road, down to the beach. We were thinking if it has been more here, like a terrace or something. We had a short swim and breakfast here before walking back.

2023 09 01 09.54.47

About half way back on the west side, we took another road, because we wanted to check out the building we saw earlier.

2023 09 01 11.11.05

Here is the front of the building. It is just this, nothing more. Looks like it has been an open church, I haven`t seen something like this before…

2023 09 01 11.27.26

The view from this building.

2023 09 01 11.35.10

When we came back to the boat there were other boats. We had line ashore so we occupied the whole beach. Sorry…

2023 09 01 12.42.36

We were anchored almost on the midle of the island, and walked to the southern part:

372141181 273561335617330 6784926200527025852 n

I wish I could have told you more about this amazing island, but it is very little information to be found.

Here is a video from this hike:

After this hike we had to stay two days in this bay because of the weather. The wind changed from north/northeast to northwest so we turned the boat around so were against the wind. We were safe!

In Athen I bought this walkingpad. I really like walking outside and in mountains, but it will be days like this were we can`t get ashore, or it is rainy and we don`t want to go ashore… (I am allergic to rain… ) So for theese two days I used my walkingpad, 6-7 km each time, while watching something interesting on my computer 🙂

2023 09 02 11.48.17

As we have said earlier, we can have a plan, but as a sailor it is sometimes hard to stick to the plan. It can be weather, or someone you meet, or something you have to do like boatjobs… So it is nice to have a plan B. Next week we needed to change our plans…

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