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Exploring the Cyclades islands Folegandros, Sikinos and Ios


We sailed from the mainland south of Athens, through the night south to Folegandros. It was 25 hours and 125 nm from Aegina, where we started earlier that day. In the beginning it was okay, but then the wind died, waves didn`t so it was a bumpy ride. We had a nice sunset when we started the sail south. It was amazing arriving Folegandros and we could have a sleep.

2023 09 13 07.06.38

The whole first day we just stayed in the boat and relaxed. We were tired after a long sail. Where we anchored we could have the sun almost to the end.

2023 09 13 19.26.18

The second day we went ashore to hike to Chora. We saw it was a nice trail right from the beach. This beach is a nude beach, so if you don`t like nude people don`t go there 🙂

2023 09 14 10.14.57

The trail is going up to the church in the hill above the bay.

2023 09 14 10.33.56

It was pritty steep so we needed to have some stops.

2023 09 14 15.54.32

It was a really nice walk!

2023 09 14 10.47.35

Up in the hill we walked through farmers land.

2023 09 14 15.54.23

You need good shoes.

2023 09 14 15.54.21

Three old windmills just outside the town.

2023 09 14 10.50.57

It was signs and marks everywhere so it was easy to find where to go.

2023 09 14 10.53.50

Walking a short distance on the main road you arrive at this hotel. Take to the left here and follow the trail against the town.

2023 09 14 10.59.49

A nice trail and a view to the church in the hill above Chora.

2023 09 14 11.02.02

Walking by a small church on the way.

2023 09 14 11.04.53

Closer to Chora

2023 09 14 11.06.34

This is not the main entrance of the town, but when you are coming by foot you will arrive just in the city center.

2023 09 14 11.09.46

I didn`t know much about Folegandros before we came here, but we saw immediately that this is a nice and clean town. (we read that many people has this island as their Greek favourite)

2023 09 14 11.14.38

Bouganvilla is blooming the whole summer and is the most beautiful flower I can think of!

2023 09 14 11.14.54

Nice details everywhere!

2023 09 14 11.15.00

A small supermarket where we had a stop later to by some vegetables.

2023 09 14 11.16.22

The square, waiting for guests for lunch and dinner!

2023 09 14 11.16.45

Outside the church in the town.

2023 09 14 11.17.47

The way to the church on the hill.

2023 09 14 11.19.36

The same place when you turn around.

2023 09 14 11.19.45

So many nice buildings, flowers and backyards, so clean!! I think it is the cleanest place in Greece!

2023 09 14 11.21.20

Hotels everywhere. Some of them has a pool. That is fine, because it is a long distance to walk to the beach.

2023 09 14 11.21.40

So beautiful!

2023 09 14 11.21.55

Of course we had to walk to the church up in the hill. And the view from the trail up there is stunning!

2023 09 14 11.24.28

Astor on the way to the top. It was not steps here (only a few) and that was really nice.

2023 09 14 11.26.46b

Astor and the town behind him.

2023 09 14 11.28.19

Chora is build on a edge, I saw some houses with balconies there, I am not sure if I want to stay there…

2023 09 14 11.36.23

Finally at Church of Panagia (Virgin Mary)

2023 09 14 15.53.40

The church was only open in the evening, so we couldn`t get inside.

2023 09 14 11.38.17

I read that you should walk up the hill behind the church to have extra view. Of course we had to try! It was not easy to find a path up there, but we manage to walk all the way up the hill.

2023 09 14 11.49.01b

It is a stunning view on the top!

2023 09 14 11.56.38b

And we could see the next island, Sikonos. In the distance we could see Santorini!

2023 09 14 12.00.39b

After a break on the top of the hill we walked back to town.

2023 09 14 12.25.39


2023 09 14 12.28.36

With a pink t-shirt you can hardly see me.

2023 09 14 15.52.39

This is really a nice town. This is the end of the season, so not much people around.

2023 09 14 12.31.20

We had a small lunch on one of the restaurants.

2023 09 14 12.33.32

We also met a nice Norwegian couple, they were waiting for their transport to the boat, back to Athen and then Norway. Ah… it is so nice to think about we have many months left…

2023 09 14 12.33.45

Bouganvilla is not only pink, this is red.

2023 09 14 12.40.49

On the way back we met this donkey.

2023 09 14 14.24.14

On the trail back to the boat.

2023 09 14 14.27.53

Yep, the boat is still in the bay!

2023 09 14 14.33.43

We checked if the church was open, but it was not.

2023 09 14 14.37.25

We followed the trail back to the beach (when we started we walked almost stright up the hill), we found it on alltails.com.

2023 09 14 15.54.35

A video from the beautiful day on Folegandros!

Our walk from our anchorage to Chora:

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Sikonos is an island I have never heard about, I think. The island is between Folegandros and Ios. We sailed over there and anchored in the main port. Nice small place with some restaurants and a small supermarket.

2023 09 15 13.45.42

And of course, our plan was to hike up to Chora. You can see the monastery on the hill on the left side of the photo.

2023 09 15 13.45.45

A quiet little bay, with incredibly water!

2023 09 15 13.55.39

We saw on a youtube video a guy was walking up this road and we thought that would be the correct way to Chora, so we didn`t doublecheck…

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It is steep, so we needed some breaks on the way up.

IMG 20230915 222840 561

On the end of this road we stopped by this small church. Actually the road was going further on, but “my” trail went in another direction.

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Yes, many years ago it has maybe been a trail here, but if you choose to go here, bring a garden shears.

2023 09 15 18.32.47

From the road, the “trail” went down again, and then up in the next hill… and still no visible trail. A bit of a challenge…

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We came down the hill on the right side, crossed the gravel road and walked uphill again.

2023 09 15 15.05.29

After that we found a gravel road and I was so happy!! But only a few meters… then we needed a garden shears again, even more than earlier.

2023 09 15 15.10.20

But we tried! (it was not a choice to turn and walk back..)

2023 09 15 15.10.31

And a lot of sticky bushes…

2023 09 15 15.11.46

But finally we found a visible trail!

2023 09 15 15.15.16

And it was up hill again. You can see Chora in the distance, and the monastery on the top of the hill.

2023 09 15 15.23.57

A lot of stone terraces build by humans many many years ago.

2023 09 15 15.31.36

When we came closer to the town there were nice stairs up to the first church.

2023 09 15 15.43.25

The view down the stairs.

2023 09 15 18.32.45 1

Beautiful, but very quiet. And when I am writing very quiet, I mean VERY QUIET!! No people, nothing open, no music, nothing!! And we had a plan to have lunch here!!….

2023 09 15 15.45.59

We saw a sign on a restaurant in the beginning of the town that said it would be open from 5pm. So we thought “ok”, we can go to the monastery first.

2023 09 15 15.46.15b

This was in the middle of the day, so we guessed it was siesta too, but I have never been into such a quiet town before…

2023 09 15 15.46.21

On the way to the monastery.

2023 09 15 15.47.05

Well, it was not correct when I said nothing. There were some cats…

2023 09 15 15.48.55

Most of them were afraid of us.

2023 09 15 15.49.31

The steps got steeper when we passed the windmill.

2023 09 15 16.23.29


2023 09 15 16.26.52

The view back to town.

2023 09 15 16.29.18

The steps up to the monastery.

2023 09 15 18.32.10

We passed by a small church.

2023 09 15 16.36.13b

The monastery; nothing special, and closed. It said it should be open later, but I am not sure.

2023 09 15 18.31.56

The view down to the port. Felizia still on anchor!

2023 09 15 18.31.58

Many cozy places.

2023 09 15 18.32.43 1

But also old ruins.

2023 09 15 18.32.44

When we came down to the restaurant which should open at 5pm (it was 5 minutes before), a guy was closing the gate and we asked him when they opened. “In April”… he said… Their chef had left… So there we were, in a town with nothing to eat…. Luckily the bus was going down to the port at 5 pm, only a few meters from where we were. So we reach that bus and went to a cafe in the port to have a small lunch before taking the dinghy back in the boat.

2023 09 15 18.32.44 1

A video from the hiking on Sikonos:

Here is our hike. Don`t follow our track if you don`t like a challenge!

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Our next stop was Ios. We had heard so much about Ios so I was looking forward to see the island. We were looking at the weather forcast and it was not very good, so we decided to stay here only to see Chora. Yes, the name is Chora. All main towns in all Greek island is Chora. So it can be a bit confusing 🙂 After two days of hiking to Chora we this day decided to take the bus from our anchorage.

2023 09 16 12.42.20

Yes, it is a nice town, but here it also was quiet. But it was a Saturday so a little bit more people than in the other Chora`s we have visited the last days.

2023 09 16 12.43.38

But we had much space!

2023 09 16 12.46.19

Nice flowers here as well!

2023 09 16 12.48.07

We walked through town to the windmills.

2023 09 16 12.52.36

Not all of them was nice, but I guess they are old.

2023 09 16 12.54.42

From the windmills you can see up to the hill with three small churches. Of course we had to walk up there.

2023 09 16 12.56.31b

A big stair!

2023 09 16 12.57.38

And up in the hill you will have a nice view of the town.

2023 09 16 13.03.52b

The view down to the port where the big ferries are coming in. We didn`t anchor there.

2023 09 16 13.09.56

I am sure Ios is a nice island, but we didn`t had time to explore more of it. Next time!

2023 09 16 13.13.06

I had a hat, but it was so windy I couldn`t use it…

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Above two of the three churches.

2023 09 16 13.14.56

The southernmost part of the town. We anchored in the bay in the distance. It is walking distance, but not this day!

2023 09 16 13.15.27

The ferry is leaving. Naxos next stop??

2023 09 16 13.15.58

The church below the three churches.

2023 09 16 13.21.08

We had pizza for lunch before we crossed the main road to walk to the church on top of the next hill. We walk first in wrong direction, so we had to turn and walk around. We didn`t had much time until the bus was leaving so we didn`t had a long stop on the top.

382683204 632945662367430 5238134559031294994 n

And it was still windy!

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This is the reason I wanted to walk up to the other hill, because of the best view of Chora, Ios.

2023 09 16 14.45.23

A video from Chora, Ios:

Our next plan was to sail to Schinoussa where our friend from our National Day celebration on Leros, Harald was. But did we manage to sail there?? Follow us next time!

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