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Met friends in Volos and sailed further on to Skiathos.


When we came back to Volos from Meteora we had to leave the marina because of all the charterboats coming in. So we sailed out in the bay to the opposite side of Volos marina, to Pefkakia Boatyard. We saw there were some ancient “things” there so we took a walk to explore. We took the dinghy ashore and walked directly from the boatyard.

2023 08 12 13.51.06

We walked over the peninsula were we came to a small village and tried to get in to the ancient palace of Demetrias, but it was closed, as many other things in Greece in August.

2023 08 12 14.03.22

So we walked further on down to the main road.

2023 08 12 14.10.00

The ancient aquaduct was outside so we could see.

2023 08 12 14.23.56

But on the other side of the road you can see the ancient theatre, but that was also closed… (I took the photo through the gate.

2023 08 12 14.25.11

We walked along the main road a little bit before we took to the left through the village and found the road up to the mountain (you can see it on google maps)

2023 08 12 14.43.20

I have never seen a almond tree, but here it was a plantation. And if it is not more almond on each tree I can understand why it is expensive…

2023 08 12 14.46.07

We walked further up in the hill.

2023 08 12 14.53.07

And after a while we started to have some view.

2023 08 12 14.57.41

The reason for this hike was this; the ancient wall. It started here with this little old house, has it been a farm? Many people in Volos don`t know about this wall, so not many people is walking here. It was hard to find the trail some places. In the beginning we walked on top of the wall.

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Like this…

2023 08 12 15.07.10

It was okay to walk there, and from the beginning of the wall to the top it was not steep.

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A break, waiting for the photographer!

2023 08 12 15.09.31

The view to the valley behind Volos.

2023 08 12 15.10.31

It is that type of a hill that you always have a next top, because you can`t see the top until the last 100 meters.

2023 08 12 15.17.51

You have to be consentrated!

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Almost on the top…

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Nice view over Volos!

2023 08 12 15.26.48

The last part, it was a bit tricky to find the trail, but it is just to find a way!

2023 08 12 15.36.53

Me, with Volos in behind.

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We stayed first in the marina on the left side of the photo, but here you can see two sailboats to the right, one of them is us.

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A little bit closer!

2023 08 12 15.39.15

At the top! It was even more tricky to find the trail from here, but we walked around a bit and found some cairns. From there we walked back to the main road and then to the boat. It was just in time! We didn`t had enough water! (We didn`t knew how long it was..)

2023 08 12 15.42.38

A video from this trail.

The aroundtrip was almost 10 km. So next time, bring more water!!

2023 08 12 16.40.41b

Saturday afternoon I texted the guy in the marina and asked if we could come back, and he said yes. So, once again said; don`t go here on Fridays, and not early Saturday, you need to wait until the charter flotilla has left the marina. In the evening we took a promenade from the marina to the end of the beach.

2023 08 13 17.05.08

They are closing the street for cars in the evening so it is nice to have a walk or go to one of the many restaurants.

2023 08 13 17.05.32

The Holy church of Saint Constantine and Helen

2023 08 13 17.11.27

Some art along the beach.

2023 08 13 17.22.42

More art.

2023 08 13 17.24.22

Some nice beaches at the end. We had a plan to go there next day. But we didn`t…

2023 08 13 17.26.00

This is the reason why we stayed longer in Volos. This family lives in Athens and I have known Nantia through Facebook since 2007. We met Nantia and her husband Thomas when we were in Athens in 2015, and luckily they were in Volos for holiday together with their kids Kyriakos and Michael, and we could invite them for pizza in our boat. It was really nice to see them again, and hopefully we will see each other in Athens pritty soon.

1000009046 01

Then it was time to leave Volos, after picking up the diesel heater, visiting Meteora, and meeting Nantia and her family. We sailed to a bay outside of the big “Volos bay”, on the way to Skiathos. We had one night at anchor before we sailed to skiathos town. It was a lot of wasps in that bay, so it was not possible to stay there.


When we are talking about Skiathos, everyone is thinking about Mamma Mia. There is restaurants and shops using the name of Mamma Mia, but except from that, it is nothing that reminds us about Mamma Mia. But it is a beautiful island! We anchored south of the town and too the dinghy to the beach closest to the town.

When you are coming from the beach and walking along the coastline you will first reach Paralia Plakes, where you will get a nice view of Skiathos bay.

20230816 174746

Small, narrow streets on the way to the city center.

20230816 174148

Small path with steps down to a small bay for swimming.

20230816 174631

A little bit closer to town.

20230816 174839

What a place to have a restaurant! But it was unfortunately abandoned, as many other buildings around.

20230816 175526

You know you are not far away from the airport…

20230816 175805b

A beautiful hotel!

20230816 180010

From the beach were we put the dinghy it is up hill, and of course it will be downhill to the city center…

20230816 180146

The beginning of the city center, with many restaurants along the seashore.

20230816 180334

And some local fishingboats.

20230816 180548

A proud guy, most probably a fisherman??

20230816 180800

It was a bit busy when we walked through town, many people waiting for the boat to take them to the next island.

20230816 180820

There is a small peninsula so we walked out there to have a look. It is a beautiful view to town from there.

20230816 180912

A lot of people were relaxing, walking around, or sitting on one of the many benches around.

20230816 180927

We found the shoppingstreet and walked around to see if we could find something interesting.

20230816 183608

Many small and narrow streets.

20230816 183851

Not many people, maybe too early, too hot? Someone says it is too crowdy on Skiathos, but I won`t say that. We have seen more people other places.

20230816 185506

We had a break with a glas of wine/beer before we tried to find the way back to the dinghy.

20230816 190009

I am not sure if all of this flowers are real…

20230816 191014

The sun went down and it was not that hot to walk around.

20230816 195020

Some nice shops on our way.

20230816 195450

Almost everywhere you can find a restaurant or a bar.

20230816 195458

Look at theese flowers!!

20230816 195516

A restaurant ready to welcome guests. Unfortunately we had some leftovers in the boat so we couldn`t eat in town.

1000009169 01

The next morning we were up early and went to town. Our plan was to go to the supermarket on the other side of town, and visit the church on the top of the hill on our way. And the light was also different in the morning.

20230817 084545

And very quiet, almost no one around.

20230817 084610


20230817 084710

We had a plan to walk up to the church on the top of the hill there. We thought it would be nice view from there…

20230817 084803

It was uphill, not a surprice… cosy, narrow stairs.

20230817 085301


20230817 085533

It took us 10 minuts to walk up to the Church of Agios Nicolaos.

20230817 085606 1

A nice clocktower.

20230817 085652

And yes, it was a nice view up there!!

20230817 085730

If you are in Skiathos town, you need to go up here!

20230817 090006

I am glad we sailed back to Skiathos to see the town. Now it is time to leave the Sporades and sail south again!

20230817 090108

A video from Skiathos town:

The big question is now, where to sail; on the inside or the outside of Evia… If you are following us on Instagram/Facebook you know our decision 🙂 If not, check us out next time!

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