2023 07 26 20.39.28


Halkidiki – or Chalkidiki – was a huge charterdestination when I started to work at the travel agency many years ago. We waited a guest flying in to Thessaloniki, so Halkidiki was a perfect place to explore both before and while we had the guest onboard.

Halkidiki has three “fingers”, så I will call them the left – mid and right finger, it is the easiest way to explain where we are at the moment.

We sailed from northwest side of Skiathos and up to the left finger of Halkidiki.

Uten navn

Agios Nikolaos Bay – on the left finger

Agios Nikolaos bay was a quiet and nice place to have our first stop on Halkidiki. There were only one boat together with us. It was first hard to find a sand spot, but after trying a couple of times we manage to dig in.

2023 07 02 08.54.07

The next morning we woke up early and went ashore to have a walk around the peninsula. Here is our boat from the hill.

2023 07 02 08.56.32

Further up the hill and we could see both boats.

2023 07 02 09.08.44

It was not marked or anything, we just checked google maps and followed the gravel road around.

2023 07 02 09.08.48

It was nice to walk around.

2023 07 02 09.19.15

There were a lot of roads to choose from, but we didn`t take the longest one. It is too hot to walk too long.

2023 07 02 09.22.49

We came back to the sea and followed the road to the small church – The Orthodox Church of St. Nicholaos.

2023 07 02 09.25.29b

Along the beach we could see some glamping and normal camping.

2023 07 02 09.26.22

The church was build at the end of a small peninsula and it was a nice place to sit down and enjoy the view!

2023 07 02 09.33.12

This is a very small place, so you will not find any supermarket here. It is a kind of a beach, but it was not nice, a lot of stones, and also a lot of garbage. It seems like it was a popular place to camp.

2023 07 02 09.38.56

Nikiti – on the mid finger

From Agios Nicholaos we sailed over to the mid finger. We knew that our friends from Relax and Wahoo was there so we sailed to the town Nikiti to join them.

2023 07 02 20.23.07

They asked if we wanted to join them for dinner that evening, so we went ashore to find a pita gyros.

The next day was Astor`s birthday and our friends came over singing happy birthday. That was fun 🙂

2023 07 03 10.46.36

Happy birthday!

In the evening we went ashore to have dinner together and celebrate Astor`s birthday.

Nikiti is a nice place and there were a lot of people in the evening.

2023 07 03 11.32.47

You have all kinds of restaurants, and then you have the beach in front.

2023 07 03 13.05.11

He got a bottle of wine from my mother so I had to take a photo and send it to her. He shared the bottle with me 🙂

2023 07 03 19.45.12

All together; me, Houkje, Tuula, Pekka, Hank and Astor.

2023 07 03 19.59.42

A beautiful sunset from the restaurant.

2023 07 03 20.39.55

Azapiko Beach – mid finger

We sailed south on the same finger and had a nice day in a beautiful bay, but unfortunately I don`t have any photo from there. The next day the wind changed and we had to escape to another bay. We stayed there only for a night but had a sup ride to the beach in the morning. Very quiet that early.


But we made a short video from the place:

Possidi Cape – left finger

Possidi Cape is the perfect Instagram spot. It is hard to anchor there, but a really stunning place!

2023 07 06 19.58.56

It was wind from one direction, stream from one direction, and swell from another direction, so it was the most uncomfortable place we have ever been to. We tried to sleep outside on deck, but I guess I slept only a couple of hours.

2023 07 06 20.13.21

Only we were anchoring here this night.


It is a camping ground in the forrest, but it was still nice and quiet.


Looks like it is nice sand, but it is perfect to use bathing shoes here.

2023 07 06 20.14.01

On the end of the peninsula it is popular to play with the waves ao a lot of people were there. But you need to watch out for the big ferries passing by, because the create huge waves and we all had to run (you can see people to the left in the photo). Some people were sunbathing here and I guess everything got wet… We had to run as well, because the big waves took our dinghy… but Astor manage to pick it up again.

2023 07 06 20.25.59

An amazing sunset here.

2023 07 06 20.27.59

It was almost dark before the last people went home from the beach.

2023 07 06 20.32.44

Felizia in the sunset.


Isn`t it beautiful??

2023 07 06 21.30.56

A video from this amazing beach!

Nea Kalikrateia – left finger

We sailed further north to find a place to stay for a couple of days until our guest arrived. We stopped in Nea Kalikrateia, where we found a spot in the fishing harbour. It was free to stay here and no facilities, only water from a tap on the wall. The harbour is on the end of the beach so it took us only a couple of minutes to go for a swim.

2023 07 07 18.23.26

A long beach in front of the town. Here you could find everything you need, and it is less than one hour to drive to Thessaloniki.

2023 07 07 18.26.42

A lot of sunbeds and umbrellas, and some restaurants.

2023 07 07 18.35.14

It was not many guest boats in the harbour, and the harbour is in use for fishing for the local people, sitting here for hours in the evening/through the night. There were 3 fishingboats going out in the evening and coming back early in the morning. They made some noise, but it was okay, we stayed here for free!

2023 07 08 09.16.06

There is a main street only for walking, and shops and restaurants.

2023 07 09 17.27.05

I really believed I should have eat more salad on this journey. The main reason is that a good salad is perfect in warm weather. Of course we often have greek salad on a restaurant, but it is not often we make salad in the boat, like “only” salad.

2023 07 10 19.24.23

It was some nice sunsets in the harbour.

2023 07 10 20.46.58


Before our guest should come we had some erand to do in Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is the second biggest city, after Athens, and offer all you can think of. The city also have a huge shoppingcenter, and that is perfect for warm days.

2023 07 11 13.05.14
2023 07 11 13.05.21

You could see outside that this is an expencive shoppingcenter.

2023 07 11 13.19.47

We had lunch at Fridays. I love Fridays but we haven`t tried them since we visit Fridays in Athens to eat pancakes and the chef mixed sugar with salt… This dinner was very good, but too much, so I had lunch for the next day as well!

2023 07 11 13.58.28

And after shopping we needed an icecream. Astor is economic so he decided to buy a package with 4 instead of two single one…

2023 07 11 18.08.03

The next day we went back to Thessaloniki to pick up our laundry. It was not finished so we went to the beach close to the laundry to have lunch.

2023 07 12 12.14.25


2023 07 12 12.17.11

And finally our guest arrived at the airport! Miriam is our fosterdaugther, and if you been following us for a while you know she came with us for a month last summer when we started our journey. It was so lovely to see her again! She became 18 in october so now we could have a glas of wine together. She also got her Norwegian citienship so we had absolutely something to celebrate!

2023 07 13 19.23.55

Miriam hasn`t been traveling that much so we were so happy that she could travel together with our Greek friends, Georgia and Alex from Oslo to Thessaloniki. They come from Thessaloniki but are now living in Florø with their two sons. The day after they arrived we had a nice dinner together at Tavern Moustakas, a bit outside Thessaloniki.

2023 07 13 19.36.11

My friend Georgia and I. It looks like we don`t like each other, but it was a bit of covid in the air…

2023 07 13 21.21.21

Nea Moudania – left finger

It was time to move, and we sailed south to nea Moudania. There were also a harbour for free, but it was hard to find a good spot. We found a place on the outermost quay.

2023 07 14 20.00.52

A nice small town.

2023 07 14 20.06.43


We realized that something was going on, and I started to google. I found the Sardine-festival! I got in touch with a person who could tell me more about what was happening. This was on Friday evening and it should be consert and dancing later, and a marketplace.

2023 07 14 21.58.59

Greek music and dance

2023 07 14 21.59.05

And food

2023 07 14 22.03.24

All the restaurants along the harbour was full.

2023 07 14 22.04.43

A lot of nice things to taste.

2023 07 14 22.17.32

Just like home, but in Greek.

2023 07 14 22.33.57

A video from the festival:

If we waited in this town until Sunday, there would be free sardines and vine. But after voting, we decided to sail further south.

The worst thing living in the boat is how to keep fruit and vegetable fresh… I bought theese avocadoes some days ago and wanted to use them. But to late… Had just enough to make guacemole to our tacoes next day.

2023 07 15 14.11.07

Look at the watertemperatur: 31 degrees!!

2023 07 15 18.19.17

Possidi Cape – left finger

So we sailed back to Possidi Cape, where Astor and I stayed earlier. Now we anchored on the northern side of the peninsula and that was much better. It was so lovely to have a swim and play with the ball.

2023 07 15 19.59.16

And in the sunset we had an apple cider.

2023 07 15 20.27.56

After sunset Miriam and I decided to swim back to the boat. It was a lot of stream so it was hard…

2023 07 15 20.49.22

Alina Beach – Porto Koufo – mid finger

After a good night of sleep we sailed further south and over to the mid finger where we anchored in the beautiful bay of Koufo.

First time I made fish soup in this boat! It was sooo good!

2023 07 17 19.17.36

Nice sunsets in this bay.

2023 07 17 20.19.17

We needed some stuff at the supermarket so we had a evening walk to Koufo. Nice little place, some hotels and restaurants. It is a small marina here, but we liked to anchor in the bay.

2023 07 17 20.19.20

And we also got an even better sunset.

2023 07 17 20.29.48

The view back to the bay where we anchor.

2023 07 17 20.32.02

Small, nice bay with a small supermarket and some restaurants.

2023 07 17 20.37.25

And a lot of boats.

2023 07 17 20.43.40

The weather is warm and the seatemperatur is perfect, over 30 degrees…. So most of the days we are swimming, padling, snorkling and just relaxing. Just across the bay there is a lake, so we had to check if it was possible to walk around. We took a walk late in the evening.

2023 07 18 18.07.54

Some old buildings. We were not sure what it has been…

2023 07 18 18.13.05

Some old houses.

2023 07 18 18.14.04

Nice gravel road along the farm.

2023 07 18 18.16.21

First, the lake, and then the bay where we are anchoring.

2023 07 18 18.16.27

It was nice to have a short walk in the evening.

2023 07 18 18.22.25

It is always interesting what we can see under water (wait for the end):

Some Greek inspirated dinner made in the boat.

2023 07 19 20.33.35

It was time to say goodbye to this lovely bay and sail to the other side.

2023 07 20 08.20.18

Paralia Kalamitsi – mid finger

It was time to sail further on, and we sailed around the finger to the east side. We stopped in Kalamitsaki Bay, but that is a naturist bay so no photos. (we just stayed around the boat). We took the dinghy around the corner to Kalamitsi to do some shopping. .But it is small places with small supermarkets, so it is not always we find what we are looking for.

2023 07 20 11.07.00

This is also a nice, quiet place with a lot of tourists. Many people is coming from Thessaloniki to Halkidiki to spend their weekends.

2023 07 20 11.07.28

In Thessaloniki we found an Omnia-oven. You can use this oven directly on gas. And it is amazing. I made this bread and it was perfect!

2023 07 21 14.35.15

Diaporos Island – mid finger – Diaporos Sud

When we started to look at Halkidiki I first saw Diaporos Island. Because if you see google photos you can see all the amazing beaches around the island. Our first stop was in the southern part of the island. Amazing bay with crystal clear water and a nice beach.

2023 07 21 17.07.51

It looks nice to go ashore for a walk, but first we moved the boat to the other side of the bay, on the mainland, to go ut for dinner. It was a bit long for our dinghy…

2023 07 21 17.31.09

Vourvourou – restaurant Gorgona or Pullman

We went to Gorgona or Pullman and the food was really good. And the view was perfect!

2023 07 21 19.41.58

Astor had moussaka and I had some baked aubergine with alost the same meat as for the moussaka. It wa very good.

2023 07 21 19.43.50

Diaporos island – Diaporos North

Back to the island and now we sailed to the northern side. It is no name on the map, so we called it Diaporos North. On NoForeignland you will see where we are at this point.

Astor and me (or was it only me?) wanted to go ashore to have a walk on the island. The road started from the beach.

2023 07 22 18.34.40

A really nice forrest on the island. A lot of different trees and plants.

2023 07 22 18.39.19

A little bit overgrown if you walked offroad, but it was a nice challenge.

2023 07 22 18.40.05

This could have been in Norway….

2023 07 22 18.44.56

It was nice with some shadow…

2023 07 22 18.45.30

There is a lot of roads and trails on this island so you can choose where to go.

2023 07 22 18.45.56

And many old pinetrees.

2023 07 22 18.48.01

A huge pinetree.

2023 07 22 18.58.38

Walking on the road to the other side of the island.

2023 07 22 19.04.59 1

And here is the view down to the bay where we stayed a couple of days ago.

365095740 1018158002530304 155490057487391268 n

And here we are to the bay and can see Felizia anchoring there.

2023 07 22 19.26.51

And of course, when we came back to the beach I was swimming back to the boat. That is a perfect ending on a hike!

2023 07 22 19.39.19

A video from this hike:

We bought a package with cinnamon buns from Lidl (I thought they were just to heat up) and putted them in the omnia oven.

2023 07 23 17.16.21

And it went very well! They were so good! (this is the bottom, it is more brown than the top.

2023 07 23 17.39.02b

And icing on the top… I am so glad that I still have one more package of theese, and we are going to Lidl this week!

2023 07 23 17.44.30b

After staying at anchor for some days we were empty of bread. Okay, I had to bake! It was perfect! I love my omnia oven!

2023 07 25 14.47.48

Not normal sizes on the slices, but perfect in the boat 🙂

2023 07 25 14.49.02

And warm homebaked bread with Norwegian brown cheese.. nmmm…

2023 07 25 14.54.45

Not the perfect spot for a sunset, but nice colours anyway!

2023 07 26 20.39.28

We sailed to town to fill up the watertanks and then we sailed to this privat island. Amazing place! We also got the “mayday mayday” message on our VHF, and it was a boat nearby which had some problem. We contacted the coastgard and sailed in the direction where the boat should be. When we came there, the woman was not responding to us, just sat there… a smaller boat with three guys came from the marina, so we were sure she got help. But we tried. And it was very windy so it was a bit exciting.

2023 07 27 14.41.02

Look at this colour!

2023 07 27 16.01.02

Agios Nicholaos – Restaurant Marathos Gastro Tavern

Miriams last day together with us was a bit cloudy so we decided to go to Thessaloniki to do some shopping. We needed to rent a car for at least two days, so we had the car anyway. On the way back we were talking about where to have our last dinner together. Astor suggested Agios Nicholaos, he had been reading about this village. I checked it out on google maps, and found Marathos Gastro Tavern with a lot of feedback. And what a nice village! We should absolutely have had more time here. But luckily we were hungry and found a table, because 30 minuts later it was full!

2023 07 28 19.48.52

It was a square with many restaurants, so many people were together there this evening. The food on this taverna was amazing, one of the best ever in this year we have been travelling. And they opened in June this year!!

2023 07 28 20.16.40

A little bit touristic thing, but a photographer went around and took photos of everyone. Because it was our last evening with Miriam it was perfect for us.

IMG 20230806 0001

I guess it is the first time someone told Astor to do that and do that 🙂

IMG 20230806 0002

Beautiful Miriam and I.

IMG 20230806 0004

And all of us together. We paid 5 eur each photo. It is not every day…

IMG 20230806 0003

A video from this awesome place:

Then it was time for Miriam to fly back to Norway, also this time together with our Greek friends. We will miss her so much, hope to see you soon!!

It was time for us to leave Halkidiki, so next time we will sail over to the right finger, and we saw some awesome monasteries. We sailed further on to Skiathos and the bay of Volos to pick up a secondhand dieselheater. Check us out next week!

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