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Visiting the beautiful island of Chios!

After Samos we sailed north to Chios. It was a beautiful sail and I could stay on front deck most of the trip. We anchored in Komi Bay, on the south east side of the island. The water was beautiful and warm and we took a swim in the evening.

In the morning we went ashore to do a hike up to Profiti Ilias on the mountain behind this building. Not very high and not very long. Perfect before breakfast.

2023 06 13 08.40.01

After a couple a minuts a small dog started to follow us, just like what happend on Leros. He didn`t bark or anything, just followed us. After a short distance up in the hill along the main road, we found the sign for the path to Profiti Ilias.

2023 06 13 08.49.36

It was easy to find the trail, but we could see it was not in daily use. The dog followed us all the way up to the church.

2023 06 13 09.15.36

The view from the church to the south. There is also a nice bay for anchoring, but not for many boats.

2023 06 13 09.15.53

And the view to the inland. many posibilities to have nice hikings here, but the weather starts to be warmer, so it is better to come here in spring and fall. (if you like hiking)

2023 06 13 09.17.07

Sporty in the morning!

2023 06 13 09.19.19

Nice selfie together with the polite dog.

20230613 092408

Astor went outside the fense and the dog became obsessed because he couldn`t follow him. Watch the video under this photo!

2023 06 13 09.20.39

This dog was so lovely and followed us all the way, up and down.

2023 06 13 09.23.42

Not the most beautiful church we have seen… It was locked so we could not go inside.

20230613 092705

so faithful

2023 06 13 09.27.51b

The view down to the bay were we are anchoring, we were two boats there.

20230613 093359

On the way down to the beach.

20230613 094637

It was a sad moment when we left the dog at the beach. He had a necklase so we were sure he had a owner. And of course he needed a bath after the hike. On the last kilometer he was playing with a stick that we throw to him.

20230613 100141

After a nice morning hike we hoisted the anchor and sailed north to Chios town.

2023 06 14 14.29.33

There is a marina in the city center, but we saw it was a harbour north of the city center which was free to use. We like that…

2023 06 14 14.29.39

A lot of mountains to hike!

2023 06 14 14.29.48

We found a nice spot in this marina. It was a lot of sailboats there.

2023 06 14 17.01.03

Windmill of Chios. On the way to town from the marina.

2023 06 14 17.32.27

We went to town to hire a car for a couple of days. It was 2 km to walk. The distance was okay, but the road was not made for walking, and it was a lot of traffic.

2023 06 14 17.36.26v

Close to the marina there is the supermarket “My Market”. One of the best supermarkets we have found for a while. Close to the airport, on the south side of town there was both My Market and Lidl, so after renting the car we went there. And actually, on My Market, I found Norwegian kaviar! I have found swedish kaviar many places but not the Norwegian. So I bought all of it… (4) (we use it on bread, specially together with boiled eggs. But I like it plain like this also.

2023 06 15 08.00.03


The next day we woke up early to explore Chios. We drove first to Pyrgi, known as the “painted village” on acoount of the decorations of the houses. This mostly consists of black and white decorative motifs in different shapes.

Pyrgi is one of the biggest villages in Chios, located in the south part of the island. It is the traditional seat of the Mastic Villages, a group of villages where the residents engage with mastic agriculture. Theese villages have been added in representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO.

2023 06 15 09.46.09

We were there early in the morning and it was very quiet, not much people to see.

2023 06 15 09.47.03

It was paintings everywhere.

2023 06 15 09.48.34

I am not sure if it is tourists putting up theese signs or if it was the store around the corner…

2023 06 15 09.49.30

Some shops was open.

2023 06 15 09.49.52

Many narrow streets, and we could have been walking around here for hours.

2023 06 15 09.51.04

Isn`t it amazing??

2023 06 15 09.54.46

Pyrgi is possibly a medieval settlement, built before 10th century. It gathered population from different villages, whose residents settled in Pyrgi to avoid the pirates raids. The village didn`t suffer damage from the earthquake of 1881 and so it keeps the medieval style.

2023 06 15 09.54.59

This clock tower is 18 meters high.

2023 06 15 09.55.47b

There were some restaurants, but they were closed in the morning.

2023 06 15 09.57.28


2023 06 15 09.58.19

The church of the Wholy Apostles!

2023 06 15 09.59.01

The church was beautiful inside, with all the paintings.

2023 06 15 10.00.08

A lot of details.

2023 06 15 10.00.14


2023 06 15 10.00.31




2023 06 15 10.00.40

The cat was resting inside the church, in the shadow.

2023 06 15 10.01.02

I had to kuddle..


It was possible to walk out in the backyard. Not much to see though..

2023 06 15 10.03.08b

Beautiful combination with flowers and paintings!

2023 06 15 10.06.42


2023 06 15 10.09.31b

What a job that have been done here!

2023 06 15 10.17.57




Our next stop was Olympi, only 5 km away. Olympi was established in the 13th century and stands out for its remarkable architecture.

2023 06 15 10.36.32

If we could do this with old buildings in Norway!

2023 06 15 10.37.15

Of course with a lot of beautiful flowers!

2023 06 15 10.37.33

Also in Olympi it was quiet, only some locals, and a few tourists.

2023 06 15 10.38.58

Some decorated old windows.

2023 06 15 10.41.32b


2023 06 15 10.42.10b

This guy has been to the supermarket…

2023 06 15 10.42.24b

Also some painted buildings in Olympi.

2023 06 15 10.49.37

A huge bouganvilla!

2023 06 15 10.50.17

More nice windows!

2023 06 15 10.51.56b

I love this street with all the plants outside the houses.

2023 06 15 10.54.47

After Olympi it was about noon and it was time to relax on a beach with lunch and a swim.

2023 06 15 11.40.27


After some hours lunch break we went to Mesta. The village was most probably build in the 12th century. The architecture of the settlement with its narrow street and perimetric fortification served to repel pirate raids. The street plan of the village is pentagonical and its many narrow roads inside the fortifications give the impression of a labyrinth.

2023 06 15 15.37.56

Cozy, narrow streets.

2023 06 15 15.38.19


2023 06 15 15.38.46b

And beautiful flowers!

2023 06 15 15.39.07b

A square with restaurants and bars. We had an icecream here.

2023 06 15 15.44.35

Later you can pick grapes here!

2023 06 15 15.47.12


2023 06 15 15.49.47

Me and my icecream!

2023 06 15 15.55.40

Some decorations we saw!

2023 06 15 16.19.42

Beautiful streets.

2023 06 15 16.21.06


2023 06 15 16.21.40


2023 06 15 16.22.10

After Mesta it was time to drive back to Chios town to deliver the car. We saw some nice villages on our way.

2023 06 15 17.00.19


2023 06 15 17.11.24

The view from the road towards Chios town.

2023 06 15 17.15.33

A video from todays exploring!

We had a plan to check out Chios town and the shopping street. The problem was that all the shops had siesta!! So they didn`t opened again until 17-18…

2023 06 16 16.18.49

But it was nice to have a walk through town before we walked back to the boat.

2023 06 16 18.54.26

The windmills in the evening.

2023 06 16 20.01.02

Then it was time to leave Chios. Chios is an amazing island, and I hope we can back here later when the temperature is a bit lower!

2023 06 17 08.58.19

Now we will check out some small islands around Chios. Have you heard about Oinousses or Psara?? Check out the blog next week!

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