2023 06 28 19.58.19

The island group of Sporades; Alonissos, Skopelos and Skiathos


We had an amazing sailing from Skyros to Alonissos. I could stay on deck most of the journey.

2023 06 23 13.05.12

We anchored in Spartines Beach Anchorage and were invited onboard to Tuula and Pekka from Finland to eat homemade chocolate cake. It was delicious!! Thanks a lot for the invitation Tuula! (Tuula and Pekka are friends to our Swedish friends Ingela and Lars)

2023 06 23 17.39.12

This is actually not from the Sporades islands. We picked theese shells on Antipsara. Aren`t they amazing? They are so small so it is hard to take a good photo. I am not sure what to use them for 🙂

2023 06 24 15.07.45

It was really beautiful in this anchorage and it was time to inflate the paddleboard for the season.

2023 06 24 15.53.21

Tuula and Pekka wanted to invite us for dinner on Midsummer Eve, but since we were late yesterday they invite us for dinner the day after instead. That day Houkje and Hank from Netherland also arrived in the bay, and they had met before, so they were also invited. Delicious pizza Pekka!

2023 06 24 19.46.27

The next day Tuula and Pekka left and Houkje and Hank invited us to join them for an evening walk. Of course we said yes!

2023 06 25 17.18.14

We passed a farm with a lot of chicken.

2023 06 25 17.48.18

And a turkey!

2023 06 25 17.49.25b

It was a really nice aroundtrip, through farms and forrest, walking of all types of ground.

2023 06 25 17.54.40

The view down to the main village of Alonissos, Patitiri. Hank had made a trail on the map before we started, but at this point we checked out how far it was up to Chora, the old town. It was not too far so after some discussions we decided to walk to Chora.

2023 06 25 18.20.02

We walked along the main road to Chora, but when we returned we found out there was a nice path to walk.

Beautiful details on this house!

2023 06 25 18.53.54

It was really worth the extra distance to walk to Chora, beautiful village!

2023 06 25 18.56.02

A lot of flowers and old beautiful houses.

2023 06 25 18.56.25

And narrow, peppled streets.

20230625 185838

Not many shops, and very touristic.

2023 06 25 18.58.25

So beautiful!

2023 06 25 18.59.16b

Chora is laying on a hill, so you had a nice view everywhere!

2023 06 25 18.59.46


2023 06 25 19.00.23

We had a short walk around town, we probably could have used more time here, but it started to get late.

20230625 190054

Restaurants waiting for their guests. I had prepared dinner in our boat so we couldn`t eat here.

2023 06 25 19.01.12

Some very old buildings.

2023 06 25 19.01.25


2023 06 25 19.01.29


2023 06 25 19.02.55


2023 06 25 19.04.18

You know… when your memory on the phone is full in the middle of a busy day…. yep, that happend to me!! I was frustrated, and I asked Astor to take some photos.

20230625 190802


20230625 190935


20230625 190953


20230625 191029


2023 06 25 19.20.50

We found a nice place to have an icecream before returning to the boat. And I could delete some photos/videos on my phone.

2023 06 25 19.25.52

We manage to come back to the boat right before darkness, and had a quick swim before we had Houkje and Hank over for dinner.

2023 06 25 19.59.11

A video from todays walk:

Here is tracking of our walk:

364175349 808381360871449 1183389352530330375 nb

The next day we left this lovely anchorage, but just around the corner, closer to the village.

2023 06 26 16.22.18

Only us and a catamaran in this bay. Short way to the beach and a nice place to put the dinghy.

2023 06 26 16.26.57

We walked over the hill to the village. There were a lot of sailboats, most of them charterboats.

2023 06 26 16.46.47

A nice quiet place.

2023 06 26 16.48.50


2023 06 26 17.06.46

The next morning we woke up early for a hike. We didn`t take more than a few photos.

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At the end of the hike, the view to the village.

2023 06 27 10.07.24

Here is the trail we walked:

364214161 647279414008570 3284477816276262476 nb

When we came back to the boat we hoisted the anchor and sail further on to Skopelos.

2023 06 27 12.40.30

Chora seen from below.

2023 06 27 12.58.30

We had a good sailing wind so we sailed north on Skopelos, to the “Mamma Mia” church, and anchored in the bay. It was many boats there when we arrived and it was difficult to find good holding, but after they left we anchored well and used a line ashore.

2023 06 27 16.34.20

A small beautiful beach in this bay. A lot of people there when we arrived, but we waited for a while to go ashore, because of the heat. Sunbeds and Sunbrellas, and a restaurant on the hill.

2023 06 27 17.42.00

Steep stairs from the beach up to the restaurant and road.

2023 06 27 17.42.12

From the top of the stairs.

2023 06 27 17.43.08

We anchored close to the beach.

2023 06 27 17.43.32

Have you seen Mamma Mia? This video is from the first movie, and this clip was filmed right here where we are!

Meryl Streep ran up the stairs to the church. It was really steep!

2023 06 27 17.46.11

Why did they build a church on this rock??

2023 06 27 17.52.35


2023 06 27 17.54.00

Needed some photos on the way up!

2023 06 27 18.20.30

A dronephoto of the Rock/cliff, the bay and our boat.


It is steep! And just to let you know: If you have seen Mamma Mia and you think you will see the same church here, no, you will not. This is a much smaller church. Where the church from the film actually is, I don`t know….


The next morning, before everyone else came to the bay (almost, there were a couple before us) we had a morning exercise up to the church:

Unfortunately it was not nice to swim here, it was a lot of dirt in the sea.

2023 06 27 19.06.40

We sailed south again, and anchored first outside the harbour of the town.

2023 06 28 12.56.24

But after a while we realized it would be a lot of swell there, and it was a lot of space in the harbour.

2023 06 28 12.56.29

And, do you know, it is 1 year since we started this journey?? We had to celebrate with a nice dinner!

2023 06 28 19.58.19

If you haven`t followed us since the beginning, here is the first post after we had our splashday and start our journey:

We went to this restaurant, Nostos, wich was really nice!

2023 06 28 20.47.44

It was some windy days in Skopelos so we stayed a lot in the boat, but we had to explore the town before we left. The harbour is huge and there is space for many boats. It can be a bit rolly for the boats which are furthest out because the big ferries coming into the harbour. But that is only through the day.

2023 06 29 17.31.40

Skopelos town is laying like an amfi theater, so it is worth walking up the hill to get the view. You can start by the church at the end of the harbour.

2023 06 29 17.33.31

The church seen from above.

2023 06 29 17.33.48

Nice decorations in the window.

2023 06 29 17.37.12b

Someone wrote about a restaurant on the top of the hill, driven by an elderly couple. I think it has to be this!

2023 06 29 17.37.27b

A really nice place. I guess it is full here in the evening.

2023 06 29 17.37.20

The view!

2023 06 29 17.39.47

Another nice restaurant on the top of the hill.

2023 06 29 17.41.07

…like an amfi theatre…

2023 06 29 17.41.57

Yes it is nice walking around in town in a dress, but when you are “running up the hill” it is better to wear something comfortable! (I think!)

2023 06 29 17.45.35

A beautiful pink hibiscus!

2023 06 29 18.00.50b

And the bouganvilla is the most beautiful flower!

2023 06 29 18.03.53


2023 06 29 18.04.02

The next morning I went for shopping/and photo while Astor prepared the boat for sailing.

2023 06 29 18.07.20

It is most touristic shops, and I think it was expencive. But it was nice to have a walk around.

2023 06 29 18.08.15

I really liked Skopelos town, hope to go back here! It is best from 11 – 15 after all the charterboats are gone and the new one is coming in.

2023 06 30 10.00.05

The harbour

2023 06 30 10.01.38

The harbour and a lot of restaurants.

2023 06 30 10.03.22

The church where you can start you walk up the hill.

2023 06 30 11.14.47

The harbour


Skopelos town, laying like an amfi theatre.


A video from Skopelos:

We sailed to the northwest coast of Skiathos and anchored in the beautiful bay of Ligaries and got a stunnning sunset.

2023 06 30 20.29.42

It was three boats anchoring there. The boat in the middle is a couple from Switserland who we met in Skopelos, and the boat to the left is an Australian boat. And the couple there, Patrice and Greg, had the same plan as us the next morning. We met them on the beach 8.00 and we both had the plan to walk the Magic Forrest. So why not walk together?

2023 07 01 08.02.00

I read about Magic Forrest and I have seen some videos from there, but I thought we couldn`t see the river in the summer. It is so dry in summertime…

2023 07 01 08.09.03

It was really amazing! And all the trees made shadow for us.

2023 07 01 08.13.10

You need enough time to open your eyes and have a look around, it is so many spectacular trees there!

2023 07 01 08.13.47

I guess many of them are really old.

2023 07 01 08.20.45


2023 07 01 08.20.55

And there were running waters!!

2023 07 01 08.21.02

Astor exploring an old tree.

2023 07 01 08.21.58

It was also possible to go inside!

2023 07 01 08.22.29

It is always nice to share experiences together!

2023 07 01 08.30.17

Running water!

2023 07 01 08.32.24

Have you tried Geo-caching? I read somewhere it is three caches in Magic Forrest.

2023 07 01 08.37.13

A nice view from the hill down to where we started the hike.

2023 07 01 08.48.22

Nice trail all the way!

2023 07 01 08.53.23

And a lot of green trees!

2023 07 01 09.08.31

Our small boats…

2023 07 01 09.12.38

On the end we walked on a gravel road and met a gate in front of some apartments. But it was possible to open up and walk through.

2023 07 01 09.23.25

Greg, me and Patrice! Nice to meet you, hope to see you again somewhere!

2023 07 01 09.34.57

A video from this amazing hike:

Here is tracking for Magic Forrest:

364207350 588779156529172 4455587869028069151 nb

And from there we left the Sporades for this time. We are sailing up to Chalkidiki to prepare holiday for our fosterdaughter Miriam who is flying in to Thessaloniki. We had a beautiful afternoon sail with gennaker.

2023 07 01 20.26.59

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