Skyros is also not the most famous Greek island. But it is really worth a visit. Specially visit the Chora, the old town. We arrived Skyros very early in the morning, before sunrise, and anchored in the first bay on the south coast. We slept for some hours and then sailed further on to Port of Liniria.

2023 06 21 17.45.28

Liniria is a small place, but you can find restaurants and a supermarket, and the marina is the best marina so far in Greece! We tried to call them on VHF but they didn`t answered. But one guy came out in a dinghy and told us where to go, and one guy was ashore to take our lines. After 5 minutes the guy in the dinghy came to the boat with maps and information about the marina, in Norwegian!!

And ashore you will find all the information you need. There is showers and laundry (self service). You can also find a trolley to use to the supermarket or whatever. From here you can also take the boat to the mainland.

2023 06 21 17.48.14

Only a few meters from the boat to the nearest restaurant.

2023 06 21 17.47.58

Space for up to ten boats, depends on the size.

2023 06 21 17.48.18

Since we had a plan to stay here only one night we decided to go ashore to have dinner.

2023 06 21 20.28.06 1

A cozy small place.

2023 06 21 20.53.30

You can also take a walk up the hill if you like to exercise. Too hot today!

2023 06 21 20.53.58

A popular restaurant next to the boat.

2023 06 21 21.19.52

It is not space for 10 boats if you have a yacht like this on next to us. They went ashore on a short trip in the evening, so I am not sure why they needed to go into the marina and not anchoring… I guess they paid a lot for this place..

2023 06 21 21.20.15

Next morning we woke up early, (actually it was our neighbour in the yacht who woke us up when they started everything to prepare to leave the marina) and without breakfast we took the bus to Chora 07.30 am… The next bus was around noon and that was not a question. (because you won`t go anywhere in the middle of the day because of the heat) Chora is the main/old town on all islands in Greece. The bus took around 20 minuts. It could be possible to walk over and then take a bus back, but most of the roads in Greece is not made for walking…

Our plan was to visit the monastery and the castle up on the hill first in the morning, because it would be warmer later. So we walked in small, narrow streets. Wasn`t that a nice sailboat?

2023 06 22 08.01.47

And just around the corner we found another one.

2023 06 22 08.02.41

Up in the hill we got this view to the north.

2023 06 22 08.10.45

At the monastery it was no activity. You have to walk through the monastery to come to the castle. The sign said it was only open after 10.30 but we tried anyway. It was no gate so we could go through. We could walk around like it was open.

2023 06 22 08.15.14

This flower is so beautiful!

2023 06 22 08.16.22

This is an very old church, build around 895 AD. The church served as a seat for the bishop of the island from 895 to 1837, the year the last bishop, Skyros Gregory, died. The church was restored in 1960 but a earthquake in 1981 and 2001 destroyed the building again.

2023 06 22 08.21.52

The view from the top of the hill to the north where we came from with the bus.

2023 06 22 08.24.03

On the top of the hill.


Inside the building on the top of the hill.

2023 06 22 08.27.51

Inside one of the churches on the hill.

2023 06 22 08.28.55

And inside another one.

2023 06 22 08.29.46

The Greek flag

2023 06 22 08.29.55

Dronephoto of the town and the castle/monastery on the hill!


Me, with the Chora behind me.

2023 06 22 09.10.13

Skyros town, Chora.


The castle and the monastery.


A nice path inside the castle.

2023 06 22 09.11.35

In the monastery. A lot of nice flowers. Very quiet there this morning, maybe too early?

2023 06 22 09.17.50b

I really like it when they decorates their houses with a lot of flowers. You feel so welcome!

2023 06 22 09.22.47

After walking up the hill I was sweaty!

2023 06 22 09.25.49

On the way down the stairs again.

2023 06 22 09.26.50

Small, narrow “streets”.

2023 06 22 09.26.58

And the bouganvilla is amazing!

2023 06 22 09.28.52

Another house with a lot of decoration outside. You feel you can sit down here for a break!

2023 06 22 09.29.30

Ready for breakfast!


I wish we could have had more time here, it was a nice town. But it was too hot to wander around.

2023 06 22 09.30.24

Stunning. Iris?

2023 06 22 09.39.39

After coming down we were ready for breakfast and found sandwich and egg and bacon. And fresh orange juice.

2023 06 22 09.59.43

We had breakfast at this restaurant, on the square.



2023 06 22 10.38.58

Not much people to see, too early yet?

2023 06 22 10.49.22

Nice decorations in one of the streets.

2023 06 22 10.58.07


2023 06 22 10.59.56

A nice couple in the shadow… 🙂


A lot of steps

2023 06 22 11.00.09

It was hard to find a place to take a photo from the town up to the hill.

2023 06 22 11.31.12

Some shops in the main street.

2023 06 22 12.21.59

You can use old/empty oil cans for many things.

2023 06 22 12.54.00

The bus-station… The bus stops here, he can not drive through old town.

2023 06 22 12.54.27

Back to the harbour we decided to leave to go on anchor a bit further north. We received a message from a Finish couple, Tuula and Pekka, who invited us to celebrate mid summer on Alonissos the next day. Of course we had to go there!

2023 06 22 16.33.48

And yes, I found a new dress in a shop in Chora. Not much to shop there, but Astor saw a sign with “50 % discount”… and I had to go inside and check it out.. I really loved this dress. But I can`t eat when I wear it… hihi…

2023 06 22 19.08.24

Here is a video from Chora:

After staying in a calm bay one night we sailed the next day to Alonissos. Check out our next post when we also visited the “Mamma Mia” church. Have you seen the movie? I have.. not sure how many times…


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