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Samos part 1 – Phytagorion and Profiti Ilias

We stayed in Klima Beach for a couple of days. It was quiet and a nice beach with clean water. The weather is getting warmer and if we are doing a hike we need to do it early in the morning, or in the evening. Every day we start with a 0,5 l of water, before we do anything else. When we stayed in Klima Beach we did a morning hike/run before breakfast. It is not much traffic here so you have the road for yourselves. We went from our bay over to the next one; Posedonio. This is a bigger village, but not more than a couple of restaurants and a small supermarket.

2023 06 04 08.38.27

We walked along the beach through the village and continued up to the hill to Agios Nicholaos church.

2023 06 04 08.38.44

It was open so we could have a look inside.

2023 06 04 08.39.45

From the village to the church there is a long stair. I sent Astor first so he could remove all spiderwebs…

2023 06 04 08.41.12


2023 06 04 08.42.35

Small fishing harbour.

2023 06 04 08.43.47

The next day we did the same, but instead of walking along the beach we followed the main road and walked to the next beach, Paralia Sidiras. We got a nice view down to Posedonio. Better colours this day.

2023 06 05 08.49.39

The beach we went to was not that nice so we walked back to Posedonio, via the church.

2023 06 05 09.12.27

Beautiful colours!!

2023 06 05 09.15.08


It was time to move on and we sailed west to Pythagorion. We sailed first into the harbour so i could get some nice photos.

2023 06 06 08.54.41

I think this would be a nice place to stay for a night or two, but more busy because of all the restaurants. And it is a lot more expencive than staying on anchor!

2023 06 06 08.54.48

We had a plan to anchor west of the castle and just have a daystop here.

2023 06 06 09.03.10

No one else were anchoring there and it was quite easy to find sand to put the anchor down.

2023 06 06 10.34.02

We walked first to the castle and to this beautiful Church of the Transfiguration of Christ the Savior in the Castle of Lycourgos Logothetes… what a name…

2023 06 06 10.39.02

With a beautiful cementary outside.

2023 06 06 10.39.11

Then we walked further on in to town of Pythagorion.

2023 06 06 10.45.10

I wanted to visit the “Blue street”, thats why I wear my blue dress that day…. but here I should wear a pink one…

2023 06 06 10.49.28

So much pritty flowers!

2023 06 06 10.49.53

It is not easy to find the “Blue street”, but if you use google maps you will find it. I thought it would be a street full of people, but we saw only a few…

20230606 105020

Not only the street which is blue…

2023 06 06 10.50.11

It was a really nice place to walk around!

2023 06 06 10.50.46

“Welcome to the blue street”

2023 06 06 10.51.05

BUT…. when you have an attraction like this, you have to keep it nice and clean. It looks like they haven`t been painting for years…

2023 06 06 10.52.16

It is amazing with the blue ocean behind!

2023 06 06 10.52.30

Blue – blue – blue!

20230606 105254

No people to see.

2023 06 06 10.54.03

Many blue details.

20230606 105436

Blue bottles!

2023 06 06 10.54.27

After walking around in the Blue Street we continued down to the harbour.

2023 06 06 10.57.32

Pythagorion is a really beautiful place! Unfortunately not many sailboats in the harbour, it should be full here!

2023 06 06 10.58.28

Many restaurants along the seaside of the town.

2023 06 06 10.58.43

Seen from the other side of the bay.

2023 06 06 11.05.16

The War Memorial.

2023 06 06 11.05.40

Statue of Pythagoras. Pythagoras of Samos was born 570 BC and he was an ancient Ionian Greek philosopher and the eponymous founder of Pythagoreanism.

2023 06 06 11.07.28

On the other side of the pier with the war memorial and the statue of Pythagoras you will find a nice small beach.

2023 06 06 11.08.53

It is also possible to walk steps if you like to exercise! This is much steaper than it looks like on the photo.

2023 06 06 11.14.23

And the flower of Bouganvilla is amazing now.

2023 06 06 11.15.51

Some shopping, restaurants, and nice buildings.

2023 06 06 11.17.23

One of the restaurants. We didn`t had a stop for food here because we planned to sail further on to our next stop.

2023 06 06 11.20.02

The airport was close to our anchorage!

2023 06 06 12.05.31

We got company of a Danish catamarn while we were ashore. Astor was back in the boat picking up our trolley to go to the supermarket.

2023 06 06 12.15.46

It was 2 km to the supermarket Sklavenitis, but it was worth it, because they had Pepsi Max!!! But it was hard to walk back again… don`t forget it is 30 degrees… (we haven`t found Pepsi Max for many weeks on all the small islands)

2023 06 06 14.07.44

A video from Pythagorion:

Profiti Ilias

We sailed to Tsopela Beach. We were worried about the swell, but no other boats, so we could tie up ashore.

2023 06 07 06.56.34

From the anchorage we could see a church on the top of the mountain and decided that next morning we should go up there before breakfast (but with breakfast in our backpack). It was a long trail, 6 km one way, but we hoped we could manage all the way to the summit!

2023 06 07 06.57.23

Start walking up the hill we soon got a view down to the boat.

2023 06 07 07.06.55

A cabin/shelter, on the way.

2023 06 07 07.08.56

It was a nice gravel road almost the whole way, so it was easy to walk. This is 6.30 in the morning…

2023 06 07 07.14.00
2023 06 07 07.15.16

And we`re getting better and better view!

2023 06 07 07.18.21

We are going up to the top! Still only half way up…

2023 06 07 07.34.30

Quite upen road so we couldn`t hide from the sun.

2023 06 07 08.19.59

Finally I found a place to have a snack! In the shade and a nice view up to the monastery. We will pass that later!

20230607 080931

Better road now for a while!

2023 06 07 08.20.31

And finally we reach the monastery!

2023 06 07 08.47.18

We didn`t want to get inside because many dogs were barking. Right after the monastery there was a farm and from there two dogs came, also barking. We could see the first one was friendly, and he only wanted some cuddle. The other one stopped, it looked like he didn`t like people… So if you are afraid of dogs… maybe this is not the hike for you.

2023 06 07 08.47.55

Right after the farm we took off from the “main road”. We could see the church in the distance, not far away!

2023 06 07 09.13.33

A forrest turtle on our way!

2023 06 07 09.16.15

We`re up!! The boat is really small down there! You can see all the serpentines we walked!

2023 06 07 10.26.32

My back was tired so I had to lie down!

20230607 094458

Profiti Ilias church, on the top, as so many other places in Greece!

2023 06 07 10.24.54

Inside the church.

20230607 094713

The church, and our boat.

20230607 102802

The trail from the monastery to the church is not very steep, only the last part.

20230607 101454

Beautiful yellow flowers on the way back.

2023 06 07 10.44.06

It was a long hike but very nice. After we came back to the boat we hoisted the anchor and sailed to the next bay. It is hard to see the church on the top over there….

2023 06 07 16.39.31

Here is a video from todays hike!

We sailed over to Samiopoula, only an hour or two. We anchored in the bay on the north east side of the island, with lines ashore. In the evening we walked over the island to have a glas of wine in the sunset. We deserves that after todays long hike!

2023 06 07 19.44.03b

And what a beautiful sunset!

2023 06 07 20.03.46

We will continue exploring Samos in our next post!


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