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Lipsi og Patmos


We left Leros in the morning and sailed north to Lipsi. Lipsi is a quite small island and we did not have a plan to explore that much. We anchored in a big bay on the south cost of the island. Really nice and crystal clear water.

The next morning we went to town by foot. Up the hill and down the hill, and the same on the way back of course. You can see Felizia between the small island and shore.

2023 05 30 10.03.58

It is also possible to anchor in the bay of the village on Lipsi.

2023 05 30 10.16.30

The beginning of the village.

2023 05 30 10.22.59

Lipsi town is a cozy small place and I wish we could spend more days here.

2023 05 30 10.23.06

Fishermens working!

2023 05 30 10.24.23

Stairs to the top of the village.

2023 05 30 10.38.57


2023 05 30 10.39.54


2023 05 30 10.42.09

On the top of the hill it is a nice view.

2023 05 30 10.44.59


2023 05 30 10.47.11

If you don`t wan`t to anchor you can moor at the city quay.

2023 05 30 10.50.20

Lipsi town seen from the city quay.

2023 05 30 10.50.33

After some shopping at the pharmacy and the supermarket we went back to the boat. On the way (we went a different way back) we saw this small church which was decorated for some reason.

2023 05 30 11.21.08

A video from Lipsi:

After a night on Lipsi we start sailing to Patmos. It was a beautiful weather and I could relaxe on deck most of the journey.

2023 05 30 12.46.47


Someone told us we should go to Petra Beach, but it was hard to find a good anchoring spot there, so we went to Grikos instead, just the next bay. Here we found bouys and used one of them for a night.

2023 05 30 18.57.25

We would not stay there for more than one night, it was to rolly when the ferry was passing. We made pizza in the evening and used only half of the pizza filling. While we were eating a huge swell came into the bay and the whole pizza filling felt on the floor…. no more pizza tomorrow…

2023 05 31 10.35.20

In the morning we took the dinghy ashore to have a walk up to the old town. Krikos is a small place with some restaurants and a beach.

2023 05 31 10.35.26

I don`t know what kind of flower this is, but it is so beautiful!

2023 05 31 10.40.42

We walked through the village and crossed the main road. Then we found the path going up the hill.

2023 05 31 10.41.50

A nice walk, but I guess it is not much people using this trail. You can see the old town on the top of the hill.

2023 05 31 10.51.45

In the old town it is small, narrow streets with a lot of nice details.

2023 05 31 11.23.19

Not much people to see, but we saw a group of people having a painting course there.



2023 05 31 11.24.25

Nice door 🙂 And I saw later the name over the door. Our home municipality`s name was Flora before they changed it to Kinn.

2023 05 31 11.24.46


2023 05 31 11.27.44


2023 05 31 11.30.43


2023 05 31 11.34.52

A lot of churches in old town.


It is a sleapy old town, not much to see or do, but it is nice and quiet, and you can explore the monastery on the top of the castle. (we didn`t go there, because we had to pay, and we have seen some through our journey…

2023 05 31 11.37.39b

The view from the castle down to Patmos town.

2023 05 31 11.44.23

The outside of the castle.

2023 05 31 11.52.29

How can they live without soil??

2023 05 31 12.20.58


2023 05 31 12.21.12

After exploring the old town we walked to Profiti Ilias church on the next hill. First down the hill from old town and then up the hill to the church.

2023 05 31 12.34.20

We passed some churches on our way. You can see Profiti Ilias on the top of the hill.

2023 05 31 12.37.00

The trail started on a gravel road before it went over to a nice path.


Almost there!

2023 05 31 12.47.47

The view from Profiti Ilias to the old town.

2023 05 31 13.04.56

Nice view fom the top of the hill!

2023 05 31 13.23.43

Unfortunately the church was closed and it was hard to find a place to have a rest with a view. But we went to the other side of the church and found some rocks to sit on.

2023 05 31 13.29.23

Monastery of Annunciation of St. Angel’s. We didn`t god there but we saw it from the trail.

2023 05 31 13.33.31

You have to walk through this fence to walk down to Grikos again.

2023 05 31 14.00.00

On the way down. Felizia is still in the bay!

2023 05 31 14.08.35

A video from todays hike:

It was a nice walk up the trail to the old town. We decided not to stay in this bay longer, so we sailed to Meli, a beautiful bay north of Patmos town. It was nice to have a swim there, and it was an okay distance to town.

2023 05 31 15.06.58

We walked to town to explore and to do some shopping.

2023 06 01 10.24.01


2023 06 01 10.40.51

We had a plan to sail north but because of the weather forcast we decided to moor in Patmos town for a night or two. When all the charter boats are gone there is a lot of space.

2023 06 03 10.29.51

Patmos is not the most touristic place, very quiet. You will find everything you need there, shops, food and restaurants.

2023 06 03 11.28.16


2023 06 03 11.28.22

After two nights in Patmos town the weather came down and we were ready to sail to Samos. We met some boats right after we left Patmos. It is so nice to see boats with gennaker/spinnaker.

2023 06 03 13.48.11


2023 06 03 13.51.10

We left Patmos:


We sailed to Klima beach on the southeast coast of Samos. Beautiful and quiet place.

2023 06 03 19.08.00

Samos is very close to Türkiye and the high mountain you can see is on the other side of the border. The Turkish coast guard controlled the border.

2023 06 03 19.08.50

We got the full moon over the Türkish mountain!

2023 06 03 21.01.10

I am really exiting about exploring Samos. I have heard that this is a beautiful island, so check out our next post about Samos!!

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