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Exploring Leros together with our Swedish friends!


Ingela and Lars arrived on Leros yesterday and it was nice to see them again. We had a plan to explore the war museum and do a hike the next day, and they wanted to join us (as usual 🙂 )

We mooved from the anchorage the day before, to the town quay. It is free to stay there and it is also free water. We needed to fill up our tanks so we decided to stay there for a couple of days.

This buildings is on the town quay, build by the Italians.

2023 05 23 11.28.43

You can see this is not a Greek style.

2023 05 23 11.30.59

We walked west from Lakki to the War Museum. It is not open the whole day, so check out when it is open before going there.

2023 05 23 11.46.45

We are walking along the main road, but it was not much traffic.

2023 05 23 11.46.58

Can you see Astor??

2023 05 23 11.47.41

This building is right where you are taking to the right from the main road.

2023 05 23 11.48.15

The war museum is inside a tunnel. It is a little bit hard to see, but outside you will see a fighter and trucks from the war.

2023 05 23 11.54.27

It is an interesting museum and it is worth a visit. You can see a movie from the war with an explanation about what happened.

2023 05 23 12.00.31

Some instruments from the hospital.

2023 05 23 12.00.49

A uniform.

2023 05 23 12.02.05

They have been collected a lot of stuff, also from private houses on the island.

2023 05 23 12.02.57

A pilot uniform from a Greek pilot.

2023 05 23 12.19.55


2023 05 23 12.20.15


2023 05 23 12.21.19


2023 05 23 12.22.42

Trucks on the outside.

2023 05 23 12.25.17


2023 05 23 12.25.35

Are you wondering why Ingela stands under the wing of the plane? It was raining a little bit 🙂 But it was the only drops on our hike.

2023 05 23 12.26.28


2023 05 23 12.26.34

The entrance of the museum.

2023 05 23 12.33.54

We walked further on to the west on suddenly a dog started to follow us. No barking or anything, just started to walk together with us.

2023 05 23 13.03.11

We walked up in the hill and after a while we had a view back to Lakka.

2023 05 23 13.06.55

A beautiful butterfly!

2023 05 23 13.17.23

We are used to look after cairns when we are hiking and this one was easy to see, a big one!

2023 05 23 13.21.51

The dog looked after us all the way and made sure we were together.

2023 05 23 13.26.28

It was a nice path all the way, not hard to find or walk.

2023 05 23 13.39.20

Almost on the top, with a lot of remains after the war.

2023 05 23 13.58.36


2023 05 23 13.59.58

At the top of Patella Hill you will find the Parabolic Acoustic Mirror. It is a rare example of structural aerophone with 360-degree reception, consisting of three parabolic sectors, functionally independent and equipped with an assosiated listening notch, focused on the sector where the operator enter in order to hear any approaching enemy aircraft.

2023 05 23 14.00.41

Lars and Astor inside the Parabolic Acoustic mirror.

2023 05 23 14.01.25


2023 05 23 14.10.23

It was a nice area to walk around and have a rest.

2023 05 23 14.14.42

And a lot of ruins from the war.

2023 05 23 14.15.15

The dog watch the goats coming. He stayed with us for a while but then he run to them. But he didn`t run after them, justed stopped and controlled them.

2023 05 23 14.30.44

We gave him some water when we had our lunch break. He was very happy for that. It was a long walk and now it was our responsibility to take him back to his property.

2023 05 23 14.43.05

Some of the goats escaped.

2023 05 23 14.45.00

Nice view to the bay of Lakka.

2023 05 23 15.12.04

We met a huge group of goats and sheeps on the way back, and still, the dog was not running after them. This was the most amazing dog I have seen ever. Specially Ingela and I was almost sad when he walked back to his owner.

2023 05 23 15.30.59

A video from our hike. Look at the end where the dog have a swim because he was warm!


2023 05 23 18.58.43

It was time to leave Lakka, but not Leros. We sailed to the bay on the northern side of Leros. Here you can see the town quay. It is free to stay there, and free water. Nice place!

2023 05 24 14.02.42

Blefouti Bay, on the northern side, is absolutely stunning and a quiet place. One of the best restaurants on the island.

2023 05 25 12.38.20

The next day we saailed to the eastern side of Leros, to Vromolithos beach, close to Panteli. Baravara with Ingela and Lars was still together with us.

2023 05 25 15.41.48

Nice place to anchor, and nice view to the windmills.

2023 05 25 19.05.27

We had a walk to Agia Marina. On our way I found theese octopus!

2023 05 26 13.29.21

Amazing blue tree!

20230526 134610 01


2023 05 26 13.46.44

Someone told us we could find the best pita gyros in Agia Marina, so we stopped there to eat lunch together.

2023 05 26 15.29.47

The bay seen from the top of the hill in Panteli. Also two other boats joined us. Both of them friends to Ingela and Lars. Entanche with Ellis and Roy from Netherland and Toboggan with Robin and Gisela from Canada.

2023 05 26 16.10.48

Etanche has a Youtube channel and here is the episode from Leros where we met them.

We had planned dinner together with Ingela and Lars so we invited the other boats as well.

2023 05 26 20.29.27

The same day we got an invitation to a pool party!! You can`t miss things like that. It was the Norwegian guy Gunnar, who we met on 17th of May, who invited us to his house. So we sailed around the corner to Agia Marina.

2023 05 27 10.14.39

Ingela and Lars come also with us. And we didn`t regret! What a place!! We had a swim before the other guests arrived.

2023 05 27 13.25.29

And then it was barbeque. It was people from the whole world, Italy, France, USA, Jordan, Slovenia, and then Sweden and Norway. So many interesting people!!

2023 05 27 14.33.36

The house had a huge kitchen/livingroom, and two ensuite bedrooms. And all the interior was amazing.

2023 05 27 14.33.49

All of us brought something to barbeque and it was a lot of food!!

2023 05 27 14.56.19

We had some good discussions around the table.

2023 05 27 15.11.14

And the view over the bay was amazing! Luckily for Ingela and Lars, because we saw their boat were dragging. So Lars and Astor run down to take care of that. Another Norwegian boat was also in the bay and they saw what was happening, so they took their dinghy over to the Swedish boat. But everything was looked so he couldn`t do anything. But it went well!

2023 05 27 15.11.21

Someone had birthday, and it was a bit windy so it was hard to light the candle!

2023 05 27 16.38.25

Some of the interior of the house.

2023 05 27 17.34.40

Thanks Gunnar for the invitation, it was a memorable moment!

This is the bay where we anchored, and Gunnars house is up in the hill in the middle of the photo.

2023 05 28 12.11.29

The week together with Ingela and Lars come to an end 🙁 It is a beautiful couple to spend time together with! The last day we went to the bay on the northern side again, and went to the restaurant to have our last dinner together, so far!

2023 05 28 18.41.07

Not much people at the restaurant but very good food!

2023 05 28 19.03.46

A quiet evening in the bay.

2023 05 28 20.28.47

Ingela and Lars is rowing back to their boat. See you later somewhere! Wish you a nice summer in Sweden!

2023 05 28 20.30.39

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