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Hiking and Easter celebration on Symi

Hiking to Monastery of Life Giving Fountain

From our boat we could see the monastery up in the hill, and wanted to do a hike up there. We didn`t found this trail on alltrails.com, but saw on the map it should be a path from the beach. The startingpoint is at the same place as we started to walk up to old town.

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After a while we went to the left, passing by a small church. Before coming up to a small farm we walked to the left again. It was not possible to see if it was actually a path there, but we tried..

2023 04 12 15.11.00

I think that in the summer it would not be possible to walk here because you would not see the path.

2023 04 12 15.15.14

We passed by the Ancient Fortification Drakos, but we didn` t go inside. It is not much to see there.

2023 04 12 15.16.15

From the path we had a beautiful view to the old town.

2023 04 12 15.17.37

Many nice flowers and the smell of herbs.. We picked some oregano.

2023 04 12 15.21.06

When we come up in the hill we came to a road and we passed by a farm.

2023 04 12 15.22.55

Almost every family has a church, so there is many of them!

20230412 152901

We walked through the forrest from Pedi Bay.

2023 04 12 15.34.34


2023 04 12 15.43.13

We walked up to the main road and walked a couple of serpentine turns before we took off the main road on the left side. There is a big church in the beginning of this road so you can`t walk wrong. It was people in the graveyard so I didn`t take photos there. We met theese goats on our way. They were curious about us 🙂

2023 04 12 15.44.13

The concrete road continues in the hill.

2023 04 12 15.49.50

A nice view down to the old town and to Pedi Bay, where we started this hike.

2023 04 12 15.53.40

And a lot of stones…

2023 04 12 15.55.01

Unfortunately when we arrived at the monastery it was not possible to get inside. But we had at least a hike!

2023 04 12 16.02.17

They don`t need much soil to live…

2023 05 05 11.58.01

We walked back to the main road and entered the old town. This is a place you can walk for hours. It is so many interesting things, narrow streets and old buildings to see.

2023 04 12 16.30.07

You have to imagine how it was for the kids to run around in theese streets.

2023 04 12 16.33.45

The beautiful church of Agiou Athanasiou

2023 04 12 16.38.31

Inside the church

2023 04 12 16.40.06

Through the narrow streets

2023 04 12 16.50.02

Has been a beautiful staircase once..

2023 04 12 16.51.55

Can you see the monastery up there?

2023 04 12 17.02.10

This flower (I wrote about it in the last post) can be really huge!

20230412 171334

Here is the aroundtrip we had:

Uten navn

A video from this nice hike:

The next day we were ready for a new hike. This time we took the bus to the town and started to walk from the harbour. And it is one thing to say; it is up, and up, and up… step by step…

2023 04 13 09.51.05

But when you are going up a steep hill you are awarded with amazing view pritty soon!

2023 04 13 09.53.58

And we were thinking about all the people who had walked the same steps to their houses…

2023 04 13 09.59.06

You can see all the steps from the bottom of the town

2023 04 13 10.00.39

The view to the town (left) and to Pedi bay (right), old town in the middle.

2023 04 13 10.14.30

Spring, and perfect temperature for hiking!

2023 04 13 10.15.10

I can`t get enough of this beautiful town!

2023 04 13 10.16.32

We are up in the hill and have finished the hardest part of this trail.

2023 04 13 10.19.17

In the background you can see Türkiye, not far away!

2023 04 13 10.44.10

This trail is on the northern part of the island and here we are on the northwestern part. Also Türkiye in the background.

2023 04 13 11.01.09

We were thinking about going down to the bay it the end of the road, but we had still a distance to walk, and we met Liza and Frits (from our neighboar boat) on the bus, and invited them for dinner, so suddenly we didn`t had the whole day for walking.

2023 04 13 11.21.57

After walking on the main road for a while we had to find the trail again, and that was not easy. We actually passed it and had to walk back a little bit to find it. On the video down below you can see where it started.

2023 04 13 11.28.24

A beautiful area to walk through and a lots of herbs! I can`t tell you what this is, we found it in the middle of the trail.

2023 04 13 11.40.02

It was almost impossible to see this small turtle on the path, so cute 🙂

2023 04 13 11.43.31

Here we are on the eastern side, this bay looked so beautiful, but we didn`t had the time to go down there. We had a plan to go there later.

2023 04 13 11.56.22

The trail is going up in the hill.

2023 04 13 12.00.06

When we came close to the town we lost the trail but we found another one, so finally we were back on track!

2023 04 13 12.22.01

A video from the hike:

We had a plan to leave Symi at this point, but then Frits and Liza told us about the easter celebration in the town and we decided to go there.

20230416 095005

The easter celebration on Symi is really huge and there is at least two fireworks as we saw. But for a weeks or two it is dynamite and firecrackers every day. Friday evening it was a firework from the old town:

Then we had a day with bad weather so we stayed in the boat the whole day.

Sunday it is the big Easter Finale! Be prepared! First we had a short walk in the harbour, just to see what was happening. I wear a dress my mother knitted for me and sent to Cyprus when we were there. I really liked it, thanks mum!

2023 04 16 09.56.49

There is a steep stair in the harbour and we had to check it out. We saw a lot of people going up there, but they also came down again the same way. It just stopped in front of a private house.

2023 04 16 10.05.49

From the top of the stair.

20230416 100133

Quite steep!

20230416 100249

No comment!

20230416 100704

Sunday morning in it was still quiet.

2023 04 16 10.11.36

Maybe a lot of people went to church…

2023 04 16 10.25.02

Or they were grilling a lamb. The Mayor of Symi offered 20 lambs for grilling, and the whole community was invited to taste.

2023 04 16 13.18.11

After tasting the lamb (which was excellent), we were invited over to Liza and Frits` boat. Their friend Marilyn (living on Symi), had made a traditional greek dish for us. Her kids was also there. It was delicious!

2023 04 16 14.43.27

And later that evening it was dancing and a huge firework!

You can also check out the video Frits made from the celebration:

The next day we only went ashore to get bread and on the way back to the boat we found this beautiful stair!

2023 04 17 10.24.15

And then it was time to leave Symi! It has been an amazing week there and we would love to come back one day. It was also very nice to get to known Liza and Frits. Maybe we will meet again…

2023 04 17 11.16.06

The next week we will stay in the vulcanic island of Nisyros!

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