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We sailed west to Ayia Napa and Cape Greco

Sunset at St.Rafael Marina

It was our last day in St.Rafael Marina. It was beautiful and warm weather and we relaxed in the boat. We did a short walk to the beach to see the sunset in the afternoon.

2023 02 28 17.06.01

A cat wanted to walk together with us.

2023 02 28 17.09.33

Beautiful sunset. The blocks are in Limassol. It is a promenade all the way into Limassol, 14 km, and it is also easy to take the bus to town.

2023 02 28 17.12.48b

The marina office is at the first floor in this building. Restaurant in the ground floor. Athina at the marina office will help you with everything. It is easy to check in and the neighbours in the marina is very nice.

2023 03 01 09.33.09

On the other side of the marina you will find toilets and shower. Need a renovation, so we didn`t used it.

2023 03 01 09.33.15

It is Wednesday 1th of March and we were excited to meet friends from Norway! We visited the cathedral and walked through old town.

20230301 104400


20230301 105559

Oddvar, Anne Berit and me. Anne Berit was my boss when I worked in the travel agency in Førde 20 years ago. I haven`t seen them for a while so it was really nice to see them again. They were travelling on a cruise from Dubai to Athen and had the day here in Limassol.

20230301 122155

When we came back to the boat we moved out from the marina, and anchored right outside.

20230301 162650

We decided to sail further east on the island but first we wanted to visit the ancient city Amathus, close to the marina. On the way we met this beautiful cat.

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It was 1,5 km to walk on along the sea. You have to walk past the ancient city before crossing under the main road and then walk a little bit back again. It is sign everywhere, easy to find.

20230302 111311

Nice view towards Limassol.

20230302 111616b

Amathus was an ancient city and one of the ancient royal cities of Cyprus until about 300 BC

20230302 112014

If you are interesting in more of this history you can check out Cyprusisland.net

20230302 112107

In this area you can walk in all year around, for free.

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20230302 112628


20230302 112659

From the top of the hill you can see towards the inland.

20230302 112800


20230302 112825

Not much information on this site, but I guess this has been a cathedral once. With a stunning view!

20230302 112849

You can see St.Rafael Marina in the middle of this photo.

20230302 113104

This place, further down along the main road, is closed and you have to pay to go inside. We didn`t wanna do that because we didn`t had that much time.

20230302 113339

Along the promenade on the way back.

20230302 115011

The harbour of the ancient city was here and if you are diving you can see the remains.

20230302 115658b

I put this photo of Astor on different groups on facebook and of course on my profile, both facebook and instagram, and I got more than 1000 likes.

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From there we sailed over to Larnaca. We stayed in Larnaca for two nights but it was hard to get ashore with the dinghy so now photos from there. We wanted to stay in the marina, but then we had to book a berth 3 days in advance. And the marina is one of the most expensive one in Cyprus.

Konnos Bay

After Larnaka we sailed to Konnos Bay on the eastcoast of Cyprus. When it is westerly winds this is a perfect spot. As long as we stayed there (three weeks) we only had one rolly night when the wind came from east. But this is a really beautifull place and I guess it is a lot of boats (most locals) here in the summer.

2023 03 06 11.48.26

There is bouys you can tie to, so we put the anchor in the front and then tied up to a bouy in the back, that was perfect.

2023 03 06 16.42.08b

And a perfect thing about staying here – there is trails along the coast, both south and north. It was so beautiful to walk around with all this flowers.

2023 03 06 16.43.37

The first evening we walked north just to have a look, and check out my foot. I sprained my foot in Larnaca when we were ashore to do shopping. No good… This was two days later and my foot was okay.

2023 03 06 16.45.19

It was so nice to walk here. New apartments are ready for the season (but we couldn`t see if it was open now)

20230306 164557


2023 03 06 16.46.24


2023 03 06 16.49.56

Beautiful flowers!

2023 03 06 16.51.02


20230306 165006


20230306 165128


2023 03 06 16.53.11


2023 03 06 16.59.01

First we came to Anthea`s Cave

2023 03 06 17.00.46


2023 03 06 17.01.08


2023 03 06 17.02.53b


2023 03 06 17.06.40

And after that cave we came to Cyclops cave. This only 10 minutes walk from the boat.

20230306 170741


2023 03 06 17.09.01

I don`t look happy… 🙂

20230306 165625


2023 03 06 17.10.01

It was full moon that evening

2023 03 06 17.36.13

We didn`t have to put the anchorlight on that night!

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Cape Greco

The next day we wanted to take an aroundtrip on Cape Greco. I found this on alltrails.com

20230307 091135b

Konnos Bay. In the summer the beach use to be full of people and there is a lot of watersports. There is one restaurant and that was also open now.

20230307 093718 01

It`s easy to find the trail, most of the time…

20230307 094310 01
20230307 094604 01

And there is benches if you need a rest.

20230307 094924 01
20230307 095107 01

In front of the church Ayioi Anargiroi there is a beautiful cave, Zangooly Cave. We were lucky this morning because no one else was there.

20230307 100354 01

It was stairs down to the cave.

20230307 100401

I wanted to come back here when it was wind from the east and maybe at sunrise. That would be magic!

20230307 100622 01


20230307 101035 01

A video from the cave:

The Church

20230307 101547 01

“Love Bridge”. It is not allowed to walk there.

20230307 102555 01

Blue lagoon

20230307 103943 01


20230307 104421 01

Then we walked over to the western side of Cape Greco.

20230307 104541 01

And up in the hill

20230307 104551 01
20230307 105842 01

It is yellow flowers everywhere!

20230307 110223


20230307 110310 01


20230307 110456 01


20230307 110642 01


20230307 111015 01

It can be a bit tricky to find the path up the hill, so you have to follow your gps, and look for signs.

20230307 111413 01


20230307 112506 01


20230307 112540 01

The view towards Ayia Napa

20230307 114422 01

The Sea Caves

20230307 120437 01

On the way back to Konnos Bay. It is gravel roads in crisscross so you can choose where to go.

20230307 124412 01

From the busstop in Konnos Bay you can take the stairs down to the beach instead of follow the road, the road is much longer.

20230307 130136 01

That was the beginning of our stay in Konnos Bay. I will really recommend you to anchor here if it is wind from every direction except east/southeast. Stunning place!


  • Phil Griffin

    Hi Astor and Laila,

    Wow you have travelled a long way since we first met in Erikousa! We visited Cyprus about 3 years ago and stayed at Cape Greco. Some amazing caves and snorkling sites!

    We have now sold our house in Paxos and we are purchasing a smallholding (like a small farm) in Anglesey. We will have ducks, bees, a river with trout and otters and about two hectares of land. If you are ever in Wales then you are welcome to visit.


    • laila.schonhardt

      Hi Phil!

      Strange… Astor asked me yesterday if I had heard from you lately… and there was an email from you! We used 2 days from Cyprus to Rhodes and most of the time we didn`t had any signals. After a rolly night here in Rhodes we are now sailing to Symi. It is already 5 months since we left Rhodes for Türkiye and then Cyprus!
      Anglesey?? I didn`t saw that coming!! We were close by in 2019 when we visited friends in Tanygrisiau. We drove around up to Llandudno and back again along the canal to between the mainland and Anglesey. If we are sailing back to Norway we will definitely have a stop in Wales! It would be so nice to see you again!
      Laila and Astor

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