20230310 114756 01

We hired a car again to explore more of the island!

Walking Konnos Bay to Ayia Napa

We walked over the peninsula to Sea Caves and walked further on along the coastline to Ayia Napa.

2023 03 08 10.30.04

Not far after Sea Caves they have made a promenade.

20230308 103443

It was very nice, but it is also very hard to walk on stones for a long time, so some parts of the promenade we walked along on a gravel road.

2023 03 08 10.35.19

Some places they could have walked around with a hedge shears!

2023 03 08 10.38.36

So many nice flower at this time of the year!

2023 03 08 10.47.14

The view back to Sea Caves and Cape Greco.

2023 03 08 10.48.10

And the view the other direction.

2023 03 08 10.49.47


2023 03 08 11.02.03


2023 03 08 11.04.42

Nearer to the sculpture park it was also sculptures along the sea.

2023 03 08 11.08.29

An old bridge with colours and a fence covered with locks.

2023 03 08 11.15.37

And a heart in the fence.

2023 03 08 11.16.01

Bridge of lovers, close to Ayia Napa.

2023 03 08 11.21.48

After the Bridge of Lovers you can walk along the beach, or you can walk up to the main road to the city center. In Ayia Napa we hired a car. It was not easy to find an open car rental, so we walked 11 km before we found an available car.

2023 03 08 11.28.29


The next day we drove to Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. And the only capital in the world which is divided in two by a fence. The history of Cyprus is pritty complicated, and it is very interesting listen to different storys, both from Greek-Cypriotic side and Turkish-Cypriotic side.

2023 03 09 12.12.45

I am really not sure what this is, it looks very strange, but it is outside a art gallery, so it makes sence…

2023 03 09 12.15.41

We found an archaeological site on the Greek side of the city. It is not very big, and it is not very old, it is from the 11th century.

2023 03 09 12.17.12

What came first? The bus or the building??

2023 03 09 12.22.18

One part of the fence on the Greek side.

2023 03 09 12.28.01

Some old buildings on the Greek side.

2023 03 09 12.28.42

Until 2004 it was not possible to cross the border between north and south, but today thousands of people does it, most of them turists. You need to bring your passport to cross the border, you will be checked both out of the Greek side and in to the Turkish side, and back again. They can also ask you if you bring alcohol or tobacco.

2023 03 09 12.41.03

On the Turkish side it is typically Turkish shops and restaurants.

2023 03 09 12.59.37

We sat down for a lunch before we explored the market.

2023 03 09 13.56.08

And I found what I was looking for!! In Türkiye they have the best pear ever!! The name is Deveci Armutu (armutu is pear I think). We bought this in Marmaris after tasting it on the market. It is the best fruit I can get! The season is from October through the winter and the biggest one can be up to two kilo! They don`t have it on the Greek side, so I was so happy when I found it here. After this we went here three times to buy more!

2023 03 09 13.56.12b

Dyo Mouttes – Pavliades Trail

It was time to do some more exploring and hiking and we asked Hilde`s parents, Sigrun and Alf to join us for the next day. I found a nice trail at alltrails, about one hour from Ayia Napa.

We had to stop close to the town of Lefkara to take a photo from above.

20230310 102654 01

Along the road there was some viewpoint so we had to stop up for a second!

20230310 104143 01

This is the beginning of the Trodos-mountains, where you also can find the highest mountain on the island, Olympos. Unfortunately it is cold in the mountains at the moment and also snow, so we didn`t go there. But one day!!!

20230310 104148 01


20230310 104312 01


20230310 105657 01

Here you can see the firegate which stops the fire if it start to burn. The firegate can also be used as a trail.

20230310 112229 01

The trail was amazing from the start.

20230310 112643 01

The first kilometer it was flat, but then we had to climb up the hill

20230310 113258 01

And it was better and better view!

20230310 114141 01


20230310 114159 01


20230310 114600 01

There were some viewpoints and benches so it was possible to sit down and enjoy the view!

20230310 114756 01

It was really nice to have some company!

20230310 120609 01


20230310 121306 01

Some uphill!

20230310 121333 01


20230310 121453 01


20230310 121516 01

It is time for a lunchbreak!

20230310 123349 01

On the top of this mountain there is two peaks and we had our lunchstop on the first one and just a stop for the view on the other one. Both very beautiful. It was a little bit of wind this day, but up here it was perfect temperature for a hike!

20230310 132546 01


20230310 133823 01


20230310 134258 01

On the way down again

20230310 134542 01

This is a nature trail with lots of information about what we see around. This tree had a natural death…

20230310 134633 01

Amazing landscape to walk through!

20230310 134958 01

Flowers everywhere!

20230310 135654 01


20230310 135820 02

You can see Nicosia in the distance

20230310 135837 01

It was possible to park where the trail started, but not place for many cars. We thought we were alone, but when we came back to the car there was an extra car there.

20230310 140431


Uten navn


After the hike we drove down to Lefkara where we stopped at the way to the hike. Sigrun and Alf had been there before so they had some information about the place. I will really recommend you to park the car at the first parking place you can find. Don`t try to drive through the town center… we tried..

Lefkara is known for all of its embroidery shops. Some ladies sat outside in the street, and one of them was making “hardangersøm”, which comes from Norway!!

20230310 150210 01

So idyllic place!

20230310 150300 01

It was time for an icecream! And since my mother sent me a snap with a photo of my father shoveling snow back home in Norway, I had to send her a photo from our day with sun and nice temperature!

20230310 152156

A lot of narrow streets!

20230310 152530 02

The church were it was a funeral that day, so we didn`t go inside the church.

20230310 153127 01

A cat outside the church

20230310 153227 01

Really beautiful place to walk around.

20230310 153344 01


20230310 153612 01


20230310 153923 01

Lefkara view from the main road

20230310 155402 01

Almond tree

20230310 155502 01

Thanks to Sigrun and Alf who wanted to come with us on this hike! You know, when you are alone, just the two of us, most of the days, in the boat… it is so nice to be together with other people sometimes!

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