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Smigies, Aphrodites and Adonis Nature Trail in two days!

Smigies Natural Trail

You know we love hiking, and Cyprus is the best place to do that, all year around. We rented a car and drove to the north side of Cyprus. Not the North side like the Turkish side of Cyprus, but the north side of the south side.. 🙂 There you can find Akamas National Forrest Park and there is many different trails to walk.

As always we use alltrails together with our phones/gps. You can find this trail here

We drove to Neo Chorio where this trail starts. Up in the hill we have the view to Latsi.

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On alltrails you will find all information about Smigies Nature Trail.

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We parked the car here at Agios Minas Chapel. There is some restriction for rental cars, not to drive on gravel roads, and we saw that the road further on was not good, so we decided to park here.

2023 03 31 11.00.57

And as you can see it is almost impossible to drive here. You need an ATV or 4W.

2023 03 31 11.01.08

The trail starts from Smigies Picnic site.

2023 03 31 11.11.28

You will find a sign, and a map, it is easy to see where to go.

2023 03 31 11.12.07

The first part is up the hill, maybe a bit steep for someone.

2023 03 31 11.15.44b

But as soon as you are coming up the hill there is a stunning view in all directions.

2023 03 31 11.18.52

On the west coast of Akamas.

2023 03 31 11.32.09

After finishing the hill there is a gravel road, it is easy to see where to go.

2023 03 31 11.56.33

After a while the gravel road is finished after this ruins and now you will easily see the trail continue. In the mountain in behind on this photo we will do the next hiking. It is possible to combine theese trails, you just have to plan it!

2023 03 31 12.17.47

I really loved the rest of this trail. The trail itself was very good, beautiful terraine and a lot of flowers.

2023 03 31 12.20.49

A nice trail to walk in the spring. I guess it is too hot to go here in the summer.

2023 03 31 12.22.48


2023 03 31 12.29.39

And, again, the view… here to Latsi and Polis.

2023 03 31 12.32.26


2023 03 31 12.33.09

What a view! Right in a tree! Yes, we understood that the shadow is important in the summerseason, but anyway…

2023 03 31 12.38.59

Everyone can do this trail who can walk!

2023 03 31 12.40.17

The church where we parked the car.

2023 03 31 13.10.01

Not space for many people inside

2023 03 31 13.10.43

This loop is 6,3 km. Here is a video from todays walk!

After the hike we drove to Latsi to check out the marina there. It is a nice marina and the prices is accetable. This could be an alternative if we want to stay in Cyprus for the winter.

2023 03 31 13.24.54

Beach on both sides of the marina.

2023 03 31 13.59.43

The street behind the marina. Quiet at the moment, typically touristic place.

2023 03 31 14.15.06


2023 03 31 14.17.10

Aphrodites Nature Trail

The next day we drove to almost the same place to walk Aphrodites and Adonis trail.

2023 04 01 11.25.07

The first part is along the road. It is not possible to drive here, only if you have a ATV or 4W. (or tractor/scooter..)

2023 04 01 11.29.11

After walking 20 minuts we started to climb up the hill.

2023 04 01 11.43.25

It was up and up…

2023 04 01 11.44.30

We had to enjoy the view, which is amazing on this trail.

2023 04 01 11.50.00

Nice flower along the trail.

2023 04 01 12.00.37b


2023 04 01 12.05.44

Blue Lagoon. Very popular spot, boat trips from Paphos or Latsi.

2023 04 01 12.09.40

From the highest point of the trail. This was a saturday and a lot of people were hiking this trail.

2023 04 01 12.38.42

Adonis Nature Trail

At this point you can choose to walk back to the start, or continue on Adonis Trail. Our plan for today was to do both. Both trails is almost 10 km.

2023 04 01 12.58.11

On this part of the trail it was more inside the forrest.

2023 04 01 13.14.40

But very beautiful trail.

2023 04 01 13.28.48

We came to a picnic site and had a short stop here. From here there is a sign for Smigies Nature Trail, so you can combine theese trails. Then we should have more water!

2023 04 01 13.48.14

After the picnic site it startet to go downhill.

2023 04 01 13.49.21


2023 04 01 13.53.00


2023 04 01 13.54.35

Flowers everywhere!

20230401 135811 01

We can see back to the startingpoint

2023 04 01 13.55.54

We talked about which way it was best to start. You can do both. It will be two different hikes.

2023 04 01 13.56.59b

Not a very good photo, because it was very small flowers

20230401 142928 01

You can read more about this trail on alltrails.

A video from this hike:

This was perfect two days with two amazing hikings in beautiful weather. I am so happy that we choose to go to Cyprus on this time of the year!


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