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Cats, Nuns, Tulips and Thombs!

Tala Cat Park

It is sunday and we still have a rental car. We wanted to make the most out of this day and started to visit Tala Cat Park. I love cats, and Astor likes them too 🙂 They say it is about 950 cats here. We didn`t see all of them, but we had a lovely time there.

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The cat park was started by volunteers and is still running by volunteers.

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They just got food when we arrived som many cats were not interested in us.

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What a perfect cat life!

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A kitten is climbing

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If you sit down it will always be a cat coming to you – or two

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Have you ever seen two cats together like this? (yes if you have cats you certainly have)

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It costs about 130.000 EUR to keep this cat park running!! If you are visiting them you can donate, but you can also donate if you are not visiting them.

You can visit their web page to read more about the park:


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A video from the cat park!

Close to Tala Cat Park is Holy Monastery of Saint Neophytos the Recluse. The monastery was founded by monk Neophytos in the 12th century.

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The Agios Neophytos Monastery was founded by Neophytos. After being jailed for pursuing an ascetic life, he fled into the hills of Cyprus and found a small natural cave in 1159. Months passed while he made sure the area was deserted and quiet. He slowly excavated the opening further to encompass his hermitage cell, a small chapel, and his eventual tomb. While it began as a hermitage for Neophytos alone, he eventually gained a small following and the Engleistra, as it was also called, became a quiet monastic community in 1170 when the Bishop of Paphos convinced him to take a pupil. Neophytos was staunchly against materialism and being bothered, which kept the population of monks much smaller than at other monasteries of the time. In his second Ritual Ordinance, he states that the number of monks was around fifteen or eighteen. Wikipedia.

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It is a museum here but we didn`t wanna use time to inside.

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Polemi Tulip Festival

I will recommend you to check out different groups on Facebook when you are travelling around. You can meet people, and you can get some inspiration about things to do. I found this Tulip Festival and since we had a car and it was not too far away from Paphos we wanted to go there. We hadn`t been in Polemi before so we didn`t know where to park or where to go. But when we arrived it was easy. Park the car and follow all the people…

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This is wild tulips and it is a lot of them.

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A short video from the tulip festival:

It is soon easter and they were decoration all towns.

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When we drove from Polemi we saw a lot of cars along the road, and people around. They were taking pictures of theese amazing colourful trees!

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We drove back to Paphos to go to The Kings of Thombs, but first we had to eat lunch. We parked the car at The Kings of Thombs and crossed the road to Karlina. The best Greek Salad I have had for long time!

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The Kings of Tombs, Paphos

The Kings of Tombs is a large necropolis lying about two kilometers from Paphos harbour.

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The underground tombs, many of which date back to the 4th century BC, are carved out of solid rock, and are thought to have been the burial sites of Paphitic aristocrats and high officials up to the third century AD.

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The Kings of Tombs is lying just north of the archaeological site of Paphos. It is a promade from the harbour in Paphos passing theese sites, but it was closed near the harbour after a big storm. (not the one we had last week)

2023 04 02 14.57.45

You see the promenade here. The entrance is up in the road.

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the name comes from the magnificence of the tombs; no kings were in fact buried here.

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This is an amazing place to visit, and I guess it is very interesting for kids in all age to explore all the caves.

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Here is a video from The Kings of Tombs:

In the afternoon we went to a beach north of Paphos to see the sunset.

2023 04 02 18.27.25


2023 04 02 18.34.02

The boat you see in the photo is a shipwreck.

2023 04 02 18.47.47

On our hikingtrip on North Cyprus we met Burhan, a really nice guy, living on Cyprus. He was planning to come to Paphos and of course we invited him onboard!

2023 04 03 17.12.31

You can see photos from that hike here:

It is a beautiful weather in Cyprus this spring and we made the right choice when we decided to sail from Türkiye to Cyprus in February. Spending the winter months here is perfect, specially if you like hiking. Now we are soon heading for Greece and will spend the whole summerseason there.

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