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Explored Cyprus with a car!

Cape Greco – Blue Lagoon

We hired a car close to St.Rafael Marina and went to Ayia Napa. It was about 1,5 hour to drive on the highway. You have to drive on the left side here so I am lucky that Astor wants to drive. (we are driving on the right side in Norway) We drove first out to Cape Greco to see Blue Lagoon and the peninsula. We thought it wasn`t that special so we just took some photos and went further on. To the right in this photo of me, you can see a hotel, and a small church. There is Konnos Bay, and later we will anchor there.


Ayia Napa Sculpture Park

The Sculpture Park is just outside Ayia Napa, along the main road ot Cape Greco.

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They opened the park in 2014

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It is a huge area with an amazing view.



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The months before the park opened they invited sculptors from Greece and Cyprus, they did all the work in the sculpture park. They have since then had many symposiums where they invite artists from all over the world to make sculptures to the park. The last symposium was in 2022.

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I think this is inspired by a Norwegian viking ship, but no Norwegian artists has been here yet (to make sculptures)



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If you like to read more about the scuplture park, you can visit this website

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After seeing a part of the Sculpture Park we went into town of Ayia Napa to meet Sigrun and Alf from Norway. They are the parents of Hilde, who I worked with in Mo i Rana 25 years ago. They brought me brown cheese from Norway, as we missed after months away from home. So we invited them for lunch.

Thank you again for helping us!

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Haven`t you heard about brown cheese? If you ever visiting Norway you have to try it! It is a traditional cheese, made of cow- or goatmilk. It is brown, sweet and taste a little bit of a caramel. We use it on bread, waffels and biscuits, and we also use it in some dishes, for example brown sauce.

The marina in the old port of Ayia Napa. No place for a sailboat….

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Ayia Napa is a charter destination and in the winter it is very quiet here. Only a few restaurants and shops are open. The season opens up around 1th of April. When I was working at the travel agency I had a lot of question about Ayia Napa and Fig Tree Bay, so it was fun finally to see the places!

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Here is a video from the sculpture park!

White Rocks

The day after, we drove only a short distance to the white rocks, just to walk around and have lunch. You can drive to Agios Georgios Alamanou Fish Tavern and park there.

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It was a gravel road all the way along the coast, perfect for a sunday hike!

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We found a small “beach” to sit down for lunch.

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Yes it was a nice place to have lunch, but we were both white after sitting there….

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We made wraps to bring for lunch, together with grapes. We loves this when we are hiking instead of dry bread with melting cheese…

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Astor wanted to have a swim…

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A lovely place for a couple of people!

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When we came back to the marina we had an amazing sunset at the beach. You can see the hotels in Limassol.

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Here is a video from the white rocks!

We continue our stay in Cyprus and will explore and meet new and old friends. Just follow us for more!

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