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Buy me a coffee

We got our first “buy me a coffee”!!

What is “Buy me a coffee”?

Buy me a coffee is a service for online content creators that they may use to receive tips and donations to support their work. While the title is “Buy me a coffee,” subscribers are donating money to you.

We are not drinking coffee, but be sure we will find a way to use the money! We are so thankful for everyone that preciate our job writing this blog and sending us money. A lot of people think that a blogger or influencer is not a real job, but then I will challenge you to try! It is a lot of work, first taking all the photos, then make it as a history and put it together in a post. And for us, writing English, which is not our mother language, it is sometimes hard to find the right words.

How to support us!

Have you checked out our website? Or are you just reading every post that we share on Facebook?

On our website you will find more information about who we are. You can also see our position right now, and where we have been for the last weeks. And if you like to support us, you can click on the “By me a coffee” button!


Next you will come to this page, and there you will find the link to “bymeacoffee” website.


That website looks like this:


It is up to you how much you will sponsored us, and you can do it one time or how many times you want.

The last week we received our first Cup of coffee and we are so thankful! It was even no one we knew from before. We feel so happy when people wish to support us.

Thanks a lot to S/Y Dreamcather!

At the moment we are in Marmaris where we have been since late November. Now it is time to sail further on and say goodbuy for now to all our new friends here in Türkiye. So where do you think we are going? Only a few days ago we changed our plan, so you never know! We are trying to give you a new post every sunday, but when we are staying in the same bay for weeks it`s not that easy.

Next week we will give you a post about the last weeks in Türkiye, and tell you where we are heading next!

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