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Escaping from the storm together with friends

Chicken casserole

On monday I made one of our favourite dishes a chicken casserole. The original name is “tante Torhilds kyllingform” (in Norwegian) This is so tasty and amazing good and when we make it we have dinner for three days.

1 kg chicken filet
green pepper
red onion
0,5 small spoon of sambal oelek
1 big spoon with mango chutney
salt and pepper
cheese (I sometimes use to mix normal cheese with parmesan)
Fry the vegetables and put them in a pan together with mango chutney, sambal oelek and the cream. Taste if you need more or less about something. Let it boil for a while until you can`t feel the cream taste anymore.

Fry the chicken (in bites) and put everything into a baking dish. Put cheese on the top and put it all in the oven until the cheese has melted. We serve it together with rice.

20230123 195539

It was some nice and warm days in the beginning of the week and I could relaxe on the deck

20230124 133544

while Astor were working… 🙂

20230124 140113

On Tuesday we went to Sevgiyolu for dinner together with Geoff and Sharon.

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Sharons photo

From nice and warm days to storm, rain and colder days

From Thursday it was expected more wind from south so we sailed to our favourite bay already Wednesday because we realized that more boats had discovered this place. Also Geoff and Sharon, Bobby and Gül, and Mike came over, and three of us tied together with anchor and many lines ashore. We also met Daniel and Charlotte from New Zealand, who is sailing together with their 1 year old daughter Jessica.

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Sharons photo

You can follow Daniel and Charlotte on youtube!


Wednesday we invited all of them (Daniel and Charlotte came first on Thursday) for dinner, carrot soup. The recipe for the carrot soup have I wrote about earlier:

Thursday was the Australian national day and Geoff and Sharon invited us to celebrate together with them. They made pies and mashed potatoes, very good!

20230126 181913

Geoff, Astor, me, Gül, Bobby, Charlotte, Jessica and Daniel (Sharon behind camera)

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Sharons photo

And a delicious pavlova for dessert

20230126 191345

On Friday the wind increased and we had to start the engine to hold our boats where they were.

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Sharons photo

You can see the bad weather is coming in.

20230127 091531

Here you can see how the weather was:

At 2 pm the wind dropped to almost 0 and we could invite everyone for waffles.

20230127 141911

Totally different weather

20230127 162529

You shouldn`t believe there was a storm only a couple of hours ago

WhatsApp Image 2023 01 27 at 17.22.01
Bobbys photo

The anchorage next to us.

WhatsApp Image 2023 01 27 at 17.22.02
Bobbys photo

And “our” anchorage.

WhatsApp Image 2023 01 27 at 17.22.05
Bobbys photo

Geoff and Sharon at Mataraki, Astor and me at Felizia, and Bobby and Gül at MBR.

WhatsApp Image 2023 01 27 at 17.22.11
Bobby photo!

And luckily we didn`t stay in town, because the weather had been really bad over there. And after a while all the dirt came over to our bay.

Look at all this dirt coming with the tide!

WhatsApp Image 2023 01 27 at 17.22.13 1
Bobbys photo


20230127 173656

You didn`t wan`t to swimming in this…

20230127 173921


20230127 173959


20230127 174055

The three of us decided to stay an extra night and saturday it all cleared up.

20230128 154806

Astor did some cleaning, and took 25 logs to the beach from the ocean. It is nothing you want to hit when you are coming with a boat.

20230128 155414

He used the dinghy to work it out

20230128 164435

The water was already a lot cleaner so I took a short swim while Astor was cleaning the ocean.

20230128 144839

Astor also clean the beach

20230128 155926

You can see at our dinghydock how much weather it was…

20230129 122455

Hiking in the hill between Marmaris and Icmeler

On Sunday we decided to have a hike up to the mountain between Marmaris and Icmeler. We didn`t had any exact plan, there are so many roads to try. Astor and me, together with Sharon, took the bus to the last bustop before Icmeler (like at the end of Marmaris) and start walking from there. We expected a lot of dirty roads because of the bad weather the last days. You are not going long uphill before you have a perfect view to Marmaris.

20230129 151533

And a lot of logs everywhere, after the fire last year

20230129 152224

Astor and me

328229027 682050496990338 6691851319686979270 n
Sharons photo

Sharon and me

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20230129 153440

A lot of logs everywhere

20230129 153145


20230129 154056

Me, having a break in the hill

328317959 457836279761775 4115330875774309311 n
Sharons photo

It was nice to see all the way out of the bay – to the ocean outside

20230129 154104b

Marmaris is to the left in this photo, and here you can see where we escape when it is winds from south.

20230129 155442b

When you are at the top of the hill you have amazing view to the inland

20230129 164137

And the view back to Marmaris of course

20230129 164142

On the top of the hill there are some uphill and downhill

20230129 164234


20230129 164252


20230129 164441


20230129 164608

Astor on the top

20230129 164718b

Sharon on the top!

20230129 164818

Marmaris bay

20230129 165045

The view down to Icmeler

20230129 165823


20230129 170019

On the way down to Icmeler we followed the edge. It was gravel roads everywhere, some good and some was destroyed by erosion.

20230129 170745

We had to stop up and have a look at the view around

20230129 171034


20230129 171637


20230129 171804


20230129 172006

Sharon and me

328265342 1157017418513322 3508387411549672215 n
Sharons photo


20230129 172516

Nice colours in the mountain when the sun is starting to set

20230129 173426


20230129 173542


20230129 173800

Me in front of Icmeler

20230129 174806

From the mountains it came dark clouds so we were happy we were almost down

20230129 174405 01

I marked the mountain we went to

20221219 124420b

Here is the track. It is possible to walk from the dinghy dock in Marmaris (+ 3 km) and also walk back along the promenade (+ 7 km). This trail was 6,66 km. We went down to Icmeler and took the bus back to Marmaris. The hill was around 300 masl.

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A video from our trail

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