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Social week together with new friends!

Roadtrip to Köycegiz together with Jerker and Zuzu

Monday we invited our new friends from Australia, Sharon and Geoff for tacos. They came over to ask us about the cockpit enclosure because they also wanted one on their sailboat. We invited them for dinner so they could really check out the space we now have outside.

20230116 173118

Tuesday we went on a roadtrip together with Jerker and Zuzu. First they took us to see a caniyon where we should have a hike one day. We were not prepered for a hike this day.

20230117 123902

It goes up a valley with beautiful scenaries.

20230117 124105

Steep mountains right from the road

20230117 124111


20230117 125854

Not much water in the river now

20230117 125947


20230117 130001


20230117 130058


20230117 130105


20230117 130136

Then we drove to Köycegiz, its a small village by the lake where you find Dalyan at the end.

20230117 134304


20230117 134352

Not many people to see here at this time of the year but I can believe this is a busy place during the high season.

20230117 134421

We stopped for lunch and there were a lot of cats and dogs wanted some attention. (we were not allowed to feed them, because the restaurant owner did that)

20230117 144528


20230117 145641

Me and Zuzu

20230117 150624


20230117 150801

You can use a lot of stuff to decorate the village!

20230117 151110

Later that week the weather forcast was not good, with a lot of wind, so after the roadtrip we sailed south to “our” anchorage, south in the bay. The first night we were alone, only a local fishermans boat came along.

The next day Sharon and Geoff came over to anchor and later the bay was filled up with Mike, and a catamaran with a guy from Romania onboard, Bobby. Later we also met his girlfriend Gül who is from Türkiye. So it was an international anchorage!

Thursday we did a hike together with Sharon and Geoff. We took the dinghys to the marina next to us and parked them there. We walked along the sea/marina before we started climbing up the hill.

20230119 130120


20230119 130543

Right up the hill we had the view into the bay where everyone else was anchoring.

20230119 130617

The view back to town

20230119 131336


20230119 131811

We walked up to Nimara Cave. Nice walk and easy to find.

20230119 133152

Amazing place, imaging that people lived here many years ago.

20230119 133457


20230119 133703

Astor, Geoff and Sharon

20230119 133912

Astor, Geoff and me

20230119 133931

The opening where we came in

20230119 134104

You can read more about the cave on Marmaris` website

We went down another way

20230119 135230


20230119 135847

Further on we went to a viewpoint before we went back to the boat

20230119 140427


Sharon, me, Astor, Geoff and Bobby, having dinner in our boat Thursday. Sharon and Geoff invited us for dinner Wednesday, and Bobby and Gül made the dinner on Friday. Very social! (Mike is behind the camera)

20230119 182215

Saturday the bad weather was over and we headed back to town. It was nice sailwind so we hoisted the sails. We saw it was a regatta going on but we didn`t realised they started before it was to late. Suddenly we were surrounded by the regattaboats and they were shouting at us to get out of the way!

20230121 125125

We changed the direction so we had the same direction as all the other boats and they were sailing on both sides of us.

20230121 125213

It was a very stressful situation when you see 15 boats coming right on your way!

20230121 125219

Some of the were pritty close

20230121 125324

But it was a nice spot though!

20230121 125709

After we came to our anchorage in town we could calm down and watch this guy while he was kiting

20230121 150515


Sevgiyolu restaurant

In the evening we went to our favourite restaurant Sevgiyolu to have dinner and do some work at our computers. We don`t have much internett in the boat at the moment, so we need a place to download photoes/videos and other things.

We wanted to sit there for a while so we ordered a bottle of redwine and got this lovely starters as usual.

20230121 183745

Then we had the main course, and later on we also had dessert, for the first time here. Pancake with icecream, delicious! For starters, main course, dessert, a bottle of redwine, and water, we paid 369 NOK, for two persons!!

20230121 204823

And we also had this cat as company

20230121 211009


Sunday we went first to the market before we took the bus to Icmeler together with Sharon and Geoff.

20230122 121229

We took the bus to the end of the beach and walked back and further up to town

20230122 122126

We walked along one of the rivers

20230122 122226

We went to Florida restaurant where we had som breakfast/lunch.

20230122 125540

Sharon is good at taking selfies!

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After breakfast/lunch we walked back to Marmaris.

20230122 140615

I guess it is hard to get back on the road for this car

20230122 141134

Beautiful paintings

20230122 142851

It was also regatta this day, but to get wind they had to go out of the bay.

20230122 143002

What came first? The promenade or the trees??

20230122 143019

A video from our walk from Icmeler to Marmaris!

We have now been in Türkiye for two months and have one left. Days are running and we still have things to do. We take each day as it comes and it is difficult to plan something because of the weather. It is still much better weather than home in Norway though!

Haven`t you followed us from the start? Take a look at det first post in this blog where you can read a little bit about who we are. You can read it here or open the link below:

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