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Roadtrip, hiking, and meeting new friends

We are still in Marmaris. We want to sail south to Göcek, but the wind is always coming from south… so we are not planning anything.

We are always looking for places to hike around here, but it is difficult. But it is a hill nearby and it looked like it was a gravel road around it. So we headed on to find this place.

As soon we are behind the biggest supermarket MMM Migros the view is great! We walked along the beach to this big hotel before we walked up to Migros and continued up the hill.

20230104 152519

It is a viewpoint right behind the Migros.

20230104 152559


20230104 152635


20230104 152653

We took off from the main road up to the farm in the beginning of this gravel road. But here it was stop. A sign told us “be aware of the dog”, and the dog was barking at us… The owner came out so we ask her if it was allowed to walk in, and she said it was private. So we had to turn and walk back.

20230104 153135

Astor had some work to do in the mast, installing a new wind transducer.

20230105 145655

From the mast it is a nice view

20230105 145642

I have started to make carrot soup, it is so delicious!!

The recipe is:

Water with broth (I used chicken)
salt/pepper if needed (taste)

Boil the carrrots in broth water, fry garlic, onion and ginger. Put it in the soup and use the hand blender to mix it well together. Put parmesan inside, it will melt. Serve together with some bread or salty biscuits.

20230106 135312

Full moon over Marmaris and we went to Sevgiyolo for dinner. There we met Jerker (origin Sweden, living in Marmaris) and his wife Zuzu (from Istanbul). They invited us to their appartment just around the corner for a drink after dinner.

20230106 191048

And the next day they invited us for dinner. They have a beautiful view over the beach and the anchorage.

20230107 180211


20230107 180318

It was a really nice evening

20230107 183112

Jerker is still working (even if he is over 70) and he is selling church organs. He is also selling guitars and stuff. We tried to play ukulele… not a big success….

20230107 200645

The next day we invited them to the boat for a small sailing in the bay

20230108 114318

And I made carrot soup for lunch

20230108 133737

Zuzu, me and the captain!

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Monday they invited us for a roadtrip in their cabriolet! We were waiting for them outside their apartment.

20230109 112738


20230109 115943

A nice allee with old ecalyptustrees

20230109 123024

After 30 minuts drive we arrived in Akyaka, and stopped for breakfast/brunch/lunch at Cennet Restaurant

20230109 124130


20230109 124235

A beautiful place along the river

20230109 124356

We had a typical turkish breakfast and it was very good!

20230109 130059

Zuzu and Astor

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Jerker and me

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A lot of ducks in the river waiting for some bread

20230109 135350


20230109 135407


20230109 140302

After the meal we drove to the center of Akyaka and had a walk around

20230109 142643


20230109 142651


20230109 142703


20230109 143255

A nice beach, but too cold for a swim

20230109 142925

A lot of restaurants and small shops

20230109 143217


20230109 143310


20230109 143533

Here is a short video from our roadtrip:

Hiding from the storm

When we came back we hoisted the anchor and sailed south to our favourite bay here in Marmaris, if it is a lot of wind from south we goes there. The weather forcast was not good for a couple of days.

20230110 082400

It is a small bay with palm trees.

20230110 123452

A local boat also came over to anchor here.

20230110 123802

It is too much garbage on the beach here, so we decided to pick most of it. This plasticbag was only a part of it. It is not empty but it is much better!

20230110 124916

And actually, it was not very cold in the water (around 17 celsius) so I decided to swim back to the boat. I haven`t been swimming since october I think….

20230110 125252

And when I had a swim, of course Astor needed to take one as well!

20230110 130341

After a day with a lot of wind and rain the ocean was like this… I didn`t wanna swim in this…

20230112 133838


And when we came back to the city the beach was like this… but after a day or two it was clean again.

20230112 170945

The weather is constantly changing some days

20230113 141048

Hiking to Armutalan

Saturday, and we decided to go for a hike. Jerker told us about a trail from the beach to Armutalan which is suburb to Marmaris.

20230114 124003

In the beginning it was a nice gravel road and not steep

20230114 124043

Beautiful terrain

20230114 124412

A while ago it was a wild fire here so they have taken down a lot of logs and planted new forrest

20230114 125419

In the morning my stomach was not good and seriously I should not go for a hike this day, but I am pritty stubborn and I wanted to have some fresh air in the hill! I had to stop every ten meter because I almost passed out…

20230114 125549


20230114 125902

After a while and we started to climb and it was easy to see that it had been raining for a couple of days…

20230114 130852

We went up from the south side and got the view over Marmaris

20230114 133331

Astor almost on the top

20230114 133551


20230114 133710


20230114 133855


20230114 133927

On the top we sat down and had an orange. Nice view down to Armutalan and Marmaris

20230114 134158

Here is the route we went

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And here is a short video from our hike:

Saturday evening Jerker asked us if we wanted to join them for dinner at Bono restaurant. We didn`t had any plan so we went ashore and had dinner with them and Ismail and Sivgil, both from Türkiye but living in Sweden. Good food and nice company!

Sunday Ismail and Sivgil invited oss over for dinner and of course we wanted to visited them. From their apartment they have a nice view over the bay.

20230115 181213

They served something turkish, delicious!

20230115 183257

So this week we have met new people and we are so grateful of all kindness we feel from people here. It is hard to leave Marmaris (also because of the wind situation 🙂 )

And thanks to our friends at Sevgiyolu letting us sit here with our computers to download videos and posts while having dinner and a glas of redwine. You are the best!

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