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Summer in Marmaris

Waking up in the morning and it is like this… The temperature here in Marmaris is fine too. It is so amazing! A great start of our stay in Türkiye!

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We use the app from Navily to check out anchorages and we read about Marmaris it is not a good anchorage. Most of the reviews are from high season, and I can understand how it is like here when you have all the partyboats going in and out, big waves and load music. And also music from bars and restaurants.

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But in this time of the year it is the most quiet place to stay. Only when the wind are coming from south/southeast it can be some swell here. But otherwise, it is so calm. No partyboats and no load music.

It is a short distance ashore and there you have everything you need. If you want to go to boatshops you can take the dinghy further in the bay.


We have different things to do in Türkiye, one of the things is a cockpit enclosure. We have had two different companies over to the boat to give us an offer.

our boat

Most of the year we don`t need any cockpit enclosure, but now in the wintertime it is nice to have one. And if we are sailing this boat back to Norway we really need it. A cockpit enclosure will increase our sittingarea, and it`s nice to sit there and see everything around. When we are sitting downstairs in the saloon it is not much to see.

our boat

If you need to go to one of the many boatshops here, you can take the dinghy up the river and find a place to park your dinghy.

the river in town

In Marmaris it is a beach promenade all the way to the neighbour village, Icmeler, almost 9 km. (one way) So it is a nice place to have a long walk or a run. And a lot of people using it! We have had a couple of runs here.

me on the beach ready for a run

A quiet day and a good temperature, around 20 degrees. Here is Felizia in the anchorage.

our boat in the anchorage

Very clean promenade! I am really impressed as they are cleaning the beach a couple of times pr week, specially if the wind comes from south and all the garbage hit the beach.

me walking on the beach promenade

One hour with run/walk and we are back to the boat

Marmaris letters in colours

You will find cats everywhere and here at Roma Cafe this one wanted some attention.

Me and a cat

When the weather is changing, you can get some pritty good photos!


Marmaris around sunset

sunset in Marmaris

On his shopping Astor found this cat shelter

a cat shelter

In differents from Greece, people in Marmaris use the beach every day, and if the weather is good you will find a lot of people here, just relaxing, playing volleyball, have a romantic date, playing with the dogs, picnic…

Mamaris beach

We had a plan to have a walk to Albatros Marina on the eastern side of the town. We thought it would be possible to walk through the National Park, but when we came there it was closed and had been closed for a long time. The alternative was to walk along a busy main road, so we went back to the town instead.

20221203 125443

Marmaris Castle

Instead we walked to the castle. Marmaris and a huge part of the area here was hit by an earthquake in 1957 which almost compeitely destroyed the city.

the stairs to Marmaris castle

Only the castle and the historic buildings surrounding the fortress were left undamaged. Until 1979, locals inhabited the castle, which is known to include 18 residences, a fountain and a cistern. Since 1979, renovation work has been continuing at the castle.

Marmaris castle

An important part of the castle was destroyed during World War I by a French warship.

20221203 141110

The fort was registered as a monumental structure in 1983 and opened as a museum in 1991.

20221203 141257


20221203 141335

A nice view against the promenade and all the partyboats waiting for the summerseason!

20221203 141522


20221203 141547


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Are you new to our blog? Take a step back and check our post from the beginning of this journey here

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You will find a lot of bronze sculptures many places in town.

20221203 143304b

This cat thought it should be one more cat to this sculpture

a cat together with a nice bronze sculpture

My birthday 4th of December

On my birthday 4th of December I had ordered spa for Astor and me. Before the appointment we wanted to have a run to get tired and ready for turkish bath! On the run we met this guy!

me and a cozy cat

This is a dolphin park, but it was no activities there now.

Dolphin park - closed for the winter

It is always people walking or running along the beach promenade. Or you can stop by to one of the many restaurants and have a dinner.

people walking on the beach promenade

The gate to the spa, which is at hotel.

20221204 113251

The entrance to the spa – Life Spa and Wellness

The entrance to Life Spa and Wellness

We had sauna, steam, Turkish bath and massage. It was so amazing, and the people working there were so kind, and they also did sing birthday song for me!

me and Astor waiting for Turkish bath

Nice walls with beautiful paintings.

a beautiful painted wall

Life Spa and Wellness is in a hotel and in front of the hotel there is a swimmingpool. It would be amazing having a swim there, or in the ocean, before taking the spa

the swimmingpool at the hotel we went for spa

After a delious treatment we were ready for dinner. We found a restaurant between the Life Spa and our boat, Felix Beach Restaurant. A lot of people were there on a sunday afternoon. Perfect dinner, it was so tasty! And you could also choose between three different sizes of the meat. Perfect!

my birthday dinner

A cat was waiting for something to eat.

a cat waiting for dinner

Like I said earlier, on a nice and sunny day, there is a lot of people on the beach.

many people on the beach

A birthday girl!

me on my birthday

We had an icecream for dessert

Me and Astor having an icecream

I have been in Türkiye a few times before. My first holiday to Türkiye together with Astor was in 2010, the summer after we met. You can red more about that trip here


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