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Our days in Marmaris

We are still in Marmaris. It is a nice place to stay, specially if you have jobs to do in the boat. The weather has been good, except one weekend where we moved the boat to the south end of the bay because of the wind.

The bay here is huge so we have a couple of places to anchor. If the wind is coming from south it is better to sail south in the bay. The first night we anchored in the southeast, north of Marmaris Yacht Marina. But through the night and the next morning the wind was coming over the marina, and it was too many boats in this anchorage. So we decided to go to another place. We sailed to the westernmost bay on the island of Adakoy. It was only one more boat there, with no people, and we anchored with two lines ashore. It was a really nice spot, but the weather was bad so we stayed in the boat.

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After we came back to Marmaris and our main anchorage we met Mike from UK and he had been in the same anchorage as us, where we stayed the first night. And the second night there had been really bad with a lot of wind. So we were lucky we moved the boat to the other anchorage.


I am lucky to have a handyman in the boat, the skipper, he can do most of the jobs in the boat on his own. The last week he has tried to fix the heating in the boat.

Astor: I was installing defrosters in the boat connected to the engines coolingwater and changed the calorifier witch was leaking. This defroster is located under the vberth forward.

Astor is working in the boat

Pulling water hoses for hot water all the way from aft cabin where the calorifier is installed to the forward cabin and connected it to the defroster.

Astor is working in boat


Astor is working in the boat

It is not like this every day, so I had to take a photo when it was clean 🙂

interior in the boat

We had a couple of rainy days and we figured out where the rains come in, like this, in one of the hatches. It is just over the saloon and my computer so we had to do something. I am holding some paper there until Astor went outside in the rain to put some cover on the hatch outside.

Laila is holding a paper where the water is coming in through the hatch


Astor is working in the boat

We had to remove all of the interior in the aft cabins to remove the old calorifier and a install heating system.

Astor is working in the boat

We have found some favourite restaurants here in Marmaris, and one of them are Sevgiyolu. A nice turkish family restaurant with excellent service and amazing food at reasonable prices. This bread and the meze at the following photoes we get on the house on this restaurant, and it is so good!!

the best bread in Marmaris


Haydari and Ezme as starters in the restaurant

This called Pide, it is almost like pizza. A bit too hot for me, but very good!

Pides, a dish in Marmaris

Astor had lamb kebab dish.

Dish with meat

A cat was visiting the restaurant and was really cozy, he was not interested in the food. The owner lives next door. I also need to tell you about the sweater I wear. I knit this by myself when I was 15 years old, I haven`t used it for 35 years…

Laila with a cat at the restaurant


Astor and a cat at a restaurant

In the evening it is so quiet to stay in this bay.

the bay with all the boats after darkness

Thursdays and Sundays is market days here in Marmaris. You can walk for hours if you like. You can find everything you like from vegetables and fruits, eggs, bread and more!

On the market; tomatos, peppers, banana


From the market

Be aware when you are in clothing stores…

A cat in a cloth shops

The weather is changing

our boat in the bay - the weather is changing

Earlier this year we said many times if we talked about things to do – “it will be in the winter”…

So now I have started to do some crochet, and I started first with this small tablecloth. I haven`t done crochet for many years now, so it was fun to start with this!

Laila is doing a crochet  cloth

Then I did this coaster. I found this plate in a shop here in Marmaris, and the yarn I bought in Norway before we left.

Laila is doing a crochet

We are eating out a few times in a week, but we also have to make dinner in the boat. Here we made a Cauliflower au gratin, with cheese, white sauce and bacon. It was amazing! It is a typically Norwegian dish, but actually I have never tasted it before.

a dish we made in the boat

When you arrive in Türkiye and do the check in, you will get a blue card. Every second week you have to go to a harbour to empty your blackwater tank. They will write it on your blue card. If you don`t do this you maybe have to pay a fee.

Marmaris marina

You can also fill water and fuel at the same dock.

Marmaris - marina

The oldest part of Marmaris

Marmaris old town

We went back to Felix restaurant and had a new delicious dinner there!

Chicken with mushroom sauce

Before Christmas there is a market close to Burger King. It was amazing to have a walk around there.

christmas decoration


market outside

You will find many local products.

Local products at the market

Like honey from this guy.

Local products at the market

They asked if I wanted to taste this, and before I answered they filled a glas for me. It was the worst thing I have tasted!!

Local products at the market



If you like to read more about things to do and see in Türkiye you can check out Tyrkiaopplevelser

local food at the market


local food at the market

Do you think this bread looks big?? yep, it is! A woman said it could be good for a month! (But we didn`t buy it)

local products at the market

Türkiye is a muslim country so they are not celebrating Christmas, but I guess here is a lot of other cultures as well so they are decorating for Christmas.

christmas decoration


christmas decoration

A cosy street in old town

old town Marmaris

Not a small glas of wine…

Laila with a glas of wine

One day we took the bus to Icmeler, the neighbour village. It is so convinient to take the bus, it goes every 15 minuts and cost you 10 lire (5 NOK), and took us 10 minutes.

the local bus from Marmaris to Icmeler

There is a beach promenade all the way from Marmaris to Icmeler, but since it is 10 kilometer, we took the bus to Icmeler so we could walk back to Marmaris.

the beach in Icmeler

Icmeler is a typically charter destination so now in the winter it is pritty quiet there.

Hotels in Icmeler



We took the bus to the end of the beach and started our walk from there.

the beach promenade in Icmeler


one palm


20221218 113232


nature in Icmeler


garden decorations


beach in Icmeler


beach promenade between Icmeler and Marmaris






a hotel in Icmeler

Haven`t you seen my last blog about my birthday? Check it our here

trees at the promenade

On the market we bought a lot of good fruits and then we made fruit salat.

Fruit salad

We wish all of our followers a merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from laila and Astor

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