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Highlights in 2022

2022 has been an amazing year! We already from New Year planned our sail journey to the Mediterranean in June, so we had a lot to clean up at home (because we should rent out our house), quit jobs and activities, and say goodbye to friends and family.


For 3 years we have been host family for students at UWC (United World College) in Fjaler, a couple of hours drive from us. They have been visiting us 3-4 times a year. The last year this 3 beautiful girls have visiting us:

Sunita from Nepal, Petrina from Canada, and Asmita from Nepal

I hope we one day, when we are coming back to Norway can do things like this again. I will recommend other families to become hosts from students coming to Norway!

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February came with snow. Not much, but it was cold and nice weather for a while.

20220219 111152


24. of february Russia started the war against Ukraina and a lot of people from Ukraina came to Florø. The church in Florø arranged “Concert for peace” and a lot of musicians participated. And the church was almost full. It was a touching moment.

20220305 115309

Because we live in the western part of Norway we are used to great sunset, like this.

20220311 182435

Already in the beginning of march we had breakfast on our balcony.

20220320 091909

And in the end of March it was time to pack our car for driving a lot of our stuff to Greece.

20220331 180436


We drove to Sweden and through Germany to the south of Germany, where we had a stop in beautiful Oberammergau. Here it was full winter and we needed warm clothes.

20220403 181102


We had a short trip through Austria before we arrived in Italy and drove south to Brindisi where we took the ferry over to Igoumenitza, Greece. It was nice and warm on the way over to Greece.

20220405 142636

After months of dreaming and planning we finally arrived in Cleopatra Marina, Preveza, where our new boat stayed on the hard. And what a mess it was when we filled the boat with all the things we brought…


20220406 211727

Until the last day before we went back to Norway


20220419 145424

We took the ferry back to Bari, Italy and went to Lake Garda, Sirmione. Amazing place!


20220420 190525

We drove through Germany and Denmark, last stop at Skagen and Hirtshals before taking the ferry back to Norway.


20220423 204259


Kinn island is my favourite island and in the beginning of May we went out there. I didn`t write about this trip to Kinn in the blog, but here is a post from 2021:


20220508 100514

17th of May Norway is celebrating our National Day

20220517 093903

In the end of May we hiked to the mountain Hatlesetnipa, which has an amazing view to Florø.

20220530 195042


And finally, 25th of June we were on our way to Greece. We left our house to great people and left Florø for indefinite time. Our fosterdaughter Miriam came with us for a month.

20220626 174955

After two days of hard work we could put the boat on the water.


We had to check in to Greece in Preveza where our journey started, and we checked out in Corfu Town two days later. From Corfu we sailed over to Albania and check in to the country in Sarande.

20220701 183533

From Albania we sailed past Montenegro because Miriam needed visa to get there. We checked into Croatia in Cavtat and took the bus to beautiful Dubrovnik.


20220708 180329


After Miriam left we had visitors from Norway and we sailed from Split to Hvar and Vis.


20220807 145327

After Croatia we continue our journey to Montenegro and the bay of Kotor.


20220820 080218

We stayed in Montenegro only for a week and sailed to Albania where we did the checkin in Durres.


20220823 180643

We sailed south to Sarande, and the days before we left Albania we explored the southern part of the country.

20220831 103452


In September we finally where back in Greece, and did the checkin in Corfu. From there we sailed to the northern part of Corfu to visit some of the small remote islands.


20220904 154808

On one of theese islands we met Phil from UK, living on Paxos, and some weeks later we met him again there and he guided us around the island.


DJI 0318

On Kefalonia we did a hike to the highest mountain and rented a car to explore the island.


20220925 133622


We met Ingela and Lars from Sweden at Zakynthos and we followed each other for a couple of weeks. We visited Olympia and a winery together.


20221004 140035

Monemvasia was one of the most important places on my todolist!


DJI 0338

We left Peleponnes and continued east to the islands in the Aegean sea. On Milos we rented a car and explore this beautiful island.


20221024 122348


It started to be colder, but still nice days and it was perfect for exploring and hiking. We arrived my favourite island Naxos and stayed there for a week.


20221103 165636

On Naxos we hiked to the highest mountain, Zevs.

20221105 103606

Our last island in Greece was Rhodes, and we anchored in the bay of St. Pauls for many days. It has to be one of the most beautiful anchorage in the world!


20221114 131850 01b

We visited the ancient town of Kameiros. Amazing place!


20221121 132249


In the end of December it was time to leave Greece, and we sailed over to Marmaris, Türkiye.

1669993926305 01


We have stayed in Marmaris for a month now, it is a beautiful town where you can find most of the things you need. I celebrate my birthday here, and we made this Christmas card.

20221206 144530

A sunny Marmaris!

20221219 124420

Christmas Eve Dinner!

20221224 195721 01 1

It has been an amazing journey this far, we have seen and explored a lot, and we have met a lot of nice people. We will continue this journey in 2023 and maybe we see you somewhere around?

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