20221105 103606

Antiparos, Paros and Naxos


We sailed over to Antiparos and anchored in the bay outside the small town. Antiparos is very quiet at this time of the year, so we only found a bakery, a supermarket, and a couple of tourist shops open.

Two geese are sleeping at the beach

We put the dinghy at the beach where we found theese two geese sleeping. Think about if you can sleep while standing!

a goose is sleeping while she is standing


Geese on the beach on Antiparos

We walked around in this small town, with narrow cosy streets

narrow street in the town of Antiparos

Clean and a lot of flowers everywhere

Main street in the town of Antiparos


Beautiful flowers


Narrow street on Antipaxos, with beautiful bouganvilla flowers


Laila walking in the street on Antiparos


20221031 143029


Beautiful Bouganvilla flowers on Antiparos

After a visit to the bakery and supermarket and having an icecream we sailed further on to the “mother” island, Paros. We came in right before sunset so we anchored in the bay in front of Livadia and had a quiet evening in the boat.

Evening at Livadia Town on Paros

We were surprised it was many boats in the bay, but the day after we realised most of the boats were laying there for the winter.

We anchored in Livadia Bay

A beautiful sunset from the boat

sunset from the boat on Paros

In the morning we took the dinghy ashore and parked it together with all the local small boats.

The port in Livadia on Paros


a fishingboat in the harbour

Big ferries are going between the islands all year

ferries going between the islands

A nice old windmill

an old windmill

Paros had one of the cities with open shops and there were a lot of people

20221101 105900


20221101 105906


Astor is walking in the narrow street in Livadia

The castle rebuild of old stones from acient castle

A part of the old castle


20221101 110912


A church in the end of the street together with beautiful white flowers

I did some shopping!!

Laila did some shopping in Livadia, Poros

This shop was closed so we couldn`t go inside to check out if someone spoke Norwegian (it says on the note “we have more inside”)

A norwegian notice in a shop in Livadia, Paros


An old building in Livadia, Paros


20221101 111923


20221101 112140


20221101 112305


20221101 112434


Narrow street in Livadia on Paros, beautiful Bouganvilla flowers


Outside a shop

The Holy Church of Virgin Mary

The original church was constructed in the 4th century A.D. and was a three-aisled basilica. In the 6th century A.D., the Byzantine Emperor Justinian made reformations to the church and added a dome. More reformations were performed through centuries and today the church is a complex of Paleochristian, Byzantine and post-Byzantine elements. Considering that the first Christians used to build their churches with parts of the ancient temples, this church also has marble parts from antiquities located in Paros.

The front of The Holy Church of Virgin Mary

The name Ekatontapiliani means the Church with the Hundred Doors. According to tradition, the church has 99 doors and a secret door will open when the church of Hagia Sofia in Constantinople will be Orthodox again. The entire complex of Ekatontapiliani comprises the main church of Virgin Mary with the internal chapels of Agios Anargiros, Agios Philippos and Osia Theoktisti (who loved and died in this monastery in the 9th century A.D.). Outside the main church, there are the chapels of Agios Nikolaos, Agia Theodosia, and Agios Dimitrios. In the yard of the monastery, there is also a baptistery and the cells of the monks.

The interior in the Holy Church of Virgin Mary


Interior in the Holy Church of Virgin Mary

After eating pita gyros for lunch we were ready to sail to the north of Paros. It would come some wind in wrong direction here in Livadia Bay, so we decided to go to Ormios Agiou Ioannou

Astor is sailing the boat

It is not a long distance, but with the wind in front it took a while. We almost got the sunset before we arrived the bay.

The sunset starts to set, we are still sailing

The lighthouse – we walked over there the next evening

the lighthouse on the north tip of Paros

Paros Park

It was only one another boat in the bay when we arrived, and it was a lot of space. We had a good night sleep in the boat. On this peninsula you will find Paros Park with a lot of hiking opportunities. We started the next day with a morning walk.

Paros Park trails

Our boat in the bay. It is a marina on land and in the middle of the photo it is a monastery

Our sailboat anchored in the bay

The trail went northwest along the bay

part of the trail along the beach


Laila walking on the trail along the beach

After a while we went over to the west side of the peninsula.

special rock formations

A lot of different rock formations

special rock formations

On the outside of the peninsula it should be a arch/cave we wanted to see. But it was no marked trail there.

Laila in front of the hill she will climb

A lots of rocks and a bit of climbing

Laila in the hill

It was hard for me to come down to the opening of the arch, but it went well and I could take my photos!

an arch on the outside of the peninsula

Here I am sitting right under the arch

Under the arch


under the arch


Laila sitting under the arch

On the way down we walked on the top of the arch, but on the way back it was better to walk up where you can see me. It doesn`t seem steep, but it was!

Laila is walking up from the arch

Then we continue around the peninsula

20221102 105232b

We had a plan to hike to the other part of the peninsula as well but after our visit to the arch my shoes became wet, and we also thought it could be a nice sunset hike to the lighthouse

20221102 110223

Back to the dinghy we found a cat, and he wanted some company. We gave him some water.

we gave a local cat some water

After lunch in the boat we were ready for a new hike to the other part of the park. Look at that view!! Only us in the bay and it is so quiet. You can see Naoussa town on the other side of the bay. We didn`t went there this time.

A beautiful bay for anchoring

Ashore we found this amazing chair

Astor sitting in a stone chair

and an amfi theater. We guess this is not an ancient one, but from newer date.

an amfi theatre

Good signs all over!

sign for the trails

And good trails!

Laila walking on the trail


20221102 160801


20221102 160855

A nice small bridge. When building the trails, K. Zarokostas, who was responsible for the design, had to cross a passage flooded with water. Giannis Koulianos, a ship engineer, photographer, intelligent craftsman, commited to the Park’s endeavor since the beginning, undertook the construction of a small bridge with stones collected in the area. 

20221102 161250

And a special rock formation

20221102 161533

We are looking back to the bay where Felizia are anchored, the town, and the marina

20221102 161602

A nice place to have a rest if you need!

20221102 161754

This is on the westcoast and it is not far away from the lighthouse

20221102 161954


20221102 162027

Rocks park

20221102 162614

You can read more about this trails on Parospark.com

20221102 163027


20221102 163456


20221102 163056b


20221102 164230


20221102 163512


20221102 164014


the lighthouse


Laila sitting by the lighthouse in the sunset


the sunset from the lighthouse


Astor is holding the sun


20221102 171936


20221102 172721


20221102 173442


20221102 174737

We woke up early the next morning and had a beautiful sunrise. We hoisted the anchor and motorsailed over to the neighbour island Naxos. It was so quiet in the morning!

20221103 065832


I was on Naxos back in 2004 and I was really happy to come back here. We anchored in the bay right outside the town, on the south side of the Temple of Apollon, one of the “must see” on Naxos. In the summertime it can be a lot of boats anchoring here, but for many days now in November, we stayed alone.

20221103 101148

We took the dinghy to the small beach in the bay and went ashore to explore the narrow streets in Chora

20221103 114441


20221103 114526


20221103 114549

The marina is right in the front of the town

20221103 115940

We walked over to Agios Georgios Beach, where I stayed at Nissaki hotel in 2004 together with friends. Here you have to walk 100 meters before you can swim, it is very shallow (so it is not a place to anchor)

The Nissaki hotel has a great location right to the beach, and the hotel has been renovated since we were there. It was closed for the winter so we couldn`t go inside.

20221103 120748


20221103 121002

We have eaten a lot of Pita Gyros the last weeks. It is very cheap, costs between 2,50 EUR (Albania) to 3,80 EUR in Greece. Most of Pita Gyros you will find with chicken or pork. Here on Naxos they had different varieties, like this Pita Gyros Carbonara. It was very tasty! Very cheap lunch, and also dinner, and enough food to fill you up.

20221103 131139

The public boats arrives many times a day, from different islands.

20221103 141415


20221103 141723

Chora/Naxos town in the sunset

20221103 163934

Temple of Apollo in sunset

20221103 164738

Chora from Temple of Apollo

20221103 165258

In summertime you can see the sunset through this monument, but at that time is also crowded with too much people.

20221103 165341

We asked a guy to take some photos of us

20221103 165640

Temple of Apollo and Chora

20221103 165719

After the sunset, which is too early at this time of the year, around 17.00, we walked to Chora

20221103 171459

So many nice details around

20221103 171630


20221103 171658


20221103 171709


20221103 171729

But not much people to see

20221103 171738


20221103 172259


20221103 173515

I found on google The Souvlaki of Makis, and decided to go there for dinner. This is a double pita and the prices here are unbeatable, we paid only 15 EUR for this double pita, a glas of wine (a big one) and a bear. You can`t get it cheaper than that. It was also enough food, and we took 1/4 of it for lunch next day.

20221103 192915

We had a plan for next day, renting a car and do some hiking. But when we woke up, Astor found water in the bilge. Had to empty the boat for water (about 100 liters of seawater) and find where it came from. It came in only when the engine was running and found a leaking anti siphon valve. After cleaning the valve it was working fine again.

20221104 165454


20221104 170301

In the evening we went ashore to eat dinner and we found an italian restaurant. And we picked up the car we had rented. We should rent it from the morning, but because of the water-case we couldn`t go anywhere.

an italian restaurant

Had a Hawaii-pizza. This was a small one and we shared it, it was enough food!

italian pizza

Mount Zas (Zeus) 1003 masl

The next morning we took the car and drove up to the village Filoti and further up to the parking spot for Mount Zeus.

We wanted to hike to the highest mountain on Naxos, and also in the islands of Cyclades. Mount Zeus are 1003 masl and it is 5 km to go from the parking spot on almost 500 masl. The parking spot is small, so the best thing to do is to drive up and turn around like this car. Then it is easier to start driving when you are back from the hike.

parking spot to Mount Zeus

Already from the parking spot you will got an amazing view

the view from the trail to Mount Zeus

And already at the beginning of the trail you can see the top of Mount Zeus

the trail to Mount Zeus and the top of the mountain


the view from the trail to Mount Zeus

Good signs, red marks or rock cairns.

a sign on the trail to Mount Zeus


the trail to Mount Zeus


Laila on the trail to Mount Zeus


Mount Zeus in the front

The first part of the trail is like this with marble rocks, makes it easy to walk. But from here it is more steep, it`s rocky, and sometimes you have to use your hands to “climb”

the view from the trail to Mount Zeus

A part of the trail is pritty steep, but it is easy to see where to go

Laila on the way to Mount Zeus

Zeus cave

After 20 minutes from Aria Springs (photoes in the end of this post), where the trail starts, you will arrive at Zeus cave, where Zeus grow up. It is possible to go inside but you need a flashlight or another good light. The cave is at the altitude of 630 meters.

Zeus cave, where he grow up

There was a lot of goats nearby the cave. Some of them were more curious than others

a dark goat


a white goat in front of the cave

According to the Greek mythology, God Zeus was raised here as he found shelter in the cave while he was prosecuted by his father, Kronus. Afterward, it was here that he was given the mighty lighting that made him ruler of Olympus and to honor him, the Naxians named the mountain as well as cave after him.

Astor on the way into the cave

The cave was first explored in 1962 and the excavations carried out in 1985-1986 and 1994 brought to light artifacts dating from the Neolithic to the Classical and Roman eras. Many of these are on display at the Naxos Archaeological Museum.

It features large chambers that stretch up to 11m in length, an impressive interior decor with large stalactites and stalagmites, as well as rare stone formations.

a part of the cave inside


20221105 094013


20221105 094038

After the cave there will be some climbing in the trail with big rocks. You will come to this sign where you shall go to the left, this is right before the wall of the mountain. Someone wrote at this point it was difficult to follow the trail, but it is not!

20221105 094051

From the trail you will have an amazing view over Naxos island

20221105 095632

After the worst part of the trail to Mount Zeus

20221105 095832

An amazing view from the trail to Mount Zeus

20221105 100029


20221105 100101


20221105 100354


20221105 100728

We are close to the top of Mount Zeus!

20221105 102138


20221105 102208

We came from down there!

20221105 102532

Me on the top of Mount Zeus!

20221105 103606

Us on the top of Mount Zeus on a beautiful but windy day!

20221105 103707

This view from the top of Mount Zeus

20221105 103720


20221105 103730


20221105 105140


20221105 105339

There are two different trails to the top of Mount Zeus. We came from the left, but you can also hike from Aghia Marina. That trip is 7 km with 300 meters of elevation gain, and this is an easier hike.

20221105 110604


20221105 111538

A wild saffron flower

a wild saffron flower


20221105 112602

Some places it is nice to use your hands

Laila is climbing down from Mount Zeus


The view from the trail to Mount Zeus


The view from the trail to Mount Zeus

At this time of the year it is shadow on the beginning of the trail. It was a bit windy the day we went there so we could wish more sun, but if it was sun we would have it directly in our eyes, so it was perfect like it was. When we came down again it was sunny and warm.

on the way to Mount Zeus

You will see a lot of lizards on the way. Most of them are small, but this one was quite big

20221105 121651 01 002

Aria spring (fontaine) in the beginning of the trail. It was better to take photos when we came back because of the sun. You can drink this water, but we didn`t.

a spring

There are also a pool with some koi.

spring with gold fish


20221105 090142 01 002

From the road to the parking spot you will have a nice view to the village Filoti.

the town Filoti

Next week we will do one hiking more on Naxos before we continue east. It is still good temperature and nice weather!


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