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Hiking on Sifnos

Have you been thinking about hiking on Sifnos or another Greek island? We have been hiking there for three days, and we also celebrate the Oxi/Ohi-Day.

We arrived Platis Gialos in the afternoon and because no one else were in the guest harbour we berth longside. The weatherforcast was not good, a lot of wind from north, but we hoped we could stay safe here on the south side of the island.

Felizia in the harbour at Platis Gialos

We had a short walk in the bay, just to check it out. There were a few restaurants and a couple of small supermarkets. Actually there were a lot of people (tourists) in this small village.

the beach in Platis Gialos


The beach in Platis Gialos

Here is the harbour. In the season you have to use mooringlines and stern lines.

Platis Gialos harbour seen from the small church in the hll

Trail 2 Towards the Moraculous Saint

We read about Sifnos Trails, so the next morning we were ready for our first hike. The trail 2 – “Towards the Miraculous Saint”, starts in the next bay, but we choosed to walk from Platys Gialos. We started walking pretty steep and soon we had a great view of the bay where we were anchoring.

the view to Platis Gialos from the main road

Over the hill we followed the main road, it is not much traffic anyway. From the main road it is stairs down to the Chrisopigi Monastery where the trail starts from.

The view to the monastery Chrisopigi


Astor met a cat


Astor is walking down to the monastery

A nice place, no people around

Chrisiopigi Monastery

The monastery is build at a top of a rock, on the top of an older church, established in the 16th century.

The beautiful monastery

There is a small bridge connecting the monastery to the mainland. Actually so small you couldn`t see it if you didn`t knew it was there.

the bridge between the mainland and the monastery

From the monastery we walked down to the beach.

walking further down to the beach

At the end of the beach the trail went up in the hill

Astor is finding the trail in the end of the beach

Sifnos Trails is a project started in 2015 and are now one of the most updated path network in Europe. Here you can choose from short easy walks, to longer hard uphill trails, so it is something for everyone.

Astor is walking up the hill


Laila is standing under a huge stone

Over the hill to the next village, Faros

Astor walking to the next village Faros


Laila walking on the trail to next village


Some old buildings from an industry


Faros beach

Faros looks like a very cozy village, but unfortunately we didn`t had time to stop there

Faros village


Astor is walking up the hill from Faros

From Faros we started to “climb” up the hill. It was very easy to see where to go

the view of Faros


Laila is walking in the hill


Astor is walking in the hill

Good signs everywhere

there is good signs everywhere, red and white painting


20221027 111118


20221027 111109


We met some sheeps


20221027 111939


20221027 112044b


20221027 112317


yellow flowers


20221027 112706b

It is a lot of small churches along the trail and when we came to Agios Nikitas it was time for a rest to eat an orange. Outside the church we met an old man and he tried to say something, but in Greek… The only thing we understood was “mooo”, like from a cow…. He went further on and we sat down outside the church.

Within 2 minutes this cows came and we run to get away (you can see the orange peel still there) They come the trail right against us so we were lucky we met them right there (I would not have met them on a narrow path… ) So that was what the man ment, cows are coming!!

a calf


a black cow


A farmer with his cows


20221027 114012


another cow


20221027 114435

I was glad the cows didn`t come alone. One of the guys came with a donkey and left him in the middle of the trail.

a donkey


20221027 114926

Within a short distance after the church we finally saw Kastro which was our goal for this trail.

the view of the town Kastro


Laila walking down the hill to the bay, Kastro in front

We had to go down to the beach, before going up the stairs to the town

down by the sea

This route was around 8,5 km and we used 2,5 hours

Laila having a break at a bench


steep stairs from the beach up to Kastro

Puh… my feet hurts a bit at this point!

Laila walking up the stairs to the town of Kastro

Kastro has been inhabited for over 3000 years and was at one point the capital town in Sifnos. You can only enter the town by foot. If you are coming by car you have to park it outside the town. We had a plan to take a bus to Apollonia, which is todays capital at the island, so we checked the timetable when we arrived Kastro. We thought buses run often, but it was only three time this day, the next one went one hour later. So we had to run through the town to see most of it.

beautiful colours of a bouganvilla flower


20221027 123835


small, narrow street in Kastro


20221027 124230


20221027 130336


20221027 130612


20221027 130953

We also had a plan to walk down to this small church, Church of Seven Martyrs, which is one of the most photographed spots of the Cyclades. But we didn`t had time to go down there today.

The church of Seven Martyrs

The view from Kastro

20221027 131559

Some kitten

Three kittens sleeping in the shadow

Only us at the bus. It costs us 1,80 EUR each and took about 10 minutes.

We are taking the bus from Kastro to Apollonia

In Apollonia we went stright to a car rental company and rented a car. From Apollonia we drove up to the northern part of the island. Our first stop was at Heronissos. There is a snorkling spot down by the sea

20221027 145141


20221027 145224

A quiet, small village.

20221027 145802

We drove on a narrow steep road up to the church Agios Symeon. An amazing view from the church!

20221027 152514

The town of Kamares, where all the ferries departures from.

20221027 152605


20221027 150842

We went down to Kamares, had a little stop, tried to find something to eat, ended up with an icecream 🙂

20221027 155500


20221027 155511


20221027 155530

After Kamares we drove back to the boat and had a relaxed evening with dinner

20221027 155610


Friday 28th of October is the Oxi/Ohi-day in Greece. Greece has two national days, and this is one of them. It is a public holiday and everything is closed, exept the restaurants, everyone is eating out on this day!

The Oxi-Day remarks the day when the Greek prime minister rejected an ultimatum given by the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini during the World War II.

kids are celebrating the Oxi-day at Sifnos

Greece celebrate this day much like we does in Norway on the 17th of May. But since we stayed on a small island as Sifnos it was not that big. We saw school children walking the parade and they ended up at the town square, where everyone was waiting.

Greece are celebrating one of their national days (they have two) Many people met up at town square in Apollonia, Sifnos

The priests had a speach

4 priests has a speach

And official people lay a wreath

Also kids from different classes did the same

kids having a speach and laying down a wreath

and had a small speach

20221028 112243

What is the Ohi/Oxi-Day? Read all the details about it here

20221028 113329

After this everyone walked further into next road and the kids were walking a new parade, this time with music.

school children walking a parade on the national day on Sifnos

It was no orchestra, like we have in Norway, it was music from a speaker

School children walking a parade on the Greek National day on Sifnos

It was not a long parade, but it was fun to watch

School children is walking a parade at Greek National day on Sifnos

After they finished, we went to Kastro to visit the “Church of Seven Martyrs” which we didn`t had time to yesterday.

Church of seven martyrs

I was wearing a nice dress for this special day (almost the only one with colours, the Greek people were already using winterclothes and mostly black/brown colours)

Laila in front of the church of seven martyrs


20221028 121610


Laila smiling to the camera

It was a lot of wind so I had to hold on my hat!

Laila had to hold on her hat, it was windy


20221028 122040


20221028 123218

We had a short walk through the town with empty street

Laila walking in the narrow street in Kastro town

Then we went down to the beach next to Kastro, because we some beautiful waves there.

It looks like I am telling the weather forcast 🙂

20221028 125824


20221028 130020

It was a bit risky to stand there because the waves was very big sometimes

20221028 130338

I stood on stones, it should have been better if it was sand on the bottom

20221028 130348b

So I almost fell and I lost my pink hat on the sea….

20221028 131355 01


20221028 131634

I guess this car has been here for ages…

20221028 132621

3 – The Agricultural Road, from Apollonia to Platis Gialos

Saturday it was time to deliver the car in Apollonia. And what else to do than walking back to the bay??

It was time to check out the route 3 – The Agricultural Road, from Apollonia to Platis Gialos

20221029 140458

We started to go east from Apollonia to Kato Petali on a nice paved roads with marble rocks

20221029 140031

This road used to be the main road between the two villages

20221029 140132


20221029 140535

I found this beautiful flower, tried to find the name. Anyone?

20221029 140658


20221029 140749

Good signs everywhere

20221029 140935

We met this family of pigs

20221029 141300


20221029 141611

Walking through beautiful areas

20221029 142009


20221029 141735


20221029 142047


20221029 141902


20221029 142306

A nice view down to Kastro

20221029 143300


20221029 142801


20221029 142924

I have a plan to come back here in spring, it would be amazing with all the flowers and greener landscape

20221029 143800

I like horses but I like it when we have a fence between us 🙂

20221029 144447


20221029 145515

It was a little bit windy so it was nice with an extra jacket

20221029 145817

And when we came down in the valley it was warm enough to take the jacket off again

20221029 152652

Astor and me has total different temperatures…

20221029 152418

After 8,5 km and 2,5 hours we reach the boat (7,5 km to the bay, and then an extra kilometer to the harbour. )

Platys Gialos is the most famous beach on Sifnos, laying at the south side

20221029 155230


20221029 155359b

One of the most ancient crafts practised in Sifnos from the early Cycladic period all the way to the present day is pottery making

20221029 155604

4 “Cedars, Olive trees and the sea”

On sunday we were ready for our third hiking – 4 “Cedars, Olive trees and the sea”

Sifnos Trails has two loops, where you can start and come back in one place. If you are walking the other routes you need a bus, taxi or a car to come back. Route 4 is the shortest one of theese two, 11,4 km.

Route 4 starts in Platys Gialos so it was convient for us

20221030 092847

Our first goal was to reach the small church at the top of the hill which we could see from the boat.

20221030 093205


20221030 094231

After the village we start climbing up the hill. It was a nice trail to follow.

20221030 094253

And pritty soon we got an amazing view of the bay

20221030 100847


20221030 094940

At the end of the ascent we came to Church Profitis Ilias Kondou. A nice place to have a stop and look at the view. It was an ascent of 260 meters up here.

20221030 101805


20221030 102354

We continue our hike to the west on the hill

20221030 102612


20221030 103648

I was courious about what this would be like when it grows up…

20221030 104851

After a while we got the view down to the bay of Vathy

20221030 104412

Looks like a nice place to anchor, but it was windy here as well

20221030 105142

Good marked everywhere, it was not possible to go wrong

20221030 104517


20221030 105742

Down from the hill we had to follow a gravel road for some hundred meters

20221030 110706


20221030 110842

After coming to an fence in front of an industri area, we believe it was quarry, stone industri or something, you start on the trail again

20221030 112435

After a while on a nice trail we got the view down to Fikiada bay

20221030 112046


20221030 114453

Here we had a short stop, beautiful and quiet. No people around. This is a beach where you have to walk a distance, or coming by boat.

20221030 115043

Astor had to take a swim, even if it was cold (for me)

20221030 115343

This is a very nice area to walk in

20221030 122356

In the autumn most of the forrest is grey and brown, but once in a while it is also green

20221030 122447

We walked through an old olive ground

20221030 122521


20221030 122805

After the olive ground we come to the abandoned mansion of Moussia

20221030 123425

This poster has to be newer…

20221030 123452


20221030 123455


20221030 123835


20221030 124309

If you like to read more details about all theese trails, click here

20221030 124539


20221030 125340

At the end of the trail it is a steep ascent, you can feel it in your feet when you have been walking over 10 kilometers…

20221030 125346


20221030 130346

But finally at the top of the hill and we got the view of Platys Gialos. This aroundtrip is in the southern part of Sifnos, 14 km in 4 hours. Perfect trail!

20221030 132647

Since it was a perfect time for lunch we stopped at a restaurant on the beach

We got some company of 7-10 cats

20221030 140743

One of them wanted some extra treat

20221030 141041

The harbour was not the best one in so much wind, even if it was from north. We had up to 36 knots of wind two of the days. Astor used two of the mooringlines to hold the boat away from the dock.

20221030 090646

I have to say that if you are in to hiking you have to come to Sifnos. With its 200 km of trails all over the island, it is always a trail to go. The best time to go here is in the spring and autumn, but I will definately come back once in the spring to see all the flowers.

Next week we are sailing west to Paros and Naxos and we are hiking to the highest mountain in Cyclades.

If you like to see more of our hikings, check out our post from the highest mountain in Kefalonia!

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