20220925 143604

What a week! From Lefkada to Meganisi, to Kalamos, Ithaka and finally Kefalonia in one week!

We have been to Nidri, Lefkada, before, but didn`t walk around, so it was time to do that before leaving.

20220919 095829

On the beach side you have all the restaurants and in the next street you have all the shops.

20220919 100506
20220919 101348

After some shopping and one icecream we hoist the anchor and sailed east to Meganisi. Here we found a bay on the north east side, Abelaki Bay. We first anchored and put the line ashore. It was a lot of other boats in the bay, hiding from the northerly wind.

20220919 172849

There is a small jetty where you can stay for free. It was two swedish boats there when we arrived. You can ask at Minas restaurant if it is okay to stay there and they would be happy if you have dinner there (but it is not necessary)

20220919 173309

In the evening we decided to have a walk around the peninsula. I always check on alltrails.com to see if there is any nice routes to walk.

20220919 174758

We passed a farm with a lot of chicken and roosters, and a few kittens.

20220919 174938
20220919 174937

Some viewpoints around. Here is the bay around the corner. A lot of boats there too

20220919 175322

Okay road, but some places it was too much stones

20220919 181235
20220919 182119
20220919 183721
20220919 184418

It was a lot of swell coming in that night so in the morning we decided to move the boat over to the jetty (one boat left early). After we came there the swedish boats left, and later that day a new boat arrived. It was a greek flagged boat, but the owner was norwegian and had norwegian guests.

20220920 110112

The menu at Minas restaurant

20220920 110123

In the morning we had a walk to the next town, Vathi, and the capital town, Katomeri, on the top of the hill.

20220920 111811
20220920 111817
20220920 112538
20220920 113031

Vathi is a small nice town, but we didn`t stop there. From Vathi to Katomeri we saw on google maps it should be possible to walk a trail, or even two differents. It started nice….

20220920 114244

But after some hundred metres it looked like this…. so we turned around and followed the main street instead.

20220920 114439

A small nice church right before entering Katomeri

20220920 121017
20220920 121326
20220920 121356
20220920 121407
20220920 121910

A nice small town, but very quiet, no shops and almost no people to see. In the evening we had dinner at Minas where we had our boat. Full restaurant and nice food.

20220920 121949

The next day we sailed to Porto Leone at the island Kalamos. We came early and all boats which was there last night left when we arrived. But after a while the bay was full again. We anchored at the east side of the bay and took lines ashore. There was a small beach but not very nice.

The next day we went ashore. In 1953 there was a huge earthquake in this area and all the buildings were destroide. They build up again the church later.

20220921 174450
20220921 174540b
20220921 174556

All the people left from this place and now it is almost only ruins there.

20220921 174840
20220921 174925
20220921 175117

Unfortunately a guy has now bought a property here and wont let people come there. He has a jetty in front of the house and you are NOT welcome to stay there. We could hear he jelling at some people coming there before us, and they almost had to run away. We took the dinghy to the beach instead and walk from there. You don`t wanna buy a place like this if you wan`t to be alone!!

20220921 175145
20220921 175330
20220921 175931
20220921 181105

Absolutely a nice place to stay, but this guy is not good for the bay!

20220922 095459

After visiting that bay we sailed to Vathi (same name as the town in Meganisi) on the island Ithaka. We wanted to rent a car here so it was convinient to stay in the marina, and it was cheap. We paid 16 EUR pr night.

20220922 182531
20220922 182536
20220922 182855
20220922 183438

Vathi is a beautiful town with a lot of nice buildings. Restaurants and shops along the seaside.

20220922 183946

You maybe forget to walk the street behind, but don`t! It is so cozy!

20220922 190333
20220922 190346

We found a rental car for the day after, and in the morning we were ready to explore the northern part of Ithaka. The woman at the rental company advised us to drive on the west side first and we wanted to listen to her. The road is high up in the hill and some places it can be a bit scary because it is many meters down to the sea. But a lot of nice views. We stopped first in Polis beach, near the town of Stavros.

20220923 100234

And we had to have a stop in Stavros as well. Stavros is the main city in the north of Itaca, and are the commercial capital.

This is a reproduction of Odysseus Palace. They say this lay at Pilikata Hill, right north of Stavros.

20220923 101326
20220923 101607

Odysseus, the king of Ithaka. Also knowned from Homers Poem

20220923 101657

The Byzantine church of the Saviour, right in the middle of the square

20220923 101839

And if you don`t wan`t to go to church you can go behind the church and do some exercises

20220923 102037

A cosy small place

20220923 102151

On a hill north on the island you will find Exogi. A spectacular place to visit. The best thing to do is to park the car in the bottom of the village and walk all the way up, but there were no place to park. We followed our plan and drove up to the church at the top and parked there.

20220923 104821

Amazing blue colour

20220923 105103

The church where we parked. I can`t tell you the name because it is only in greek on my map…

20220923 105753

A beautiful view from the cementary

20220923 105745

Our goal was to hike up to the monastery at the top of the hill. It is possible to drive all the way up, but we need to do some hiking when you are in a boat most of the time. And what a view from the trail!!

20220923 110430
20220923 110714

The monastery of Panagia Eleousa. It was closed, but we could see some of it through the windows.

20220923 112127

A beautiful place, as always! Are you looking for nice views? Look for a monastery or a church!

20220923 112214

The clocktower. It was possible to go inside and take the stairs up to the clock

20220923 112202
20220923 112253
20220923 113250

The village of Exogi to the left

20220923 113511

Just some meters from the church someone has build a pyramide. It was also some other things there, so maybe they have a plan. But no information about this.

20220923 115720

On the same place as the pyramide

20220923 115726

While Astor was driving from the church, I started to walk down to take some photos along the road.

20220923 120052
20220923 120254

When we came down from Exogi we saw a lot of people walking along the road, and I saw on a map there should be some attractions, so we drove to see what it was.

Here is Mykensk Palace, where it says that Odysseus had his palace. Unfortunately I can see now there was much more to see (from other photos) But there is no signs or anything. No place to go without a guide. And the road around there… not for driving a car!

20220923 122400
20220923 122530
20220923 122657

The woman at the car rental advised us to go to the beaches on the northeast side (we asked for beaches to go for a swim). We found Kioni, a beautiful small bay with some restaurants and shops. But it is not easy to drive there, I was very happy I was not the driver…

20220923 130541
20220923 130735
20220923 131252
20220923 131519

We stopped for lunch there, Astor had wish for a pancake and I also ordered one. I regretted that.. Its no good lunch…

20220923 133952

The church in Kioni (I did tell you I love taking photos of churches??)

20220923 142834
20220923 143128
20220923 143234

We can see a lot of strange driving here, like this guy, cutting down the trees and then just put it on the scooter…

20220923 143302

Many nice buildings, but also some building which need some renovations

20220923 143631

Our next stop was Anogi. On the way there I had to take a photo of the hill where we visit Exogi and the monastery.

20220923 145810

Anogi is the highest and most remote village in Ithaki. We had to visit the church there, the Byzantine church of Panagia, with all the amazing paintings inside.

20220923 151206
20220923 151355
20220923 151559
20220923 151608

There were a sign for “old town” and we wanted to explore that. But not much more information about what we were looking for. We found this church

20220923 152007

and together with the church, this building, which was the prison

20220923 152258
20220923 152207

It was not much to see and we met a locked fence. It is a huge area of ruins and here they could have some information, this could be an amazing place!

20220923 152823
20220923 153314

Ithaka is a part of Unesco Global Geopark Ithaka and Kefalonia. I have tried to figure it out what this is, but no one can tell me. Anyone?

20220923 154225
20220923 154255

Driving from Anogi forwards Vathy you will find an amazing viewpoint

20220923 154752

Then we stopped at Kathara Monastery. We heard people talking so we found them and asked if we could have a look around, and we were welcome to do that!

20220923 155944
20220923 160133

There were also a peacock, a white one

20220923 160341

A beautiful church, as always.

20220923 160359
20220923 160459
20220923 160515
20220923 160642
20220923 160834

Also an amazing view from the monastery. Vathi

20220923 161145

You get the best view from the clock tower

20220923 161357b

Before delivery the car, Astor wanted to have a swim, and we stopped at this nice beach close to Vathy

20220923 170342

Vathy in the next morning, and we were ready to leave

20220924 074836
20220924 075729

We sailed from Vathy to Skala at Kefalonia, on the east coast. It was not much wind so we could anchor anywhere. Our plan was to rent a car in Skala and we had checked out the car rentals and it looked like it was many cars available. Astor took the dinghy to the village to check it out. Unfortunately no one had a car for us.

20220924 134350
20220924 134356
20220924 140635
20220924 140713

So we decided to sail around the south coast and anchor somewhere, before sailing to Argostoli the day after. We anchored in a bay on the south west coast of the island. A nice sunset in the mountain, where we had a plan to hike the next day

20220924 192406

The next day on the way to Argostoli


Argostoli is a nice town to visit. We decided to berth in the marina on the other side of the bridge. The marina is not operated, but you can stay there for free.

20220925 101110

We stayed longside

20220925 110211

Still morning and we went over the bridge to find the car we rented, after calling to car rentals on the way in. We rented the car through Thalassa Tours and rent a car, and the people there were really nice!

20220925 110634

The first thing was to do the hike to the highest mountain on the island, Ainos Oros, 1628 masl. We found the trail on the website alltrails.com. We found the sign for the trail and drove 300 meters to a parkingspot to park the car, and then walk back to the beginning of the trail. We hiked the last 350 high meters (around)

20220925 124706

It was a beautiful trail, easy to walk and pritty soon we got amazing views

20220925 125104
20220925 125459

The signs show you the right way, but you could easely see the trail.

20220925 125559
20220925 125931
20220925 130525

This reminds me of the alps…

20220925 131105
20220925 131636
20220925 132341
20220925 133622
20220925 133745
20220925 134022
20220925 135329
20220925 135743
20220925 140302

On the top we had lunch with this view!

20220925 143604

There is a road all the way to the top, but we like better to follow trails. But this day we had a lot on our plan so we decided to take the road back to the car. Not much shorter, but easier.

20220925 145700
20220925 150535

The parking spot, a nice playground for kids and families to have a picnic.

20220925 152125
20220925 152135

From the mountain we drove down on the east side of the island, to Sami, before we drove to the west again. Here is one of the churches in Sami.

20220925 155659

On the westcoast we stopped at Myrtos beach so Astor could have a swim. Beautiful place!

20220925 161907
20220925 163754
20220925 164422

I saw a photo on Instagram of Assos, so we had to go there. My plan was to hike up to the castle, but we saw that if we should have some sun in the bay we had to drop that. It startet to be late.

20220925 173319

Beautiful Assos! But not a big place, I am not sure if I would have stayed here for a week. But it was nice to visit and have dinner at the seaside!

20220925 173719
20220925 190108
20220925 190325
20220925 190331

I was wondering if I should go down to fix the table before taking the photo…

20220925 190405

On the other side of Assos, the sun is on the way down

20220925 190521
20220925 190641
20220925 190916
20220925 191112

What a week! So much to see and do! I hope next week will be more quiet!


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