20220928 095655

The most amazing caves and we got a buddyboat!

We are still at Kefalonia and monday morning we drove over to Sami on the east coast to visit Drogarati Cave.

20220926 100202

It is about 90 meters to go down to the cave

20220926 100705
20220926 100732

The cave was discovered 300 years ago and open for public in 1963. It was discovered when a strong earthquake caused a collapse that revealed the cave`s entrance.

20220926 100838
20220926 100958

If you are lucky you can be the audince of a concert here

20220926 101340

Not much people at the end of the season, and it was early in the morning as well

20220926 101515
20220926 101931
20220926 101935

After exploring this amazing cave we had a stop in the city center of Sami

20220926 104702
20220926 104705
20220926 104710
20220926 105459

After a short stop in Sami we drove to the even more amazing Melissani cave.

This cave was first explored in 1951 by a noted caving expert who found on the central hill a lamp from antiquity proving that this was once an inhabited and apparently used as a worshiping place for the good Pan

20220926 112031

12. of August 1953 the great earthquake destroyed almost all buildings on Kefalonia. This disaster was the cause of much rebuilding work as the island have now come back to modern levels. As the ground over the underground roof of the cave collapsed when people return to the island they discovered for the first time the delight of Melissani cave

20220926 112042

In 1959 they had some tests showed that the water in the cave came from the sinkholes at Katavothres

20220926 112222
20220926 112427
20220926 112519
20220926 112705

They opened up the cave for the public in 1963

20220926 112840
20220926 113051
20220926 113137

In the high season it is a lot of people going here and you can have to wait for a long time to come in. We didn`t have to wait an walked directly onboard at one of the boats. The skipper is guiding you areound for about 15 minuts and tells you aboat the cave.

20220926 113311

After our visit to the cave in Sami we drove west again to visit the town Lixouri

20220926 120515

When we came there we were hungry so we started with lunch

20220926 131033
20220926 131037

The restaurant was in the middle of the square

20220926 135513

Then we suddenly realized that if we should reach our next goal we had to leave this town pritty quick…

But first we had to drive to Paralia Xi to see this special beach with the red sand

20220926 141909
20220926 141915

A lot of waves so we didn`t wanna swim here

20220926 142056

Our next goal was Castle of Agios Georgios, east of Argostoli. But when we came there it was 30 minutes before the closed, and it was some hundred meters to walk first. So we dropped it.

After some shopping at Lidl and another big supermarket outside Argostoli we delivered the car and walked around the peninsula of Argostoli

20220926 182053

Some beautiful houses and a lot of colours!

20220926 182216

The statue of Nikos Kavvadias. He was a Greek poet, writer and sailor of profession

20220926 182358
20220926 182722
20220926 182956

A nice place to walk!

20220926 183847

Here are the sinkholes were the water runs through the whole island and cames out in Melissani cave on the east side.

20220926 184744
20220926 184812

The seawater inflow has a speed up to 3 m/s. The speed is strong enough to move the water wheel of sea mills. Particurlarly here, two watermills were found, which were destroyed during the 1953 earthquake, and today only the water wheel of one of them is remaining.

20220926 184858
20220926 184921
20220926 184448

Pritty amazing thing, and a beautiful place they have made here!

20220926 184958

And outside they had a shelter for the homeless cats

20220926 185407
20220926 185419

Our next stop was Saint Theodore Lighthouse. It would be amazing if it was a good sunset, but it was good enough. A family came there right before us so the kids are in the photo.

20220926 190501
20220926 190900
20220926 190537

I had a plan for this walk, and that was the monument for the italian guys. “Monument to the fallen of the Acgui Division” This is a memory of almost 9000 italian soldiers shot by the Germans in 1943. I don`t know what happend but we went wrong and came to this place instead. Also an important place, here was the place where the massacre took place. Unfortunately we didn`t realise this before we came back to the boat and it was dark.

20220926 192016
20220926 192044

This was a good powerwalk, I think it was 9 km totally. Under way we received emergency message from the goverment about the weather next day, it should be very much rain and wind.

20220926 193739
20220926 194016

We came back to Argostoli and it was almost dark

20220926 195543
20220926 195811

We prepered the next day for a lot of rain and wind, but it was so wrong! It was a bit rain, yes, but only a little bit, and the wind was not that strong. So in the afternoon (we had to wait for the siesta to be finished) we went over to Argostoli to check out the shopping

20220927 174958
20220927 182830
20220927 185729

Not much shopping, only a couple of hours until we walked back to the boat to make dinner

20220927 193341

A beautiful evening

20220927 193822

Next morning we were ready to leave Argostoli and Kefalonia. We sailed over to the fishing harbour to fill up the water tanks.

20220928 093427
20220928 093631
20220928 093700
20220928 093739

And finally we met the turtles!

20220928 095655

Norwegian Jade was also visiting Argostoli that day

20220928 110335

And together with Norwegian Jade we found Serenissima. Nothing special about the name, but the boat is actually build in Norway and has been use as “hurtigrute” in many years with the name Harald Jarl.

20220928 110654

When we came to Zakynthos we stopped at Xigia Sulfur Beach. You could smell the sulfur but it wasn`t that bad. A beautiful place and we anchored there alone.

20220929 105928

In the morning people came to the beach early as there are not many sunbeds. But the sunbeds are in the shadow most of the day so it wouldn`t be my first choice…

20220929 110039
20220929 110043

There are two caves there and it is fun to go inside to see. The water can be very warm, but then ice cold…


You can see the sulfor in the water (they say it is helthy for your body) so we only had a short swim before we moved on.


A small beach inside the cave


Then we arrived Zakynthos town (or Zante) early afternoon. We moored first at the city quay even if the sign said it was for boats over 20 meters. Right after us a swedish boat came in and we helped them with the ropes. Ingela and Lars from Baravara became over buddyboat for over a week after this meeting.

We asked them if they wanted to join us for a small hike and they did!

20220930 174532
20220930 175255

We walked up to the castle which was closed for the day, and we had a nice view on the way

20220930 181112
20220930 175841
20220930 182555

This is the view from a restaurant, we asked to go inside to take photos.

20220930 182753

Ingela, Lars and Laila

IMG 20220930 1745351

This should be my house!!

20220930 182901
20220930 183049
20220930 184728

We went to Stranis Hill

20220930 185113

In the evening we had a glas of wine in their boat before Astor and me went to a restaurant for dinner

20220930 191508
20220930 192030

The wind should change direction the next day and it was a lot of swell where we stayed so we moved our boats to the north side where all the other sailboat was moored.

20221001 151706
20221001 163918

Me and Astor had a walk to Jysk to buy some stuff, it was a nice walk

20221001 164400
20221002 101918
20221002 102053
20221002 102426
20221002 102439

Next morning we left Zakynthos town and continue our sail to the mainland, Peleponnes.

20221002 112348

We had the wind behind us, so it took us 3 hours to sail to Katakolon


Katakolon was a nice place to stay as it is a place for cruiseship. That means it is not bars and restaurants for the locals and very quiet in the evening. I mean, we could go out and eat on a restaurant but it was not many locals there. The shopping street closed when the cruiseships left.

20221002 162633

Next week we will visit Olympia, where they have the olympic games in the old days, 2500 years ago. And what more? Wait to see!!


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